Omarosa and Bethenny Frankel got into a heated discussion on the latter’s talk show today in a discussion about their careers and white privilege.

The twosome have been at odds for three years and during this segment, their feud came to a head. Omarosa suggested that Bethenny’s success can be attributed to her white privilege. “It’s different for you and I,” Omaraosa said. “I am an African-American woman. You get to walk around and be mediocre and you still get rewarded with things. We have to be exceptional to get anything in this business.”

When the audience responded by boo-ing, Omarosa softened up a bit, saying that Bethenny’s talk show is a great achievement. In return, Bethenny pointed out that Omarosa earned $10,000 from an earlier bet.

They traded jabs about Bethenny’s brand (Omarosa quipped “you make cupcakes, I worked in the White House”) and the potential for reconciliation (Bethenny remarked that they don’t have a chance to turn things around).

Check the video below:


Do you agree with Omarosa’s comments?


  • Defender Falls

    Omarosa is a moron!

  • Shay Brown

    Her delivery may have been wrong, but I can’t say that I disagree with her.

  • Dawn Melissa Coe

    Bethenny Frankel worked her ass off. On all her reality shows she wasn’t the angry bitch yelling at other women, she was working her products and finding an angle. White woman will always have a leg up, but I can’t hate on someone on their grind!

  • Raqibah Jones

    Yeah, Omarosa went it on Bethany I felt bad that she didn’t have a good comeback.

  • Doris Tompkins

    Omarosa’s smarts made her ignorant. Instead of using the show as a platform to convey black women in a positive light, she chose to bash Bethenny’s success on her own show…..IDIOT!! Mind you she has to take $10k gigs to make some money…..IDIOT!!

  • Yasmine V. Young

    Lol but she’s right!

  • Kai Tahira

    A mess!!

  • Lisa Thomas

    Omarosa set us back a decade in under 10 minutes by being combative for no reason other than she likes it.

  • Lisa Thomas

    And so her racist pimp Donald Trump I mean Donald Needsa Dump

  • Lois Thompson

    Bethany came from family money and was a socialite. She used her money, privilege and position in life to start a business, get a reality show and now a talk show. Omarosa didn’t need to put her on blast like that, especially on her own show.

  • Lois Thompson

    Bethany came from family money and was a socialite. She used her money, privilege and position in life to start a business, get a reality show and now a talk show. Omarosa didn’t need to put her on blast like that, especially on her own show.

  • Robin Taylor

    Its one thing acknowledging a social ill that has given white people privilege over everyone else. Its another doing so in a manner that is disrespectful and disgraceful. Omarosa conducted herself in an unprofessional ignorant way and instead of her articulating a very true fact within our culture. She instead jeopardized the argument itself.

    Not to mention her hypocrisy. She has used used a stereotype of black female bitch to prop her “career” and become some poster child for black bitch. Yet, she criticizes Bethenny for advantages that she probably isn’t aware that she has.

    Most white people are oblivious to their privilege, but when its presented in an intelligent articulate manner how being white has benefited them, perhaps it opens eyes and hearts. Omarosa doesn’t speak for black woman and as long as she puts on that “Black Bitch Act to me she is no better than a one woman minstrel show.

  • Jamie Harney

    I overheard the show from my office this morning, and had to run to the tv to see the look on Bethenny’s face! Hilarious!

  • Jamie Harney

    I overheard the show from my office this morning, and had to run to the tv to see the look on Bethenny’s face! Hilarious!

  • Barbara Ann

    Omarosa’s buffoonery antics has once again shined a bright light on “the angry black woman”. She is a straight up mess and going on someone’s talk show to “try” and show up the host was totally uncalled for and unnecessary. Speaking on behalf of the black woman and doing it is such a manner just threw fuel on an already smoldering fire. I can’t stand her trifling ass…

  • Me

    Ms. O need to get a grip. Too many people think the only way to make yourself look good is by making somebody else look bad, and now she just look like a fool.

    Oh, and p.s. if the only way people know your brand is by knowing you, then you ain’t got no damn brand. It ain’t a brand if it can’t survive your death.

