UPDATE — 3:19 PM EST, 10/24/2013

Nasheed reached out to Clutch Magazine and expressed concerns about this particular quote from my article:

“Nasheed is a man who normalizes sexual exploitation and human-trafficking through pimp tactics meant to teach Black men how to possess women, while denying the existence of the very male privilege he is so desperately trying to assert.”

He believes that I am saying that he is either a pimp or engages in human-trafficking. He also believes the statement to be libelous.

Both of those beliefs are false.

For clarification: Mr. Nasheed, to my knowledge, is neither a pimp nor a human-trafficker. It is my opinion that he normalizes sexual exploitation and human-trafficking via pimp tactics.

This is the synopsis of Nasheed’s book, The Mack Within:

The Art of Mackin’ was the first book of rules for players—from overcoming fears of getting dissed to spotting a stank dead on. Now the expert on mackin’ is back with the ultimate straight-up guide for every mack and mack-wannabe. Whether he’s after ass or cash, trying to spit game at a Benz-driving Diamond Girl or a street-tough Copper Chick, or if he’s just tired of being coochie-whipped, it’s time to open up this book and unlock the time-tested secrets of the pimp game.

Here are two further examples that led me to my opinion: Listen to Nasheed’s podcasts “Inside The Mind of a Trick” and “Interview With a Former Pimp: Rosebudd Bitterdose.”

The Illinois Department of Human Services says this about the Language of Human-Trafficking:

Media and pop culture has normalized the word “pimp” and made it into a common term, that to youth implies someone that is not explicitly exploiting others for economic benefit. It’s important for the facilitator to discuss the differences between what pop culture understands as a “pimp” and a person who is acting as a “trafficker.”

In the report, Human-Trafficking: Black Girls Are Still Enslaved, the following disturbing statistics are presented:

  • Sex trafficking victims are more likely to be African American (40 percent) or white (26 percent)
  •  Most of the confirmed suspects are male (81%), while 19% are female.
  •  More than half (62 percent) of confirmed sex trafficking suspects are African American.

The above statistics also further buttress fears of street harassment, which is the central theme of this article.

The report points to degrading language, imagery and music in pop-culture stemming from pimp culture as normalizing factors of sex-trafficking.

Again, to address Mr. Nasheed’s concerns, I have no knowledge of him being a pimp or a sex-trafficker, nor being engaged in any illegal activity, but I stand 100% behind my opinion that the pimp tactics he promotes normalizes the activities.


UPDATE — 3:00 PM EST, 10/22/2013:

After reading my article this morning, Tariq Nasheed tweeted me the following:


My response and a complete update follows the article.

When a Black man takes an issue as painful and pervasive as street harassment and twists it into an indictment on the loyalty and integrity of Black women, he has proven himself to be the enemy.

Before Tariq Nasheed‘s ignorant, misogynist and illogical statement on street harassment went viral in Black feminist spaces I had not heard of him, but it took only a matter of seconds and a simple Google search to peep his modus operandi. “Negro Bed Wench,” The Art of Mackin‘, and similar language points to a deep-seated hatred of Black women not conditioned to bow down and worship every, single move that Black men make. Nasheed is a man who normalizes sexual exploitation and human-trafficking through pimp tactics meant to teach Black men how to possess women, while denying the existence of the very male privilege he is so desperately trying to assert.


But street harassment is real and denial and deflection will not make it go away.

Silencing tactics meant to fuel guilt, fear and confusion in Black women who may feel as if they owe it to Black men to protect them from a White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy are also real and often effective – even as we are disproportionately raped and abused by the very men we are allegedly seeking to victimize.

Nasheed claims to be an intelligent man — though it’s difficult to tell, hidden as it must be beneath all of his “nigga, nigga, nigga” bullshit  – but he seems to be unfamiliar with the fact that 60 percent of Black women, many under the age of 18-years-old, have been victims of sexual assault.

In a study titled African American Women and Violence: Gender, Race, and Class in the News, Marian Meyers gathers powerful data that exposes the deflection that occurs in the Black community among the men and women who extol the virtues of patriarchy when stats such as the above are presented, writing:

A number of Black feminists have criticized the tendency within their communities to silence female victims of male violence while rallying around the men who abused them (hooks, 1981; Lorde, 1992; Richie, 1985; Smith, 1992). Lorde (1992) notes that the need for racial unity has made Black women ‘particularly vulnerable to the false accusation that anti-sexist is anti-Black’ (p. 500).

What Nasheed is spewing is neither original nor enlightening. He mocks educated Black women, while continually reminding his audience that he’s well-read. He attempts to sew seeds of division among Black women along the axis of class, struggling to paint the picture that feminists are miseducated, manipulative and overrated. We apparently are not just leading respectable (whatever that means) Black women astray, but also exploiting “hoodrats” while simultaneously creating grievances to put innocent Black men behind bars.

