Another day, another racist.

A teacher in Akron, Ohio was suspended this week after he decided to air his racist grievances on Facebook. Akron Firestone High School teacher David Spondike, was angry about a trick-or-treat incident near his house and dropped the n-bomb a couple of times.

I don’t mind if you come to my neighborhood from the ghetto to trick-or-treat. But when you whip out your teeny dicks and piss on the telephone pole in front of my yard and a bunch of preschoolers and toddlers, you can take your nigger-ass back where it came from. I don’t have anything against anyone of any color, but niggers, stay out!

In typical racist coward fashion, Spondike deleted his post, but not before someone on his friends list was able to take a screenshot and forward it to the local Akron news station.  Once Spondike realized his post was now “viral” he had this to say:

There is a screen shot of a post floating around that is being used claim I am a racist. My position on race and racism has been posted and discussed here on many occasions and is exemplified on a daily basis in my life. I have always been clear and have never minced words on this issue. I have always confronted it head on and never behind peoples’ backs. Please do not expect me to be anything less than consistent today.

So is he basically saying he’s racist and they (his Facebook friends) know it?

Spondike also updated his post before deleting it with his “views:

1. The post contains the “n-word”.
2. I sincerely apologize to those who are sincerely offended by the post; it was promptly removed.
3. I am not going to say that “someone hacked my Facebook page”, like most people do.
4. “Racism” implies prejudging, which is clearly not what happened here.
5. Making any excuse for allowing one race to use a word and condemning another race for using the same word is institutionalized racism in and of itself, regardless of the justification used.
6. The incident surrounds the criminal behavior described below, where a teenager exposed himself in front of young children, urinating on a telephone pole in broad daylight during trick-or-treating.

Coincidentally, the black students make up the majority of Akron Firestone High School’s population. Spondike also has a track record when it comes to disciplinary action brought against him at the school. In 2000, he was reprimanded for throwing a chair against a classroom wall, and using strong profanity against students. A year later, he was disciplined for spitting on the floor after a student in his class fell asleep.  And in 2007, he was accused of physically abusing a middle school student, an allegation that was found to be unsubstantiated after investigation by the district and Akron police. Spondike was also referred to counseling by school administrators.  Guess that really didn’t work out for him.



  • Me

    #4: Um. That’s exactly what happened here.
    #5: Is his response to #3… ***Instead of claiming I was hacked, I’ma use the “black folks use it all the time” excuse.
    #6: Evidence of why #4 is false… You used ONE incident with ONE black kid to go on a rant about ALL black people.


  • http://gravatar.com/geenababe geenababe

    His explanation points were that of a typical racist, these people are beyond stupid. You use social media of all places to write that. Did he not think about the repercussion or maybe he thought everyone on his friends list felt the way he did. Like someone said yesterday these people are everywhere teaching your children in school, at your work place, and everywhere you can think of. They smile in your face then go home get online and say what they really feel.

  • Anthony

    As someone said, Facebook is evolution in action because it exposes and often weeds out racists.
    Clearly, Spondike needs to be fired so he can devote himself fulltime to burning crosses.

  • Apple

    All white people are racist. That should be the message of the era, a new tag and a new segment on this site

  • KG

    I’ll be honest, the racism part worries me the least in this situation. He’s in a profession that is supposed to positively influence and uplift young people not demean and scare them with verbal abuse or physical altercations. The fact that the school administration only “punished” him counseling speaks volumes about how they feel about their students well-being both physically, mentally, and intellectually. Had my child been in that school, trust that I would be trying to get him fired in 2000 before facebook even existed.

  • http://gravatar.com/dollielintoniii BlackMalePrivilege

    This is what you call WhiiteMalePrivilege, white men have been saying and feeling this way for years. The only reason we hearing about it now is because of the invention of social media.

  • Afrostyling

    He is clearly a racist but something he said rings true for me about people treating your neighborhood in a disrespectful manner. Why are you peeing on the telephone pole in front of kids?

  • Anthony

    My first year out of school and working fulltime, I forgot to buy candy for Halloween, and a group of white kids egged my car and ruined the paint job, I would not have Been justified in using racial slurs aimed at all whites.

    Pranks and lewd or destructive behavior have been a part of Halloween for generations. Penises of all colors will exposed doing all sorts of things during Halloween, not just the junk of black teenagers.

  • Joan

    No mistake, he is foul. However, what is funny as hell to me is that he has someone in his Facebook friends list who would forward his post to a news station! Is that person really his friend? LMBO.

  • vintage3000

    lol-so true. Maybe it was the default Black friend every racist seems to have?

