Kim Kardashian Makes Me Sad

by Michael Arceneaux

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s ass looks amazing on Instagram. I wouldn’t touch her even if I had Kanye West’s penis in my hand, but she gets a “gon’, girl” all the same. Still, all I could think while looking at her big post-pregnant body reveal was, “I’m so sad for you.”

Not because she’s still setting thirst traps. She’s a new mom, proud of her body transformation, so I don’t judge her for her choices and buy into any silly notion about what constitutes “appropriate behavior.” I’m more irked that I feel as if her entire life and career are all built getting public approval, or more specifically, the approval of a man, which has her currently bearing little resemblance to what made her mildly tolerable to me and hugely successful for most.

At the age of 32, despite building a media empire that’s led to successes into fashion and beauty brands, she has since morphed into essentially Kanye West’s personal blow up doll. As great as her post-baby body looks in a swimsuit, I’m all but certain that another Instagram shot will consist of her being stuffed into some ill-fitting gown as she poses next to Kanye, who’ll probably be in another designer sweater, slashed jeans and Timbalands. Frowning.

It’s not surprising to see how happy she is to be Kanye West’s Calabasas Barbie Doll, but it’s not any less annoying.

For those of us who watched (or at least used to) Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we saw Kanye West go on her show and tell her that her style needed to be changed to his liking. Never mind that Kim Kardashian was a stylist before ever meeting him or at that she has built a career around her taste level. It was one of the creepiest things on television, mostly because Kim stood there and allowed it.

For the life of me, I don’t understand it. Why are you trying to look all high fashion and European when your body doesn’t fit that aesthetic, and more importantly, your brand is built around accessibility to people with limited budgets? Ergo, why you sell clothes at Sears versus Bergdorf Goodman.

Why are you still wearing Givenchy when you’ve already been clowned for wearing Grandma’s Couch Couture at the Met Gala? Why are you walking around looking like Beyoncé in drag? Why are you so desperate for validation from a world that will always look down on you? Better yet, why are you taking advice from a guy who despite his entire fashion world connects – including his creative director BFF (although based on these “lewks,” I wonder whether Riccardo Tisci is mad he’s not North’s mama) – he’s out here publicly whining about being shunned?

More recently, there have been rumors of a KimYe line for kids, only that’s been kaput because once again, Kanye feels Kim doesn’t have “good style.” Says the man whose collection was bashed.

Maybe I’m not so sad for her as I am that so many young people look up to them as if they’re some standard when they come across as two shallow, insecure people clamoring for the approval from those they don’t even need as they’ve already built their own platforms. You would think that trope would no longer by the ideal by now, but it’s stronger than ever. That’s the saddest part of it all.

Michael Arceneaux is from the land of Beyoncé, but now lives in the city of Master Splinters. Follow him at @youngsinick.


  • Mabel Peralta

    no way im sad for her. she looks awesome!

  • Tara Simone

    love this post. I do agree I was shocked that she changed everything about herself just for a man, something that I will never do! I never really considered her someone I look up to, but her style was always on point. I loved seeing her on Red Carpets, but now I just change the channel when she’s on.

    I’m not necessarily sure I would say she’s always seeking the acceptance of the public though, just trying to get some media buzz.

  • Ariahead

    This article rubs me the wrong way. I am not a fan of her brand because it is empty and boring but she seems harmless enough. First you insinuate that she is so filthy that you wouldn’t touch her, then you go on for a couple of paragraphs about how she has no style. I can’t speak on her relationship because I don’t know them but she seems to make decisions that suit her. She and Kanye seem like they care for each other but they also seem really goal oriented. It probably doesn’t bother her either way to take her boyfriends suggestions on how she should dress if it will help her brand.

    This just seems like a weak attempt at pretending to care about her while really just wanting to insult her like so many do and then for good measure you throw in a final paragraph about the effect that she might be having on young girls. That could have been the main theme of the article and I wouldn’t have minded but this just seemed catty.

    If you wanna blame anyone for who she has become, blame her mom. That woman has pimped those kids all the way out and probably drilled this egocentric mentality into their heads.