That is not keen insight into the motivations of Black feminism; that is clear insight into the pathology of male privilege and the paranoia of Black emasculation.

When Black women are seized with terror on sidewalks by the quickening footsteps of Black men behind them, or tremble as the catcalls and vulgar invitations assail their ears, it is not because of their over-active imagination, it is because some Black men take their feelings of societal impotence and rage and use them as weapons against the only people whom they feel do not have the institutionalized power to fight back —  Black women.

I was 19-years-old when I faced my most severe instance of street harassment. Cruising down Peachtree St. in Atlanta with my girls with the convertible top back, enjoying the night air, we looked over to the right lane when a car full of men pulled up beside us. When their flirtatious smiles and calls to “pull over” went unanswered, the driver spat a venomous, “Well, fuck you, then” and threw a glass bottle at my head. Furious, we followed them as they sped off, hoping to get a license plate number, but they strategically turned down a quiet side street. The anger over being assaulted quickly gave way to the fear of being raped, so we kept driving until we reached the relative safety of our university’s campus.

Unfortunately, my story is not unique. And Black feminists and womanists will continue to speak out about the victimization we face when attempting to navigate a space free from intrusion that we are told to be “grateful for” because it is our right to do so. It is our responsibility to do so.

While misogynists such as Nasheed contextualize the narrative as “Negro Bed Wenches” tattling on Black men to “massa,” the underlying hatred stems from the fact that there is a “massa” at all. And while I emphasize with that pain, becoming that which one despises does not shatter systematic oppression, it perpetuates it.

Black women are unwillingly stopped and frisked by Black men daily across this country.

Perhaps Nasheed should put down the pimp cup long enough to teach that lesson instead of pretending that the reality doesn’t exist.


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UPDATE — 3:00 PM EST, 10/22/2013:

After reading my article this morning, Tariq Nasheed tweeted me the following:


My sincerest apologies to Mr. Nasheed. The meme so perfectly encapsulated the silencing tactics employed in his misogynist, illogical rant on Black feminists who created the “crock of bullshit” that is street harassment to “attack the Black man” so that he is “punished” and “subjugated” by the “White male power structure” that we believed it to be yours.

Though the legal terminology “Stop and Frisk” is not used, Nasheed says: “A lot of these Black feminists couldn’t use sexual harassment thing, so they did a bootleg version and said, ‘We’re going to charge people with street harassment. I get harassed in the streets, not in corporate America, but in the streets, because that’s where all these Black guys hang.’

My apologies for not quoting him in full. Please read below for Nasheed in his own words. The segment on street harassment is also contained within the video posted after Nasheed’s words. Just skip to 19:00 — past the parts where he tells a caller that his woman is “disrespectful” for not “sucking his d*ck”:

The concept of street harassment is a term I’ve been hearing lately from Black feminists. This whole Black feminist thing is coming out a lot now and I’m hearing a lot of Black feminist terms, especially online. A lot of these sisters are trying to rally around something that is going to seemingly protect them. And they think Black feminism is going to be the answer. Again a lot of people are too intimidated to tackle racism [and] White supremacy head-on, so they deflect into these other topics.

So I’ve been hearing a lot about this whole street harassment term. And that’s a Black feminist term. The concept of street harassment is basically a bunch of Black feminists talking about how it’s so difficult to walk down the street because there is an onslaught of Black men harassing them as they walk down the street. And I’ve discussed this before and that is a crock of bullshit. That is a whole crock of bullshit.

And the reason why a bunch of these Black feminists are coming up with the whole street harassment thing is because they’re trying to mimic White feminism. They’re trying to mimic White feminism, and remember that everything that White feminists do, Black women will try to follow suit, they try to emulate that. But a lot of things they can’t really emulate directly because it doesn’t apply to them.
And street harassment is a bootleg version of sexual harassment.

So the thing is, Black feminists, they want to emulate a lot of stuff that the White women do, they couldn’t use the whole sexual harassment thing. Black women couldn’t really use that. And they don’t want to use that; it’s very rare that they do use it. Because they couldn’t use that term against Black men.

Remember Black feminism is all about attacking the Black man. They try to deny that, but at the end of the day, when you dance around in circles with them, their whole thing is against the Black male, the so-called ‘oppression’ that the Black male is committing against Black women.

Again, there is no systematic oppression of Black men against Black women; If Black men do something negative against Black women, Black men get punished. So there is no systematic oppression of Black women by Black males.

But that’s their whole ideology. Because a lot of Black feminists and Black feminism wants to side with the White power structure. I’ve said this a million times.

If you look at a Black feminist website and a Black feminist Facebook page, they all love Scandal.