  • Joan

    It’s kind of scary, actually. This guy thought he was expressing his true feelings to his “friends” and instead of debating with him in a private message or on the phone at least, the “friend” sends the post to a news station. I don’t think we should feel sorry for a racist, but I do think this sort of situation should heighten our awareness of the types of things we post on Facebook and exactly who we are posting those things to…Maybe we (myself included) should think about who we consider a “friend.” I’m very careful about what I put on Facebook, but then you never know who among your “friends” could be putting your pics in places on the internet that you never dreamed. People get annoyed. resentful and/or jealous of the smallest things.

  • iCrossMyHeart

    I just had to laugh….and maybe he can volunteer to sew Klan costumes…it might hit New York Fashion week…if the Jews who own the industry do not eat him alive first.

    They get away with it because it is black people. They should try it on the Jews…see Mel Gibson’s career? Where is it? *hold on I am looking for it*……or Chinese people…but the Chinese does not care since it is getting dollars and holding the US by the balls. But blacks, let it rain. Nonsensical cowards in actual skin uniform.

  • https://www.facebook.com/kelley.johnson.75436 Kelley Johnson

    Thank you. I grew up in a white neighborhood and white people wild out for Halloween and everyone knows it. I’ve seen white kids egg cars, toilet paper houses, put feces in a paper bag, light it up, and leave it on someone’s porch.

    The man is racist and had no business teaching students of color. He needs to be fired. If I had a child, no way would I sit back and let this man keep his job. He wouldn’t be teaching my kid anything.

  • 1Sewwhat


  • Bree

    It’s really sad that sum like this is teaching children. And once Chris Rock said that in his comedy routine, white people took it and ran!

  • http://www.lillian-mae.com Knotty Natural

    I’m sure his ‘friend’ never knew that the person they considered a ‘friend’ was actually a racist!

  • Nikkoli

    Maybe the kid didn’t want to take his chances getting shot by asking a white person to use their bathroom.

    If my two choices are:

    A) Possibly think a white person is armed & dangerous & will presume that I, as a black person, is going to rob them when I’m only asking to use their bathroom


    B) pee on a pole…

    I’m picking the pole.

  • KG

    I think it’s important to understand that a facebook friend does not equal a real friend. I have almost 500 fb friends, but I care about less than 50 of them, and they constitute mostly family and my few really good friends (and I would stay in contact with them without fb anyways).

    I never understood why people are willing to air their true thoughts and prejudices on a public site that continually make efforts to decrease people’s level of privacy. The most vitriolic statement I ever made on facebook was about how I was confused at how Amtrak tickets often cost more than plane tickets. So feel pretty confident in saying that my status won’t make it on the evening news or get me fired from my job.

    People need to understand that when your face and name are attached to offensive and insensitive statements it could get you in trouble.

  • Starla

    You have movies like Dangerous Minds and Blindside mesmerizing people into believing that these teachers are all saints ready to do their all for Black students. Well, we are seeing more and more that Hollywood fantasies and reality are far apart.

    Funny that the vast majority of Black students of excellence who have been featured this year on Clutch were home-schooled

  • Afrostyling

    And where did i justify him being a racist? Or are we going to act like there aren’t some people who come into your neighborhood and don’t know how to act right? It doesn’t matter the race, white, black,oompa loompa, na’vi, some people think its cool to treat things the way they treat theirs…like trash. Please go be offended somewhere else.

  • stellaxo

    more than being his friend, that person is a good person!

    i would like to think that i would do the same, had I been in that situation.

    i REALLY don’t know why we have such low, low standards for teachers. They very rarely get fired, it seems like a relatively easy field to enter (esp. in primary/secondary education; hence the American saying- “if you can’t do, teach”), teachers don’t necessarily have to take exams to keep their job/certification as some other professions do, and APPARENTLY, they hardly get fired! Even for highly immature (behavioral) actions against students (as this “man” did..what, 4 times before this incident?)

    This is REALLY a shame.
    The fact that he’s trying to justify himself after the fact is preposterous. And the fact he’s trying to give himself credit for not hiding “like other racists do”, when his friend referred his picture to the Akron News. I can’t even.

  • Anthony

    @Afrostyling, you are the one who sounds offended, not me. I just said that inappropriate behavior at Halloween is not limited to black youth. I said nothing to defend public urination. Public urination is not that uncommon, and no kid is going to be scarred for life because he or she witnessed it. As another poster said, if a kid is a long ways from a public restroom, I can see how it would happen.