  • Rashaad Thomas

    Syria, Miley Cyrus, Government Shutdown, Kim Kardashian? There is something about this sequence of priorities that is a little off?

  • mrandolph

    If you are gonna claim Kim Kardashian is molded by Kanye but still WORSHIP Beyonce who is a mere puppet of Jay-Z since her daddy stopped holding the strings, I will need you to provide real support. If Beyonce’s entire career hasn’t been about being shaped to one man’s view or another, I don’t know what it has been about. At least Kim Kardashian at one point stood on her own. Beyonce went from Daddy to Jay. This article is more about your disdain for Kanye (and Kim bcuz of her involvement with him). Let’s just call a spade a spade, okay? ;{)

  • MimiLuvs

    I’mma gon be honest to y’all about my feelings for this here article…
    Why is it posted on here?
    Usually, I don’t b*tch about Clutch articles that are about black men. I appreciate most of them, especially the articles about mental health and physical health. I love my father, my brother, my male cousins and my nephews, so if I read an article that is in regards to black men/boys, I appreciate them.
    But this one…
    There’s something about this article that makes my left eye twitch in annoyance. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that (when you break the article down) it is a black man writing an article about how much pity he feels for a white woman*, who is dating a black man who has bizarre controlling issues over said woman.
    This article reminds me of the posting that was featured on here, earlier this year, in which the author stated that white women are just as much as a victim of the white man’s patriarchy like the black folks.
    It would’ve been neato if there was an article in which a black man had written about black women. H*ll’s bells, I would’ve taken a “Kids Say the Darnest Things” type of article that involved a father with his daughter.

    *I know that this message will have a response from someone who will state that Kim Kardashian is Armenian and that she is not a white woman because of it.
    Truth of the matter is: she is (physically) a white woman. Her race is a white woman. Here’s another thing: in an interview with Wendy Williams, Kim and her sisters stated that they do not know how to speak Armenian and have never been to the country and they don’t know much about the culture. Plus, people always tend to forget that Kris Jenner is as white as the snow that sprinkles down on the Alps. Don’t let that tan and the dark hair fool you.
    When it comes to this woman, some people (his fans, I’m guessing) tend to “ethnic-tize” her.

  • geenababe

    I agree with the above comment, I too side eye this comment and probably should have skipped this post but I would like to say I will never feel sorry for this woman. If she wanted to change her brand she could have did a long time ago. She feels off all the attention she gets her and her sisters.

  • shay

    This is what you need to understand about kim k, her family, and their high profile relationships. Her mother is their pimp. She was ready to change herself for Kanye because she is going to do whatever it takes to be on the arm of someone so famous and rich. That’s how they keep their money train going. So no i don’t feel the least bit sorry for her. This woman built a media empire off of a sex tape! Be real man! She knows what she is doing. She gonna ride this one until the wheels fall off.

  • Ms. Information

    What husband or boyfriend would be ok with the mother of his child posting pics like this online, famous or not? Kanye West…that’s who. They are both ratchet underlings of the Hollyweird madness….

  • Mo

    I do believe I feel the same way as the author. Admittedly Kim Kardashian is right above “yarn” on the list of things I think about, but he has voiced what my issue is with her current incarnation. Like her or not – she had a brand of her own that she cultivated. She was a pretty, harmless, happy, pleasant seeming woman that had a good sense of the body she had and dressed (very well initially) to accentuate it. I would never go as far to call her a role model – but she was a fashion touchstone for those with a curvier body that was outside of what the mainstrean considered acceptable. She was a true socialite, riding a ‘just in it for the fun’ image all the way to the bank.

    Then came Kanye. In taking away her ability to dress her body in a flattering way, he dimmed her star, and she let him. He attempted to turn her into the silent, Kanye-stlyed, armpiece of a muse that Amber Rose was. It was cool for Amber Rose because she had no brand of her own pre-Kanye. We never even heard her speak until they broke up. I don’t know any of these people, but it certainly seems like KK is on a mission to please her man, despite it not necessarily being in her best interest. She seems to have no backbone now. She seems a little lost.