  • jade

    Omarosa is an idiot. I cant hate on Bethany for what she accomplished. Omarosa is uncouth.

  • Naomi Eagle

    And they wonder why people call black women bitter. We got bitches like this gettin airtime.

  • Apple

    No lies detected. I remember when I saw Bethany I was like they cancelled Ricki Lake for this shit? Bethany is a basic ass housewife who got lucky

  • Belle

    These 2520s who came to this website to troll cannot handle the truth

  • Guest1234

    Aannndd. Boom! Omarosa kicked Bethanny all over that stage. She was 100% right. I loved watching every second of it. And the faces on the women in the audience were PRICELESS. They were so damn mad that some black woman came on the show and told them the God’s honest TRUTH. They know damn well they ain’t worth a fraction of what they get from this society. lol.

    We all know how Omarosa got her claim to fame, and love her or hate her, every damn word she said was true. Bethanny knows damn well she’s at best mediocre. She just mad because somebody said so out loud. It was so refreshing to hear some truth. Hallelujah! I loved it!

  • jay cee

    Omarosa is a vibrant, super intelligent lady who is confident in who she is. She is unafraid and that makes a lot of people nervous. I saw that program, as I am always excited to see Omarosa. If people are going to be honest, it was Bethany who started with the innuendos first. Omarosa just “sat her down.” Bethenny said she would pay Omarosa $10,000 if O could show where Bethenny made a certain remark. Upon back-checking, it was found that Bethenny had actually made the remark. She has to honor her word. What the hell is a brand anyway?” If she was on the Apprentice with Omarosa, she certainly was not a stand-out because I never even heard of a Bethenny until this show. Omarose was right in everything she said. Bethenny was on the defensive, being mean-spirited, and catty. She even kept the catty going after Omarosa left. If you want to dish it out Bethenny, you have to be able to take it.

  • Carolyn Williams


  • 9Boots

    @ Belle

    I understand that 2520 is referring to Becky but please do explain the 2520 code for us that are not in the know.

  • Deb


  • heavenleiblu

    @Boots, count the letters in the alphabet and take note of 25 and 20.

  • Phillygurl

    LOL, first Wendy, now Bethenny, Omarosa is no joke. Why hosts talk junk about someone then invite that person on their show is beyond me but it is obvious that Omarosa will call you on it and read you for filth on your own show. She helped Wendy get ratings, so I guess it will do the same for Bethenny’s fledgling show.

  • Lisa V Brooks

    Omarosa may have a point but she is not the one to make it.

  • 9Boots

    Oooooh! Thank you for enlightening me.

  • binks

    LOL at people booing, I guess the truth hurts. Was she lying? No. I personally like Omarosa (yes, she can be over the top) but she is very smart and accomplished in her own right plus I like how she doesn’t smile and grin to be the “acceptable” Negro either you love her or hate her. I remember Bethenny from Real Housewives of NYC and I still can’t figure out why she was the so called “break out star” yeah she had a good business and branded an empire but she isn’t extraordinary in her accomplishments…shrugs

  • S Heather-Gurl Green

    Omarosa has a major chip on her shoulder! Wrong platform 4 tis conversation

  • Akosua

    I love Omarosa because she is not afraid of white people. She calls them out on their game when most black people in show business dance around it. And she does it with such eloquence. This is also why the white collective have vilified her. They have done such a great job that they have black people spewing derogatory comments about her. So yes I agree with her. I in fact, I told a white male upper manager that he got his position because of white privilege. He was stumped. I presumed that no black person had ever said that to him. He had no comeback b/c it was the truth (no credentials etc).

  • V

    She didn’t earn $10,000 from her appearance fee, earlier in the show Bethany bet Omarosa $10,000 that she didnt say on The View that she had a real career and Omarosa did not. Thats where the argument and all the shade came from. Bethany was trying to deny she said that and at the break they pulled up the transcript and she did in fact say it.