  • https://plus.google.com/100884018613755378174 Dee Hines

    As someone that was aware of it before it went viral, there are a few messages being missed. One of his former students/facebook friends (a black female) took a screenshot of his message and posted it to her facebook account for discussion. A few of his other former students saw it and one of them told the news station about it.

    1. He knew he’d messed up, that’s why he deleted it and reworded it but the former student already had a screenshot.
    2. He posted because black people use it so indiscriminately he didn’t know it wasn’t ok. Then he posted to his personal facebook page that he hated how black people say it so much and should use another word.
    3. He then posted that he used to the n-word correctly because it means ignorance and who it was directed to was being ignorant.
    -Someone asked him if the kid were white would he still have chosen the same word and he deleted the post.
    4. He resorted to the good ol’ I have people of color as friends so I’m not racist and I’m harsher with white conservative males so I’m not racist.

  • stellaxo

    “I never understood why people are willing to air their true thoughts and prejudices on a public site that continually make efforts to decrease people’s level of privacy.”

    @KG: I disagree; I think this is a good thing! These people have to know that what they think is unacceptable. If it weren’t for social media OR this man had the ‘wisdom’ to keep his thoughts to himself, the children around him would likely hear him screaming these words or he would go around treating kids with this prejudice. And the process of getting him in trouble would be more difficult (he said, she said). Its vital that he posted it and that he experiences the negative reactions and consequences that come with it. In my eyes, being a closeted ‘smart’ racist is the exact same as being an outspoken, posting without hesitation on social media racist. We have to tackle the issue at the source and show people that this behavior is reprehensible and will not be tolerated. I still am confused as to how or why this teacher is merely suspended- as though he were a student himself. -___-

  • http://gravatar.com/keimia Kam

    It’s really sad that it’s taken Black people soooo long to even begin to understand this. How many generations have we lost to teachers who inwardly did not give two sh!ts about their students, who inwardly despised them and their race? We’ll never know, but I know we’re seeing part of it in the achievement gap.

  • myopinion

    Believable, I am a transplant to Ohio from Illinois to attend college. Racism is rampant in this state. I mean blatant. I even saw someone in a kkk costume last halloween.
    I am not surprised at this behavior. These people have no filter.

  • lea

    all of these racist just need to be bold and come out the closet . i never appreciate the ignorance of racists, but damn don’t irk me with your cowardice.

  • https://www.facebook.com/MsTracilynn Tracy Cooper

    Another SMH moment

  • https://www.facebook.com/MsTracilynn Tracy Cooper

    Another SMH moment

  • https://www.facebook.com/MsTracilynn Tracy Cooper

    Another SMH moment

  • https://www.facebook.com/MsTracilynn Tracy Cooper

    Another SMH moment

  • https://www.facebook.com/MsTracilynn Tracy Cooper

    Another SMH moment

  • https://www.facebook.com/MsTracilynn Tracy Cooper

    Another SMH moment

  • https://www.facebook.com/MsTracilynn Tracy Cooper

    Another SMH moment

  • BeanBean

    AAAHHHH his friend sold him out to the local news station!!! That’s what he gets. He thought he could say what he wanted and no one would confront him. Guess again!

  • LemonNLime

    No offense, but please don’t paint Ohio as being “rampant” with racism. As a born and raised Ohioan, we have the same problem any other state would have…including states on the coast, that like to pretend they are above it all (like these issues are only in the south and midwest).

  • https://www.facebook.com/ewmurphy84 Cindy Villatoro

    Teacher of the year award! Smh fire him!

  • https://www.facebook.com/ewmurphy84 Cindy Villatoro

    Teacher of the year award! Smh fire him!

  • https://www.facebook.com/ewmurphy84 Cindy Villatoro

    Teacher of the year award! Smh fire him!

  • https://www.facebook.com/ewmurphy84 Cindy Villatoro

    Teacher of the year award! Smh fire him!

  • https://www.facebook.com/ewmurphy84 Cindy Villatoro

    Teacher of the year award! Smh fire him!

  • https://www.facebook.com/ewmurphy84 Cindy Villatoro

    Teacher of the year award! Smh fire him!

  • https://www.facebook.com/ewmurphy84 Cindy Villatoro

    Teacher of the year award! Smh fire him!

  • pop goes the weasel

    This is my thought on this: “Only a fool would let his enemy teach his children.” – Malcolm X

    And that’s why I can’t enroll my kids in just any old public or private school system. But that’s just me, and I’m not there yet so I hope I have the option of homeschooling or finding tutors to my liking for my kids.