    I read where she said she dresses to please her man, Kanye. I am okay with this, but I would hope her man would dress her in a manner that was flattering to her, not just “in his image” of what is hot. I wish them well and all…but I hope she finds herself again.

    NEVER thought I would be thinking about this! LOL

  • Shamika “Positively Jewls”

    I was going to write a response but after reading yours, no need. You summed it all up, very well said.

  • Bee

    This article is nothing but an attack on Kim plain and simple. To refer to Kim as “Beyonce in drag” and then proceed to be so concerned about her wearing European designer clothes that don’t fit. You sir, are among millions of haters that help keep Kim Kardashian rich and famous and you don’t even know it. You know Kim’s every move, which is detailed in your article. Who cares what Kim wears or if Kanye West is telling to wear it or not? You’re clearly up on gossip to link any story from RadarOnline which is owned by Star Magazine and the National Enquirer is absurd. To say you are sad for Kim is ridiculous, because you are not sad for her. Kim is not the only woman flexin on IG daily, but she is the one you decided to focus on. You want to insult her and analyze life to no end.

  • Felicia

    It has gotten to the place that KK is seen like an honorary black women just because she dates and marries black men and it is irksome. Mind you, an honorary black women with white women perks and privileges.

  • Joan

    I have a difficult time feeling sorry for Kim Kardashian. This is not a case of a young girl being thrust into the public eye by a parent. Kim was born with a lot of options. She grew up pretty affluent. She chose the life she’s living right now. Yes, her mother is profiting off of it. Sure, it is sad to see someone seemingly living their lives according to what men think, but it’s not anything new or unique. It’s the same old story and some women are happy living that way; Kim just gets to do it on a much larger scale. Maybe that works for her. I can’t imagine feeling fulfilled doing what she does, but maybe it’s enough for Kim. As much as people criticize her, she seems to have a lot of characteristics, trappings and exterior things that many people aspire to have: looks, money, dream wardrobe, an extremely rich and successful boyfriend, a beautiful, healthy (I hope) child, a nice home…To me, it looks as if she’s having the time of her life. We all know or have known women like her on a much smaller scale. With a bigger budget and a better body, they all would probably be very similar to Kim Kardashian. LOL.

  • Carolyn Harvey

    Hey, they are all the same sad situations, none more devastating than the rest.

  • Beautifulmarie Wright

    I think she looks great!

  • roslynholcomb

    I didn’t read the article and I too wonder what the hell Kim Kardashian has to do with black women. Is it really that hard to stay on topic, Clutch?

  • Ebony Murphy-Root

    Kim looks great. Maybe black women need to worry about their own relationships, incomes and marriages. All this Kim-sanity (In the face of millions of black women raising kids alone) seems sadder to me.

  • Chrissys

    Great article.

  • Cocochanel31

    Well SAID!
    It’s sad that Kim has NEVER been her own person and is very shallow, and in her eyes her worth is determined by which man’s arm she is under!
    Kanye has done a terrible head job on her, but it;s evens sadder because she wants to be LED..she does not want to LEAD or make her own choices.

    Hopefully baby North gets some self esteem from her mother bc Kim doesn’t seem to have any..smh

  • cjl

    I’m not sure what the hell to think about this article….

  • apple

    yes because its only black women worried about kim kardashian. go sit down

  • LN

    This article comes across as a bit patronizing to me. I agree with some of the points, but I don’t understand the need for a piece like this.

    And I don’t think Kim looked like Beyonce in drag in the referenced picture. I actually think she looked quite beautiful!

    Kim is gonna do what she’s gonna do. Why is it of concern to us?

  • Eden

    It’s entirely too much thought and care that’s gone into this post……I’m good.

  • FoxiRoxi

    This article was all ove the place. I’m not sure the main poin, but I agree w/several of them.

  • KG

    I’ve never gotten why the American population is obsessed with her, at least for the fact that Kourtney has the better body and face…oh that’s right, our culture values whores and prostitutes.