  • stellaxo

    I don’t think Omarosa was bashing her -____-

    Why did Bethenny bring her onto the show? Apparently there was beef between the two that was not settled before Bethenny casted Omarosa. Omarosa simply (I think this was an appropriate move) voiced that it hurt her that Bethenny talked bad about her in public when she thought they were friends, and that it was in bad taste to do so, especially on the View, where one of the hosts is a very good friend of hers.
    …whats wrong with that? very honest & straightforward, and voicing those sentiments is the only way 2 people can move on and have a decent convo (which I’m not sure was what Bethenny wanted)

    After this, all Bethenny brought out all of the cheap shots.
    Bethenny would have had more respect for me if she
    a) did not deny that she said what she said
    b) after denying it so strongly, did not immediately stand by those words
    c) after someone tells you that you hurt them with your words, either apologize (is it really that big of a deal? seems like bethennys pride of being a businesswoman has gone to her head…) or just explain nicely why you wanted to differentiate yourself from another businesswoman.
    d) didn’t keep asking what her “brand” was, as if that is the marker for success. Omarosa went to college, later worked in the White House. Does a lawyer, a pediatrician, a teacher need a brand to be seen as successful? Kim K has a “brand,” and I still won’t see her in a dignified manner.

    i just don’t like the cattiness “we were never friends in the first place”– are we in the 3rd grade?
    and I think its quite hypocritical, for bethenny, who is supposedly all about helping women start and maintain businesses/ women empowerment, to bad talk another woman in the industry who’s doing her own thing. She needs to go back to RH. Part of being a tv host is interviewing people you’re not crazy about; show that you’re mature.

  • stellaxo

    And this is coming from a Bethenny fan- was never really a huge fan of Omarosa.

    When you have a *big* mouth, and want to bet big money, you better pay up. Who can’t remember words they said to disrespect another woman? Who is denying that they ever said it? Who put up the bet of 10,000? I don’t think it says anything of Omarosa’s character to take the money, and she stated the exact cause it would be going to if you watched the vid.

  • Mmmgood

    Bethenny, who? That right there was the Omarosa Show.

    I have always liked her, and she was telling the truth, especially about being white, mediocre, and gaining success from it.

  • kam

    I can respect O. She is a direct communicator. I can see why some people may think she comes off aggressive, especially when you are not used to dealing with someone with a direct style of communication as opposed to passive-aggressive. She is both intelligent and unafraid. The fact that she can go on someone else’s show and not allow her name or “brand” to be compromised, instead of taking the easy way out and smiling/being catty while someone ever so subliminally comes for your jugular…is applaud worthy. Everything she said held merit. Just because she was invited to the show doesn’t mean she should’ve showed up skinning and grinning and fake as a 4 dollar bill. Cmon people!

  • Joan

    Omarosa is a perfect example of someone who has all of the equipment to play the game, but her mistake is that she lets the game play her. She’s extremely bright, good looking, well educated, but she has not mastered the art of charm. There is a way to convey all of the messages that she wants to convey without coming off as the enemy. Yes, it is definitely harder for black women. Yes, Bethenny is mediocre. Instead of saying that directly, come on the show and show the audience how mediocre Bethenny is by winning them over with CHARM. Be nice and tactful, keep the attention on what you bring to the table that is enriching and throw a little wicked wit in every now and then. Give them a little bad, but not enough to hate you. Don’t say everything that is on your mind; allude to certain things so that people can find out more about you when they read your book. If you are charming, you can be “bad” and still have a lot of people on your side. Maintain mystery, but exude warmth. If she can find a way to master that, THEN she will be a brand.

  • Phillygurl

    Exactly, the first video should be included. Not only did Bethenny deny it and was wrong, but when it was proven that she did say sly remarks about Omarosa on the View when she was supposed to be her friend, she said she meant every word of it and they weren’t friends to begin with. People can call Omarosa angry all day, but she didn’t raise her voice, rolls her eyes, twitch her neck or lift a finger. She read Bethenny without breaking a sweat and told the truth. But even when they are dead wrong, others (by that I mean mostly white women) know how to play helpless victim.

  • noirluv45

    Don’t start none, won’t be none. Bethanny called first blood on “The View.” She invited O to the show. O handed her behind to her, and that’s what happens when you talk out the side of your mouth sometimes.

    Don’t be mad at her for telling the truth.

