Barneys has been catching a lot of flack recently when two major profiling stories hit the news.

First there was 19-year-old, Trayon Christian who was arrested after the NYPD accused him of using a fraudulent credit card when he purchased his Ferragamo belt.  After Christian’s story broke, Kayla Phillips,  yet another black customer, came forward about her experience with Barneys and the NYPD when she attempted to purchase her sought after Céline bag.

According to Phillips’ mother, Wendy Elie, a Barneys security guard told her there are tons of undercover cops roaming Barneys at any given moment.  This leads a lot of people to believe that black customers are being the target of racial profiling at the luxury retailer.

Elie took it one step further in blasting Barneys for allowing profiling tactics to take place in its store, especially since recently partnering with Jay-Z.  Elie called the store hypocrites for striking a business deal with Jay-Z, even though they target black shoppers.

“It’s not fair . . . the two individuals who have had these experiences listen to Jay Z and Beyoncé, who wear designer clothes. These kids also like nice things, and they were treated awfully,” Elie said.

One has to wonder how does Jay-Z feel about the profiling going on at Barneys. Technically, if he was just plain ole Shawn Carter from Marcy, he’d probably receive the same treatment Christian and Phillips received.

Jay-Z partnered with designers like Balenciaga to produce an exclusive limited edition line of clothes and jewelry for Barneys that will go on sale Nov. 20th. The deluxe goods range from a Barneys cotton T-shirt for $70 to a Shawn Carter by Hublot watch with black alligator straps that will retail for an eye-popping $33,900.

Imagine a regular Shawn Carter walking into Barneys to purchase the Hublot watch curated by Jay-Z. I wonder how far he’d get down the block before the NYPD has him up against the turnstile in the subway under arrest?

If Jay-Z says nothing about these profiling incidents, maybe Harry Belafonte was right about him all along?

  • Anthony

    I know I sound old, but one of the biggest problems with rap is that it puts people like JayZ on pedestals. As others have said, this man is a former drug dealer, who, to my knowledge has never expressed regret for selling death to people in his community. The even shot his brother! It makes no sense to think he would care about anyone besides Beyonce and Blue Ivy.

  • Apple


  • http://gravatar.com/ashortcircuit short circutRebekah

    wow that’s so sad

  • Shawty

    So..but then….what difference does it make to boycott when the large majority of us don’t shop at Barney’s anyway? Do you really think we have that kind of power and influence? How long will it last? I understand and agree with the principal behind it, but from a financial stand point, let’s be real, we’re not going to make a dent in their revenue. We’re not in their target market (I mean, clearly, given what just happened). It’s very rare that weathly people genuinely give a shit about what the havenots are doing. It’s been 1 week and we’ve seen this happen twice at that establishment — doesn’t that right there tell you that they give zero shits?

    Is this another one of those situations where black people get mad for a few days, theirs talks of an uprise al la Trayvon Martin (may he RIP) then it just slowly fades into oblivion? Unfortunately it seems like we’re all talk and no show. We gotta stop doing that because no one takes it as a serious threat.

    As far as Hov, I agree with the other commenters; he’s not going to do anything: it doesn’t effect him on a personal level…if it ain’t f#@kin’ with HIS paper…

    Not saying it’s right, but, you know…..

  • [email protected]

    They want to spend their money to people who do not like them. If they didn’t know now they know. Wake up going support each other. Black people like to spend and not to make and grow money, wealth they call that. Black people are maybe rich. But a few are wealhty.

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