  • Treece

    Okay so, maybe its just me but I kind if always saw Kim K as the “blow up doll” of whoever the current Black dude’s arm she is currently hanging off of. Yes I know the woman is a stylist and business woman in her own right (not taking that away from her) but she presents as very robotic and vapid to me. Like a big assed Android. Yes, she looks amazing for having just given birth, but if I made money off of my body and could afford personal trainers and chefs I’d make sure my body was in tip top shape after having a kid too. Forgive me if I don’t have any sympathy for her, or women like her who use their ASS-ets to make it in “the business” and then get railed on for doing so. She set herself up for this. She basically came up using the Ray J sex tape as a spring board. She became famous because of her ass and all other endeavors she has made since then have been secondary. If she has not yet realized that she, and her jacked up family (including Kanye) need serious individual therapy then I have nothing for her. Not even an ounce of sympathy. Do I think its a shame that even though she has had success in design and being a stylist that she continues to market herself using her behind? Yes. I also think its a shame that baby North has to grow up with 2 whack job parents. But any media scrutiny Kim gets is by her own hand. Why are we wasting time feeling sorry for her?

  • Stop bashing women

    This is a ridiculous article. Whatever you think of her, the woman had a sex tape and decided to capitalize on it and turn a negative into a career. Would I choose this life for myself? No. However, she is not being arrested by cops, doing drugs, and being hateful. She is doing the best she can with what she has. I daresay, we can all learn something from Kim. How many of us have more and do less? Now, I know some of you will say it is because of her race that she gets these rewards (that is not her fault though, that is our society’s fault). But Kim herself is just doing her and I can’t hate her for that. You wouldn’t touch her with a 10 foot pole? How condescending of you to say that about any woman.

  • stop hating women

    How dare we continuously refer to women as whores and prostitutes. In fact, even if she was a truly a prostitute (a woman who sells her body for money) why shame those women even? Most prostitutes, I would imagine, are doing it out of total desperation to survive. Kim Kardashian is not a prostitute. She is the daughter of a wealthy attorney who is now capitalizing on public interest of her.

  • hatred toward women

    Shaming women. It is her right to use her body as she pleases.

  • Tess

    Once again, an article written by a man to shame women for being sexual yet who establishes this need to have women used as sexual objects? Women have the right to be sexual, they have the right to capitalize on their sexual appeal. In fact, women have the right to do whatever they please as long as it is legal. This kind of attitude and language is why women are so vulnerable around the world – we are shamed for our bodies and our sexuality. Screw you article “writer”.

  • pop goes the weasel

    real talk, this just seemed like an ugly girl argument….
    1. y are we making a fuss over a non-black woman with a black man—-for hits perhaps?
    2. Kim K is doing fine without black women’s sympathy.
    3. While reading this I pictured a group of high girls at the table talking about how f*cked up the popular girl is due to her low morals, under the pretentious veil of “concern”-hiding their true feelings of jealousy and envy.

    LET’S GET TO REAL CONCERN. Why do black women stay constantly talking about Kim K? I go on Bossip, Madam Noire, Clutch, etc and no other group of women stay talking about her other than black women.

    I get that celebrities garner hits, but there are black celebrities undergoing projects or up and coming artists trying to garner hits as well.

    but meh, let me just get my popcorn and read the comment section.

  • Felicia

    I get why people are saying that they don’t feel sorry for KK .. As par, her life and the business of her being the brand itself is of her own creating. But I got to tell ya, I was shocked to see a self made women change one of the very things that made her famous, her style, for a man, I was shocked! She was wiling to give that up o please an ego driven man.

  • pinky

    I can’t really say that I feel sorry for Kim. I think she is doing just fine. What bothers me is her family’s exploitative relationship with black men. That’s all.

  • JS


  • Kim

    It was a man who wrote the article. How in the hay did black women get into it other than the article being posted on Clutch. It’s Black woman like you who really get under my skin. I can now see why so many Black folk walk the heck away from the community as a whole. Some of you are annoying as all get out. P.S. My finances and relationships are fine and I don’t have and will never have children.

  • RJ

    @MimiLuvs you took all of the words out of my mouth.