  • noirluv45

    “Most white people are oblivious to their privilege, but when its presented in an intelligent articulate manner how being white has benefited them, perhaps it opens eyes and hearts.”

    Have you ever heard of Tim Wise? If not, Google him if you will. He’s a White man who schools White people on White privilege. Let me know if you’ve ever school a White person on their privilege and they’ve all of a sudden became enlightened.

    The days of the Step N Fetchet Negro are gone. All this, “We gotta go easy on them so we don’t hurt their itty bitty feelings,” is lame because trust and believe WHEN THEY HAVE SOMETHING NEGATIVE TO SAY ABOUT US, THEY DO, and they DON’T APOLOGIZE. It’s time to stop boot licking!

    BTW, Bethanny got her ass handed to her because her mouth wrote a check her behind couldn’t cash. That’s what happens sometimes when you talk sideways about people.

    Black folks kill me defending yt.

  • BlackBeauty

    I think Omarosa and Bethenny are rowing in the same talent-less boat.
    What talent does Omarosa have? Please someone tell me!
    And Bethenny is just such a joke. How she got so lucky is beyond me! Trying to shake her lil behind is not going to get it in my opinion. She is just off! No real talent to speak of!
    Perhaps she and Bethenny can dream up something marketable, but until then, they both need to sit-down!

  • Phillygurl

    Who is “us”, Omarosa speaks for no one but herself. She is an individual who obviously doesn’t feel the need to dance a gig to get along, especially with a person who has disrespected her, industry or not.

  • lea

    her brand was good enough for a booking though

  • My Name is My Name

    Did you hear Omarosa say she worked in the White House? I am willing to bet that not just any ol’ body can work in the White House.

  • Nic

    Plus not that Omarosa seems to be struggling but white women do get paid when they act crazy on TV. Being the crazy white chick doesn’t hurt you like being the angry black woman.
    Why does Bethenny have a show? Let’s forget her business. She is a talk show host who is totally uncharismatic and has no background in journalism, acting, comedy or any other area that can lend itself to being a good TV host or hostess.

  • Nic

    Why is it we were set back to Omarosa but white women aren’t set back by trash like the Kardashians or obnoxious women like Bethanny (or really the majority of the women on those reality shows).
    That is white privilege for sure. You may not like the messenger but Omarosa isn’t lying.

  • Tee

    Oh no! My thumb slipped as I was reading the comments! I didn’t mean to “report!”

  • Non-woman policer

    Bethenny is not mediocre. Her show is actually kinda cool. And if you watched today’s episode then you will see that both of them made valid points but Omarosa is still a winch.

  • Ronnique Lippett

    I like Omarosa

  • Ronnique Lippett

    When you bring fuel to the fire… Don’t get mad when you get burnt… Bethany burns a lot of bridges with people. But if someone clearly doesn’t like you, they aren’t going to be nice in any situation.. So why even have Omarosa on the show?… Oh wait so Bethany can humiliate her, she knew how Omarosa acts and it makes her look better when Omarosa says the things she say.

  • Chinaworld

    For those of you who oppose Omarosa’s view and/or delivery, you obviously have not set out to achieve much in life, especially in America. If you have a manager, supervisor, or boss tied to your salary, please refrain from speaking.

  • Knotty Natural

    The only way that could happen is if were looking for their approval; we aren’t. Speak for yourself.

  • Befree


    CUT AND PASTE “Omarosa vs. Bethenny: The $10,000 Feud” ON YOUTUBE AND SEE THE BEGINNING…

    Basically, a few years ago Bethenny shaded Omarosa on The View. They bet whether or not Bethenny made a comment for $ 10,000 dollars. Well, she did…. from there it went downhill and the conversation turned to white privilege. Say what you will about Omarosa, she will come for you if you insult her.
    I really don’t know what Bethany was thinking..

  • L


  • L


  • lil ray

    Omarosa you wont have the kind of success in life you think that you deserve simply because you are unlikable, nothing else nothing more its all your nasty attitude not because your a black woman.

