Issa Rae Presents the Choir

Issa Rae, one of our favorite funny women, is back with yet another hilarious series, but this time instead of writing about awkward situations or questionable L.A. dudes, she’s taking her talents to church.

“The Choir,” her latest effort for AlrightTV, is “a dramedy that follows the United Church of Holy Christ in Fellowship’s choir as they attempt to rebuild their dying congregation.”

In some churches the choir is the main attraction for the faithful, so the members of United Church of Holy Christ in Fellowship’s chorus hatch a slew of creative—and at times inappropriate—ways to turn the church around.

In the first episode, the choir finds itself in the crosshairs of the interim pastor after singing a sexed up version of a gospel song. But things quickly go from bad to worse, and the group is left wondering if they can really pull the congregation together at all.

Check out the first two episodes of “The Choir”’ Will you continue to tune in? 

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

  • StrangerDanger

    This is kind of giving me Tyler Perry deja vu, something like a Fighting Temptations miniseries. Not exactly my cup of tea, but I’m sure there’s an audience for it out there. Still love Issa, but I’ll stick with ABG for now. . .

  • Lisa

    I actually think ABG was getting a little old I loved the Choir I thought it was funny and I’m excited for more!

  • SayWhat


  • disappointed.

    really? disrespectful…

  • Lisss

    I think that just like black people are tired of stereotypes and negative portrayals, so are Christians. Maybe we (christians) need to start making our own production instead of leaving it in the hands of people who don’t really know us.

  • Jeni

    Only watched a few sec of this blasphemous ridiculousness. I hate when writers, in the pursuit of edginess, resort to using the church for cheap laughs. You alienate Christians which could be your fans. Between this and the poor writing in season 2 of ABG, she’s headed in the wrong direction. How about focusing on ONE thing and doing it to the best of your ability.

  • twinchick

    I don’t believe The Choir was created to either speak for or to be used as an example for all Christianity. The irony is that I have been saved since seven- a Christian for 23 years, and have seen ALL of these types of situation happen within the church. If you are saved good for you, but all things Christian oriented are not created for just believers. Believe it or not, some material deemed too “worldly are supposed to be. You cant save sinners from your pew at church. Sometimes you actually have to go to dark places to reach them where they are.

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