  • Lala

    Clearly reading comprehension is not high on the skill level for some of you. Instead of getting defensive, understand that the author was actually giving her props for the empire she built as well as for having her own style and success. What he appears to be objecting to is that she appears to let Kanye control her and convince her she has no style and that she is just following along doing whatever makes him happy even if she ends up looking like a clown. And her constant need for approval by others is something he also found sad.

  • Anthony

    Michael Arceneaux is just a brother writing an essay justifying the time he took to look at Kim K’s ass. I’ll be honest, and say she has a great looking figure, and I enjoy looking at her. That does not mean that I am blind to the unhealthy racial dynamics that are attached to black men lusting after a woman who would not get second look if her skin were dark and her hair did not blow in the wind. Kanye himself saw a hundred butts a day that looked as good as Kim’s, if not better when he was coming up in Chicago.

    The fact is that even the most socially conscious of us black men have a hard time to not getting caught up ogling white women especially when they have the sort of features that we find attractive.

  • ariahead

    I completely agree. Black people spend way too much time worrying about this womans comings and goings. She and her fabulous fake butt are no threat to us and we just end up looking dumb with the obviously immature nit picking that we throw her way.

    There are plenty of valid arguments that can be made about what she represents but this foolishness is unnecessary.

  • Bee

    Exactly, Kim will always do what she wants to do. The writer of this article is one of those over zealous Beyonce fans. He is know on Twitter as such.

  • MommieDearest

    “I wouldn’t touch her EVEN IF I HAD KANYE WEST’S PENIS IN MY HAND…”

    *raised eyebrow*

  • Dawn

    Other than the author’s comment that he wouldn’t touch her with someone else’s penis (making the mistake of thinking that anyone cares about this overshare), he raises some valid points in the article. Although I don’t really know why she’s famous, it’s clear that she has done well for herself, so she really doesn’t need kanye to validate her.

  • jazo

    Do we really have to ask? She is a product of her environment. Her mom pimped her out as fast as she could to the highest bidder and naturally, that is all she thinks she is. case closed

  • Ms. Vee

    Sooo why do we keep giving her attention? (oh dammit my comment added to it)

    *walks away*

  • Beauty_in_Grace

    Ummm,a man wrote this so insinuating that bw women are being catty is unnecessary and untrue.

    I do agree that black people are continually interested in the Kardashians, but honestly the kardashians also seem interested in black people.

    If you wanna see less Kardashians don’t click and comment on an article about any of them. When you cease to give them attention and hits they will cease to exist. Even if its only in your world.

  • vintage3000

    I know it’s First World problems, but I am hoping in the near future I can freely browse the Internet without seeing any mention of the K word. She and Monica Lewinsky are two women who will go down in history, pun intended. Monica just wasn’t smart enough to allow wealthy Black men to sniff her hindparts.

  • KG

    “She is the daughter of a wealthy attorney who is now capitalizing on public interest of her.”

    Yes, that is a whore – a person who sells oneself for money. A prostitute doesn’t even have to be a woman. In fact, to assume that all prostitutes are women is very sexist of you. You, sir or madam, are the shameful one.

    [Please apply sarcasm as needed]

  • Mo

    This is what I took the author to be saying, and it was this point that I agreed with.

  • heavenleiblu

    Hmm. Not sure how I feel about a male writer being cunty under the guise of concern in a woman’s magazine/website.

  • pop goes the weasel

    “Ummm,a man wrote this so insinuating that bw women are being catty is unnecessary and untrue.”

    But that’s the thing though, Clutch writers HAVE written about her numerous of times in condescending ways. So let’s not pretend that black women writers on a variety of blog websites aren’t interested in covering her story. STAWP the madness.

    “If you wanna see less Kardashians don’t click and comment on an article about any of them. When you cease to give them attention and hits they will cease to exist. Even if its only in your world.”

    This site is made for me and other black women to enjoy. I don’t have to forfeit my right to click on an article to make commentary just because I’m not feeling the topic. This is black women’s space. I’m tired of other commenters telling other black women to not comment on a topic they don’t like. It’s one thing if it’s a black man troll, but this is a space FOR ME. I can and will choose to comment and critique. That’s all folks.

