It’s well-known in the fitness world that if you want to transform your body then you’ll need to reconsider how many calories you’re packing on each day. For one Olympian that’s exactly the case as she gears up for her next round of bobsledding races.

Lolo Jones is reportedly consuming 9,000 calories a day to bulk and strengthen up her physique so that she can meet the demands of the U.S. Bobsled team. Jones, who once maintained a lean 133-pound physique as an Olympic hurdler, is attempting to weigh in at 160 pounds, the largest she’s ever been in her athletic career.

“I’m the heaviest ever in my life,” Jones told USA Today. “It took so much work. I’m three pounds away from my ultimate goal.”

Jones reportedly downs several protein shakes a day and makes McDonald’s runs in order to put on pure muscle.

Clutchettes, how do you configure your diet when you want to gain or lose weight? Do you count calories?

  • LOL

    As long as Lolo is working out and lifting she isn’t going to look “fat” however she isn’t going to look as lean either and her body wont perform as well as it could if she gained that weight from healthy fats. McDonalds isn’t conducive to gaining muscle, just fat. Fat which will be working against her while she is pushing that bobsled. This is on top of all the anti and non nutrients in the food, which is not fueling her body properly. So she effectively would be more sluggish.

    Now I’m sure her diet isn’t solely bad foods to gain weight but your comment makes it seem like she can get away with it without any negative effects, which isn’t true. While a Mickey D’s meal or two now and again wont work too much against her, as a professional athlete the weight she gains should be far more muscle than fat.

  • JS

    Not sure why my name showed up as LOL, but that was my response to Anthony.

  • http://gravatar.com/ebony82 ebony82

    If I eat heavy during the day I eat light at night. I.e., heavy breakfast, salad mix for lunch and yogurt or fruit in the evening.

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