  • geenababe

    I don’t like Omarosa she falls into that ABW stereotype a lot but I admire her for standing her ground and speaking her position. What she was saying was true and she didn’t sugar coat it because of the host and her audience. Bethanny needs to remember what she sates in the past because she was bust out cold and then try to flip and said she stands by what she said. If you stand by what you said you would remember what you had said at first when you were asked.

  • Tina Waters

    I’m sure her talk show won’t be around in a year however because of white privilege she will be given other opportunities that successful, smart and well known black women won’t. Simply because they aren’t white.
    Omarosa hit it out of the park on this one.

  • L

    Oh, but her TV rating are mediocre

  • B

    What do you mean the ABW stereotype? Black women don’t have a right to ALL of our emotions like any other group of women? Where was she angry? No yelling, no cursing..

    Why does the problem have to be Omarosa rather than the people who are stereotyping us as ABW? Why are you so concerned about what people who stereotype us think? It is not Black people job to dispels stereotypes about us, it’s the people who are stereotyping who have the problem.

  • B

    She simply defended herself to a woman who insulted her. Some people aren’t use to seeing a Black woman drag a white woman on TV…. shocks the system… but you will be okay.

  • Akeia

    There are a lot of things that make me uncomfortable with this conversation and the comments on this site.

    1. I felt like Bethanny brought Omarosa onto the show with her mostly white audience to further vilify her. Of course the audience was going to boo her because they are all fans of Bethanny and being white, they probably don’t understand and/or accept their privilage.

    2. What Omarosa said is true. White privilage allows them to be medicore and still be “successful”. I don’t know who Bethanny is, so I can’t speak to whether she is mediocre or not. But this concept is nothing new. I remember my mom having a conversation with me when I was very young about having to be at least 2x better than them in order to be as successful as them. Let’s not fool ourselves ladies.

    3. I wish that y’all would stop with this ABW foolishness! Any black woman who speaks her mind is classified as angry and it is dumb and ridiculous and a source of other people’s discomfort with our strength. What did Omarosa do that makes her angry? She never raised her voice, snapped her fingers or threatened. She spoke intellegently and gracefully in a situation that was a no win for her. We are NOT angry because we voice our opinions! Again, stop fooling yourselves and buying into what others told you is an acceptable way for you to act as a black woman. We are strong and nothing less!

    Y’all need to stop defending this woman who seems to have been the cause of the drama between them anyway. Why would you bring someone onto your show who you talked about and then sit there and say that you will never move past this dispute. Grow up, if you don’t like someone then don’t like them. Don’t bring them onto you show or into your life just to try to make them look bad. Bethanny is petty and immature from what I can tell.

  • Sheila-Williams Russell

    Omarosa spoke the truth! Why should anyone be shocked that white people don’t see what we live and are treated in this society???

  • geenababe


    Never said she was angry on this segment but there is many times where she becomes combative when it never called for. Many times on the Apprentice and to other black women that why most people don’t like her. I understand that the ABW stereotype is overused when it comes to stereotypes but let’s not act like there isn’t any black women who may fit into that stereotype or may play into that stereotype. I feel Omarosa does feed into it sometimes because it’s what people wants to see as she has said before and it keeps her getting booked for reality shows so she can stay in the limelight.

  • J.Nicole

    Omarosa is a smart woman and obviously all of her traits, which media (white America) would find appealing in a white man become negative for her. She’s ultimately a b*tch or an Angry Black Female.

    First, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with showing a range of emotion. But more often it’s someone being passionate about a cause they believe in, or their own image and it’s labeled as “angry” when it’s not. What she said was right. We all know this, but that platform wasn’t the one to have this discussion. A bunch of middle aged white women who are most likely desperate housewives don’t want to hear this. They want to remain in their bubble so they don’t realize how mediocre they (not all) are. I think both of these ladies may have known what they were doing for ratings sake.

  • Tina

    Omarosa is bItchy. It has nothing to do with being black. She just is. Her fiance seemed to soften her a bit but without him I guess she’s just back to being that way. Reminds me of people who post blogs about how people don’t like them because of how real they keep it. You’re not real; you’re rude.