  • pop goes the weasel


    Stop telling other black women to not comment on a topic just because they don’t agree with it and are giving their two cents. This is a space designed for black women. And as a black woman, I’m exercising my right to navigate this space. I understand there are black men trolls that comment and also black women trolls, some more obvious than others., and we should report abusive commentary.

    But if I’m in the comment section saying how I don’t like how most black women oriented blogs and websites comment on Kim K every second of every damn minute. Then don’t tell me not to click on it and make commentary. This and email is the only way I can communicate to the writers and other sistas who feel the same way. Don’t try to police the space in that way.

  • Geechee Goddess (@JumpJunkieJoe)

    This reminds me of some women I know. There are some females who are willing to change who they are for a man all the time. These are the chicks who assume their man’s identity whenever they are in a relationship as long as it means that they aren’t alone. I have no idea how Kim and Kanye got together, I never would have put the two of them together because they seem to have conflicting lifestyles/personalities (Kanye is private Kim is very public) but she seems to be willing to change entirely who she is and what made her famous if it means keeping a dude. That’s just sad.

  • SMH

    I really don’t see how Kim K is relevant to most black women, honestly. She’s the gold standard for plenty of black men but hating her won’t change their desire to have women like her. Let her do her thing, apparently she’s getting the attention she craves and it’s also apparent in blog comments black men are not hesitating to rip in to any black woman who dares speak against her. She receives the loyalty and protection we wish we could get just a slither of, so Kim will be ok, she has protectors, we need to get back to the business of working on, uplifting, and supporting each other.

  • JJ

    This article didn’t bother me. It’s just his opinion and a lot of it is true. Kanye and Kim are two insecure brats. What I hate is when people act like black women are the only ones who talk badly about Kim Kardashian. Have you ever seen how white women on white blogs speak about her. It’s WAY worse than black blogs. Actually I think black men AND women defend her more than anyone. I have no clue why. I feel that some black women claim to like her even when they don’t because they don’t want to be seen as jealous or hating meanwhile all the while women gleefully talk shit. No one is going to tell me who I can and can’t like.

  • Joyous

    I think the writer of this article wants to touch Kanye. No straight man would EVER talk about having another man’s penis in his hand. Why do so many gay men live on websites geared toward women?

  • MimiLuvs…

    It’s like… If you want to write an article about white women, write one about the situation in Maryville, Missouri.

  • binks

    And she and this article have to do with black women how??? I was literally waiting for the points to hone on home but it fail flat. Let’s be serious if this was a black woman she wouldn’t be given an in depth analyze, understanding or theory behind why she is acting the way she is but just be label a hoe and be dismissed while not even having the opportunity to build the brand like the Kardashian have in the first place. So forgive me if I don’t want to use my brain cells to comprehend her behavior or give her much sympathy if not at all. I don’t really feel sorry for her and I am indifferent towards her, this latest picture was an “oh okay she at it again…” deal to me I don’t know why people are feeling some type of way. Why did people think having a baby is going to change some women? Kim and Kanye are made for each other because they attracted each other for a reason now whether those are loving reasons or purely motivated image obsess reasons only they know.

  • Avril

    Ignoring the dubiousness of whether as black women we should be worried about Kim K or not (Lord knows I’m not), I just think as women, as modern women in this patriarchal world that we live in ; her story is a cautionary tale. “You let in the love you think you deserve.” So if this works for her, fine, but I get the author and a few other commenters in what they’re saying about her. It’s very easy to lose yourself in a man especially if you don’t know who you are at all. Her claim to fame is all about the approval of others, especially men so really, it was a setup for this to happen if you think about it. Oh well, she’s gotta do what she’s gotta do.

  • ArabellaMichaela

    Ok. This is going to be vulgar and harsh, for me. But, when I look at KK, two words come to mind. Those words are skank and pig. The woman likes black d__k. Many white women do. But, a little bit of subtlety goes a long way. The fact that a prominent, wealthy black man has chosen ” that”reinforces the “joke” that these black men are in the eyes of everyone except themselves.