  • Whitney’s Receipts

    “Making any excuse for allowing one race to use a word and condemning another race for using the same word is institutionalized racism in and of itself, regardless of the justification used.”

    Yes, black people are the real racists for reclaiming the N word and using it. *Rolling my eyes*

  • Lya

    While it is obvious that this man may be a bit prejudice and insane, he is entitled to his opinion. From what I have seen posted of facebook recently he has plenty of ammo for his words. Have you seen worldstarhiphop. It paints black people in the worse light possible and who is the one recording it, black people. People can say what they want but I had to videos in my feed last week that I did not see coming, I could not even finish watching the video. I saw children who could not even read say the most disgusting things to each other. The other one with adults rooting on children dancing like strippers on the lawn, and the one with little kids dancing together like a reggae video. I tried to report it but was told it was not against policy. So unless we stop looking like lunatics that need to stop procreation, we can except this type of stuff to be the norm. I homeschool so I don’t have to worry about this idiot teaching my kid. I have seen the looks that some of the workers have on their face when they see the little kids come in. They actually show you their disgust they do not even realize the they are doing it, but I notice.

  • cam

    But why is he still teaching though if he has all these incidents aganist students?

  • SJ

    I know. These schools won’t fire a teacher for any reason.

  • Rochelle

    Please shut your mouth. I am tired of stupid people like yourself that throw dirt on teachers when things like this happen in the minority, not the majority of classrooms situations. Stuff like this is posted about ‘bad teachers” regularly because of sensationalism and propaganda. The idiotic masses, such as yourself, cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is media manipulation. “Those that can’t do” huh? Do you tell that to your children? If so, you sound like a great parent! LOL. People like you make teacher’s jobs harder because they have “dog sh^t for brains” parents, so the little devils come to school not respecting their teachers or education. No wonder we are last in the world when it comes to education. And fyi, teachers HAVE to take a number of professional hours EVERY YEAR, to maintain their licensure. Licensed teachers, you know the ones that are required to work in public schools, have to past test and obtain licensure to be teachers. So it is not as easy breezy as you make it. The ones that tout these private schools and charter schools ALSO tout less requirements for teachers. Most teachers in private and public schools, don’t even have to be licensed! Guess you didn’t know that did you? Therefore, so and so principal can put their out of work cousin in a classroom as a teacher and the parents will be none the wiser that someone total unqualified is teaching their child. So I say all this to say that you don’t know what you are talking about. Stay in your lane. You are a fool.

  • Rochelle

    Best thing to do is not to join facebook in the first place. I’m not on there because I couldn’t care less about distant family and old high school friends. They have their lives and I have mine.

  • Rochelle

    Best thing to do is to not join facebook in the first place. I’m not on there. I couldn’t care less about distant family and old high school friends. They have their live and I have mine.

  • Rochelle

    What students are these? You are making up stories. Homeschool is not better, active parents are better. If the parents would be active in their children’s education this teacher would not still be in this school in the first place. He would have been long fired. But the parents don’t care to even know who is teaching their child for 6 hours of the day. Think about it.

  • Rochelle

    Jews own worldstarhiphop. Think about it.

  • Tina

    Linking with a person on FB doesn’t make them a “friend” anymore than reading the posts of someone on Twitter makes one a “follower.” There is not privacy on FB. For starters, once one person comments or likes a post/pic it goes out to the entire universe of that person’s “friends.”

    I hope this is a teachable moment for the students in that area. As much as we preach to kids about their social media behavior, he had to be a dimwit to post something likes this. One of my relatives has been a teacher for decades & I remember back in the day she wouldn’t go to local nightclubs w/ my aunties because she always wanted to be careful about how she presented herself to the her students, and the families of her students. She knew her behavior outside the classroom could impact her job & the level of respect she would receive.

  • bigyaz

    He didn’t tell that one particular “nigger” who pissed on the telephone pole to stay away.

    He didn’t tell any person who would piss on the telephone pole to stay away.

    He specifically told “niggers” — all of them — to stay away. That, sir, is blatant racism.

  • Tori

    Two things on this:

    1) Why hasn’t this guy been FIRED yet?

    2) Why do racists think they can get away with demonstrating their bigotry on social networks?

  • i’m sleep tho…

    he needs to be fired…i need more info on him to write the school cuz this shit is just beyond…

    i’m getting real tired of white ppl.

  • scary101

    Have you watched the YouTube videos? Wow! Mr. Herron blames the court system and the child’s Mother, for his sons supposed rant. Mr. Spondike should run as far as he can from Mr. Herron. You are the company you keep and using your child to to take the fall is sicking.

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