  • Guest1234


    That’s what stereotypes ARE. They’re a method of control. When they got us tap dancing from one foot to the next trying to avoid being stereotyped, then they’ve won. Calling black women angry is an attempt to silence us. It’s foolish to let them. They can SAY whatever they want, but they can’t stop ME (or, in this case, Omarosa) from speaking the truth. How silly of these folks who haven’t figured that one out yet.

    Stereotypes are developed to control you and keep you silent. You give them power by trying to gain favor with the idiots who are doing the stereotyping. Don’t be a tool folks.

  • UgoBabeeeee

    and what happened when you told him? y did you tell him? were yall fighting? lolllll!!!

  • ScriptTease

    @B…” Shocks the system”… You ain’t never lied. They same reason they keep Black Beauty hidden. White women cannot handle it.

  • UgoBabeeeee


  • ScriptTease

    They was hoping she was going to pull a Tom Cruise by jumping all over the seats, hence the Angry Black Woman. I’m glad she checked that ho’. Any change White Women get, they try to embarrass a Black Woman in a passive-aggressive manner.

  • ScriptTease

    White Women know they can get away with a lot of isht, being on that high pedestal in all.

  • ScriptTease

    So what you’re saying is she should’ve set up there grinning like a Black Chesire Cat, and let this Bethanny chick come at her sideways?

  • ScriptTease

    …. only White Women and Uncle Tomasinas would think so.

  • ScriptTease

    I’m glad for Omorosa, we shouldn’t have to bow down to these White [feel in the blank]. They’re always on their pedestal, so we walk on egg shells to make them feel comfortable…. I’m sorry but I ain’t the one.

  • ScriptTease

    …and why do you think Bethenny brought Omarosa to her show. To make amends, or to attempt to embarrass her in a subtle way?

  • jazo

    Omarosa is saying what many of us want to say but don’t be the platform. Hey, I’m glad she got away with it. Don’t particularly like her but she is right. We have to exceptional or no one will listen, and when we are exceptional, we are still judged at a higher standard. Look at Miley Cyrus. She is a disgrace but they don’t demonize her, they understand she is trying to express herself. Now, Rihanna is just a slut. Isn’t she just trying to express herself? It’s a white, white world we live in.

  • Lis

    oh, no.. that was the absolute MOST appropriate forum to “put her on blast” and check her attitude. Not only did Bethenny publicly belittle her using someone else’s platform, she consistently attempted to do the same using her show. She needs to take it as a lesson learned and not go after an opponent more powerful than herself.

  • Eye Candy

    And Omarosa didn’t lie honey.
    Bethenny keeps speaking about having a brand but most people who do not watch Bravo dont even know who she is so Barfenny may have a seat.
    Dont throw shade when your show is about to be cancelled honey. Omarosa read her for filth.

  • Marcia Nelson

    I was shocked and appalled at Omarosa behavior. What really did me in is that she had the nerve to say after all her rant that they had an opportunity to leave things in the past. How could Bethany leave any thing in the past, with the unprofessional and disrespectful manner tirade.

  • Miss A

    HA! Bethanny needs to take many seats and be humble with her little show. I am not a huge fan of Omarosa, but boy did she shut Bethanny down! She is right also and if Bethanny wasn’t half decent looking skinny and white, she wouldn’t have the talk show.

  • RJ

    I find the fact that everyone keeps branding Omarosa as unlikable. They are not pointing out that Bethany was and is considered very unlikable and loud and bitchy as well.

    White privilege indeed.

  • lauren b.

    Omarosa is that person. she is arrogant, un-likeable,vein. argumentative, has a superiority complex,confrontational, negative,angry,self righteous, and this brand she speaks of having? is it a new brand of B*tch? I couldn’t watch the apprentice because of her and I thought she has disappeared but when she reared her caustic head ( just in time for Halloween may I add) I thought OMG no! and sure enough within seconds, she insulted the host on their own show, and began her tireless rant of insults and bad behaviour. when is she going to learn? Please do us a favor and go away.. … or take an anger management course and spend some time in therapy.

  • Leo

    Since you stated it this way in describing Omarosa, Bethenny has the same personality, with the exception that Omarosa never played the victim like Bethenny has.