  • bijoux

    I am by no means a fan of the Kardashians but this is just pathetic. All this just because she posted a photo of her banging post-baby body on Instagram? What does this article say about YOU? You sat on your computer an wrote an article highlighting this woman’s “flaws” from who she dates to what she wears. I mean, you spoke negatively of even the most ordinary of things that I BET you and your best friends do. Are you REALLY sad because she still wears Givenchy or that Kanye frowns in all pics OR that she’s become his “calabases doll”? Is that why you’re sad or mad? To insult and write so bitterly of this woman is too much. By the way, who made you an expert on her life?

    To be honest, YOU make me sad for writing such a shallow article. I am embarrassed for you.

    P.S. don’t link us to your dated site again. It made my computer slow.

  • CJ

    I know that this is an opinion piece, but your opinion sucks.

  • MsSmeeg

    What do you mean by this: “exploitative relationship with black men?” Just asking that’s all. I just get the impression that Black men who are involved with them aren’t exploited and are fully aware of the situation dating a Kardashian.

  • lizette

    But they did mention her (Monica Lewinsky) in rap songs. She missed her opportunity, would have been received with open arms. IJS

  • Dee D

    Yes, Yes, a thousand times Yes.
    Many of the women who hate on Kim would be her if they had that type of bank account, or are her with a smaller bank account- defining themselves by the attention of others- I’m sure many of us know at least one woman like this.
    Does it sadden me that there are women out there like this, a little, but as long as they are not judging me for living my life they way I want then why should I care? She seems as harmless as a fly, I don’t even think she has shaded anyone in public (i.e. Twitter, interview, etc.) before, and if she is not hurting me or anyone else- then do you girl.
    I’m not even sure why this article was published, people talk about wanting Kim to go away and then write articles about her, how exactly does that help your case?
    The most I can hope is that North inherits the positive aspects of her parents and rejects the negative ones.

  • lola289

    Totally agree…

  • 9Boots

    @ noodle

    ummm, she’s only been with Kanye for a year and half. Give it some time, they might not even be together next year for all we know.

  • noirluv45

    A LOT! Get your head out your ass and maybe you’d see that.

    Oh, wait you can’t because it’s up Kim’s.

  • ScriptTease

    Which is a “White girl with a Black Girl Body, as well as facial features. I’m not getting upset with you, but Black Men love the features of a Black Woman, just as long as it’s on a White Woman.

  • ScriptTease

    I agree with you, but however unfortunately for Black Women, we just cannot get away with even an eighth of what other women do. Somebody tell me I’m wrong.

  • Joyous

    Most Black women I know married first, and then had children. That tradition is quite strong, despite the propaganda that states otherwise. I suppose people who grow up in dysfunctional environments would think that an unmarried women who manages to get the Father of her child to stay with her is something to celebrate. I grew up seeing better, so I expect better. It is expected that a man marries you before having his child. It is expected that the child is raised with both parents completely involved.Personally, I think Kim’s desire to showcase her body is stronger than her desire to present herself with honor and respect for the sake of her daughter. That is what’s sad. As for Kanye, I think he has some profound mental and emotional issues that he was able to mask for a while, but cannot hide anymore. Everyone knows that something is not quite right about him, but no one wants to say it. Women who remain with emotionally unstable men will walk on eggshells most of the time trying not to set the guy off. I wouldn’t wish that life for any woman. No amount of millions can cover up misery.

  • echi

    I thought the writer is gay. But I guess a fine ass is a fine ass straight or not.

  • aDoRkAbLe

    Thank You! It irks me how many people want to bash a celebrity (no matter what level they are) and act as if their lives are so much better or that they actually know what’s going on when the cameras are off and/or behind closed doors. I never understood why people constantly complain about her, when they are probably out doing the same thing or know someone that is, but keep their mouths shut. I don’t know her to hate her or dislike her. I don’t know what goes on in her life or what goes on in that family, but I do know it is not really my business unless it directly effects my family and me.

