kanye-west-tee-shirt-2013-10-21-300x300Who is Kanye West?

That is the probably the biggest question floating throughout the African-American and hip-hop community these days. The 36 year-old Chi-town native that the industry embraced for his soul-laced productions has now become an individual caught up in a sweep of controversial faux pas. The latest stunt to be added to Yeezy’s I-need-a-personal-Olivia-Pope-baaaad list is a product incident that occurred at the kickoff of his tour in Seattle Saturday night. A T-shirt with a confederate flag and the phrase “I ain’t coming down” is among the official merchandise being sold on West’s tour.

Knowing West’s interest in African-American history, it could be suggested that the rapper is attempting to make a statement on racism, claiming that the political ideology around it is not going anywhere. In another sense, it could be a calculated move on his part —it could be Kanye’s attempt at showing the control that blacks now posses by being able to reappropriate a negative symbol, similar to the usage of the “N” word.

Whatever it may be, fans are clamoring and folks are talking — just as West probably wanted them to. Mmm…a strategic way to stay relevant, perhaps?



  1. Joyous

    Kanye West is a sham. A fake. A phony. An imposter. A jester. I was never into this clown, but those of you who were or still are, its time to turn away from this madness. He is making a mockery of everything Black people went through, and are still going through in the U.S. with this.

  2. chnyere

    Who makes Kanye popular (i.e. comes to his concert), white ppl. Who is going to go around wearing these shirts, white ppl. What does this shirt a flag mean to them? I don’t have to be ashamed of parading this flag, I am not coming down, who cares what they think. They support him, he supports them, he is their minstrel. Done.

  3. Say What?

    Although I’m not a fan the conferdate flag t-shirt, I get it because I listened to and rather enjoy his new album. Apparently a lot of people here haven’t heard the album and taking this shit more seriously than Kanye is himself. Keep the “thumbs down” coming lol.

  4. The RealKay

    *sigh* Kanye, please…just stop. You’re not clever, or incredibly witty. At worst this is that new hipster, “I’m not being offensive but I really am,” type of racist b.s. and at best it’s tacky and tasteless.

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