  • SayWhat

    I almost fell out my chair when Omarosa told her with a straight face ‘you make cupcakes’. I would have said ‘bitch please, you don’t have a brand’, but that Omarosa is a classy dame. LOL.

  • lea

    soooooo bethenny wasn’t bitchy when she referred to omarosa behind her back as a prostitute because she was caught in her own lie and had to pay up?

  • Lauren

    I saw the entire interview and was turned off when Bethanny kept denying that she said that Omarosa hasn’t achieved anything. Omarosa insisted that Bethanny said it and she should own up to it. Then, what I thought was a very tacky move and wreaked of entitlement, Bethanny said that she would give Omarosa $10K, if Omarosa could prove that Bethanny threw shade. Sure enough, Bethanny had to eat crow when her assistant gave her the transcript from the View and Bethanny said exactly what Omarosa claimed she said.

    The fact that Bethanny challenged Omarosa with $10K was tacky. It was like she was waving her money in Omarsoa’s face, like the bet was going to make Omarosa back down. Reminded me of when Mitt Romney bet Rick Perry $10K during one of the republican debates. Tacky. Seems like rich people like to wave their money in someone’s face for leverage. Bethanny better be careful, she’s new money, and we know how people have a track record of blowing through their new money.

    Maybe it would’ve been less tacky if Bethanny would’ve said that she would give $10K to a charity of Omarosa’s choice, and also apologized for consistently denying that she threw shade. No matter, Omarosa handled it.

  • Leo

    Omarosa is quite the opposite, maybe you meant to say that Bethenny is uncouth. I find Bethenny to be quite vulgar, and uncouth regardless of her brand. But I guess white women would see that as a strength.

  • Keepingitreal

    Bethenny kept telling Omarosa, “You’re infamous” which is an insult. Yet the headline is Omarosa called Bethenny “mediocre”. Sounds like privilege to me.

  • Me

    Getting booked don’t make you a brand. That makes you ONE person with ONE gig. Let’s see the “Omarosa” brand make money after she dies… doubt it. Cuz she ain’t a damn brand. She’s an individual that people know. Big diff. Everybody throwing that word around cuz they think it sound cool, but it sound stupid and getting overused in the wrong way.

  • Me

    Please. Omarosa looked and sounded like a grade A B*. A bunch of women walk around thinking the only way you get respect is by disrespecting other people. It’s tacky. If Bethany came for her, that don’t make it a good reason to sink to her level. Now it’s 2 B’s on one couch. Who won? Not Omarosa who was just a plain ole guest.

  • Pseudonym

    Bethenny did NOT come from money and actually had a difficult, troubled childhood with a father who ditched her and didn’t pay child support and a drunk mother.

    BUT the fact that you make that assumption just provides more proof of white privilege. Just bc she’s white, you assume she’s some socialite who came from money. Those same kind of assumptions are how she- a single woman- ended up on the “Housewives” show in the first place.

  • bgrits

    Umm your wrog because Bethenny struggled all of her life and I;m not mad at her come up. Omarosa is a friend to no one especially black women. Bethenny said she would give the money and it was no big deal to her because she is worth over $100 million dollars. Omarosa’s brand is being a bitch pure and simple. She forgets to mention that they asked her to leave the White House and yeah Bethenny made cupcakes and is now a multi-millionaire and Omarosa is still playing the role of the “Angry Black Bitch”. Now if any other black woman made the comment about “black women have to try harder..blah..blah” then it would be credible but Omarosa played the race card. Why should Bethenny get in it with a silly bitch like Omarosa when Omarosa “cooned” and played herself all by herself.

  • bgrits

    I agree with Lisa . I don;t agree with bitches especially black bitches who would cut you as much as look at you cause we all know that Omarosa tried that shit with wendy and wendy has a career and omorosa happy to get invited on people’s shows.