    The woman was practically MIA from the cameras after the birth of her daughter for more than a month and the only thing people could say was that maybe something bad happened or the baby was deformed, instead of believing that she may have wanted some bonding time with her daughter. If you don’t like her, why would you care? Why even comment? She comes back and people are ready to tear her down. I doubt it’s easy to lose baby weight especially when cameras are following you around and people are calling you fat during and after your pregnancy. Most of us don’t have the pressure to lose baby-weight like those in the spotlight do. I read how women were standing up for the Duchess of Cambridge when people were commenting on her baby weight, but not a peep was heard when people were tearing down Kim. I won’t tear down one woman and stand up for another if they are in the same situation.

    Also, the comment about her wearing High Fashion and her body not being right for it only makes me wonder what kind of place is the writer writing from? Does she herself have body or self-esteem issues? Any woman can wear high fashion as long as it’s tailored to her body and not her trying to tailor her body to it. High fashion is nothing but good tailoring, fabric, and embellishment with a high price tag and I’ve worked in Fashion myself. Also, has the writer ever been to Europe? I live in Europe. European women have different body types and wear whatever they want and no one cares unless it’s ridiculously obscene or offensive.

  • aDoRkAbLe

    Now realizing the writer is a guy, makes me wonder why he delivered this the way he did. Why go through the name calling and judging her, a woman that he does not know based on what he has seen on TV. He is making assumptions based on the media as if everything the media sends out is factual. Has he met them both, has he sat down with them and had a chat? I’m guessing no. Beyoncé in drag, a Calabasas Barbie doll, wearing Grandma’s couch couture.. that’s harsh and I wonder how he talks about women he does do know.

  • simplyme

    “Maybe I’m not so sad for her as I am that so many young people look up to them as if they’re some standard when they come across as two shallow, insecure people clamoring for the approval from those they don’t even need…”

    I agree. Thanks to social media it seems like celebrities are getting bigger, but they are being filled with hot air and very little substance… much more fragile and prone to ultimately popping. I remember thinking when they first a started dating that this is either a match made in heaven or this is the climax in a tragic tale about the dangers of being lost in the quest for “public approval”.

  • Bethany

    This article is so offensive in so many ways. Denigrating a woman for being sexual and such awful and vile comments like “I would not touch her with a…”. Awful. Just vile. Once again, it is sad but a man is writing an article shaming a woman who chooses to do as she pleases with her body. Get over it Mr Article “writer”. Women have rights over their bodies and images. We are not in Afghanistan.

  • Adjoa Hackman


  • justanotheropinion

    I can’t be sad for KK – she reaps what she sows. When you sell your soul for money & fame, you will become a whore to it. No good comes from that. She’s living a life that seems complicated, unfulfilling and a scam. What saddens me is the legions of followers she and her family have. These shows are beyond trash and yet ppl religiously follow them. I just don’t get it.

  • Tee

    Obvious you missed the whole point of this article. The photo was just a small portion of it.

  • Maven

    I’m not sad for Kim Kardashian, I’m sad for all the women who want to attain status in the way she has. She went from a petite pretty girl into a plastic face with a fake butt. I hope that whatever is injected into her rear do not later cause health problems. It is actually quite sad the amount of men and women who post pictures online with the sincere hope for others validation of their beauty. I’m not sure why anyone assume that Kim Kardashian would be any different when it comes to self-esteem. Many people live online, just like they live on their phone. There is a whole generation of people lost. Pretty sad all around.

  • satch

    what man is complaining about KK? i expect the jealous women too but a man?something not right here

  • dparpari

    I am sad for her much to the disagreement of many. I’m sorry she is entangled with Kanye, he is a total narcissist and sociopath and he disgusts me. She is branded a scank because of a tape but many of us have done stupid things like that, not anticipating the inevitable when one is as wreckless. I hope she enjoys her life as a mother and is spared the foolishness that is sure to come from Kanye in the coming years. Never let a man define who you are. She needs to break free from that

  • Cwhoag

    Well said.

  • 2:57

    You completely missed the mark with this article. Reduced to homophobic jokes, trivialization of a VERY real issue that is racism in fashion, and talking about ‘thirst traps’ which is just something insecure men made up to make girls feel bad about what they do with their own bodies.

    Better luck next time.

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