  • noirluv45


  • noirluv45

    @Me, well since you see them as “two B’s sitting on a couch,” and you assess Bethenny as “winning,” I assume you are one of those boot licking Negroes who walk around all high and mighty thinking your shyt don’t stink or your a white like Bethanny and choose to defend her. Either way, you are pathetic to say the least. YES, Omarosa put Bethenny in her place. Sorry, it wasn’t to YOUR like, Queen Me, but she did, and you are on some rant about it. I’m sure if it was the other way around, your lips wouldn’t be flapping. She wasn’t yelling, screaming or anything like that. Apparently you are white washed as you choose to talk sideways about O. Girl bye!

  • shlbsh

    Omarosa is an attractive, self-possessed, exceptionally shrewd woman. The same privilege that paved the way for Bethanny’s talk show is the same privilege that caused Bethanney to underestimate Omarosa.

    Bethanny miscalulated. She thought that because she could run rhetorical cirlces around those nincompoop Housewife castmates of hers, she could do the same with Omarosa. She was also probably betting that getting Omarosa on her turf would force an error. Instead, Omorosa maintained her composure, and told Bethanny the truth about herself. She may not have had the support of the audience, but she put Bethanny on notice. Bethanny literally gulped in response to Omarosa’s mediocity comment.

    I haven’t always been a fan of the public persona that Omarosa has crafted for herself, but she’s certainly no dummy, and she is most definitely not here to be humilated or walked all over.

    Now, I want Omarosa to leverage all of those connections from the White House and academia, make like Judy Smith, start a fabulous PR/crisis/talent management firm, and get the hell off of reality tv.

  • MimiLuvs

    “…The fact that Bethanny challenged Omarosa with $10K was tacky. It was like she was waving her money in Omarsoa’s face, like the bet was going to make Omarosa back down. Reminded me of when Mitt Romney bet Rick Perry $10K during one of the republican debates. Tacky. Seems like rich people like to wave their money in someone’s face for leverage…”

    And it is not just “rich people” as well.
    I know a few individuals (and there are few who leave comments on here) who are “Average Joes and Janes” who have that same mindset.
    They love to throw out the “Well, they are getting paid!” whenever they cannot find a good rebuttal for either their poor behavior/their favorite celebrity’s poor behavior.
    I always like to point out that their neighborhood drug dealers are “getting paid” too!

  • EbonyLolita

    I hear what your saying but that is a form of COONING!!! She needs to turn who she IS into her brand & I think she’s done that. It may not be folks cup of tea but it’s who she is. Everybody can’t be suzy sunshine. We’ll leave that to the fake Yt women who slander black women on tv shows. Bethanny tried to bring O on that show to DEMEAN & EMBARRASS HER!!! When she saw O wasn’t going for it she attempted to engage the audience into slandering her but I noticed how they ALL fell back when O pulled FACTS out her knapsack!

  • Common Sense

    I agree wholeheartedly with Omarosa, she is speaking the truth!!!!! It does not take a rocket scientist to see that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Common Sense

    So glad Omarosa spoke her mind!!! It is refreshing to see that not all of the blacks you see on tv are uncle toms and aunt bettys, like wendy williams and a few others. I would rather watch a talk show with omarosa at the helm than ww. And why are people even watching Bethanny in the first place?

  • WhatIThink

    I guess I will get negative comments for this but don’t you see that this is fake. Omorosa has made a “career” of being controversial every since she was on the Donald Trump reality show. What has she done since then but made money off of that confrontational/controversial act. If she was so serious for black women being empowered she would have built something by now seeing as she has all these degrees. Talking does nothing to address the issues if all you are going to do is talk. But then again, check her resume and you will see that pretty much her education and career is based around 1) communications (talking) and 2) being controversial. And now she wants to be a minister so she can talk some more.

    So in reality she being paid to be controversial at this point. Anyone who thinks this isn’t scripted or wasn’t done to get ratings is delusional. Black folks need to get over these fake talking heads who are good at gabbing but don’t really go out and fight anything.

  • rhea

    If I could give you 1000 thumbs up, I would! You are so spot on. Don’t believe the hype, people.

  • Natasha Nicholson

    I love Omarosa for that comment. She is 100% correct and I see it in the workplace all the where people of color are concerned.

    Correction….I see it in the workplace all the time where african americans are concerned – both men and women.

    This is why I hate when black women kick each other in the back in the workplace. We expect it from others.

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