They want to get next to the White male power structure. And they know what the White male power structure like, they like to see the subjugation of Black men. This is why Black feminists, they always attack the Black male. And that’s where that whole street harassment thing came from. A lot of these Black feminists couldn’t use sexual harassment thing, so they did a bootleg version and said, ‘We’re going to charge people with street harassment. I get harassed in the streets, not in corporate America, but in the streets, because that’s where all these Black guys hang.

[This article published by a Black feminist publication in 1981] tried to make it seem as if there was this epidemic of Black men running the streets, harassing Black women, not letting them walk in peace and basically that’s not true and it’s not true now.

You can’t have it both way. See in one breath, a lot of these Black feminists will complain that Black men aren’t dating within their race. They’re dating all these other races of women. These Black men don’t want to be with Black women. And then they complain, ‘Well these Black men are harassing Black women. They won’t let Black women walk the street.’ So which one is it? You can’t have it both ways.

Skip to 19:00 to hear the segment on street harassment:

  • Allie

    Bruh you drowning in a sea of misogynoir.

  • http://ladyngo.blogspot.com Lady Ngo

    I initially heard of Tariq Nahreed because of the Hidden Colors documentary thingy he did. But immediately after i heard/read some of his thoughts and opinions and “tariqisms” and i’ve been ignoring ever since.

  • Anthony

    Does he a blog or website? I would love to tell him he is full of shit!

  • noodle

    Yes, you can even call in and tell him, live on air, facebook him and you will have his contact information…

  • noodle

    omg..this reads like a horror novel, hide your kids, hide your wife, cause some bm is going to say hello to you…

  • Bradley

    I know right. Run for your lives black women! The black males are coming to harass you. This is the dumbest article I’ve read in a while. Seriously

  • Jason

    As a man, I cannot discredit that Street Harassment exists. I, however, am willing to acknowledge that there are dusty brothers out there and low-life men who do disrespect women. Obviously, this is not ok. Now, since I am willing to embrace that there is a low level of men within our community, can you atleast agree that there are a low level of WOMEN who not only welcome negative attention, but go out and SEEK that attention? You speak so admirably about men who harass. Stopping harassment is almost like stopping crime; it won’t happen. Rather trying to change the scum that harass, why not try to change the company you keep instead of generalizing. I don’t like hoodrats, yet I’ll never let a hoodrat affect my mindset because they are beneath me and I do not keep them within my circle.

  • MommieDearest

    Kneegrow please…

  • howfly

    I agree with tariq 110 % this lady is crazy and should be ashamed off herself. Instead of this black feminst united with thier black men they going against that y nobody take them serious cause they dont know their whole goal is its really sad 2 n most want 2 blame black men for the fuck up choices they made and they mad at tariq cause he expose the truth about “black feminist”

  • Caity

    Men, talk to a woman you know. Ask her if she’s ever experienced unwanted sexual contact while walking down the street. Ask her if it would be ok to follow her throughout the day, then watch.

    A close friend of mine asked me to allow him to do this, and by the end of an hour he was horrified. He watched me weave my way around men who extended their hands to touch my hair, my ass, my breasts. He watched me march past the 2 men who leaned out their cars and yell what they would like to do to me. He watched me talk my way out of giving my number to a man who had followed me for 7 city blocks, and who then tried to kiss me.

    Street harassment, as I see it, isn’t a simple “hello”, “how are you doing?” or “nice day, isn’t it?” It occurs when the sexual desires of men outweigh a woman’s right to feel safe as she navigates the world. 60% of black women have been sexually assaulted — yet I’m supposed to assume that the guy who calls me a bitch when I don’t respond to his request to fuck me isn’t going to attempt to make good on that fantasy?

  • Anonin

    Tariq please, you’re even using 2s as a dead give away.

  • Ads

    I don’t know a single black feminist supporting the White Capitalist Patriarchal culture. Black feminists I know are women like Iris Munguia (google her), a black honduran banana worker who got Chiquita to sign a global agreement with the International Union of Foodworkers against sexual harassment. Black feminists I know are Dona Edwards and Valerie Ervin in Maryland who fight the prison industrial complex, try to create and protect good jobs in our communities. Black feminists I know are Christine Lewis and Allison Thompson of the National Domestic Workers Alliance who are the cutting edge of where movements for racial equality, womens’, migrants’, and workers’ rights unite. This man and his ‘philosphy’ are misogynistic jokes.

  • MimiLuvs

    Oh goodness, they’re here.

  • Niqi

    Wish I’d been born a lesbian .

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    divide and conquer…..so simple and works so well

  • Anthony

    @Jason, these women are not being harassed by the company they keep. They are harassed by strangers with no respect for women who delight in annoying women as much as the prospect of actually getting to know the women they are talking to.

  • Ask_Me

    This man repluse me. It’s not just his words that repluse me…he physically repluse me as well. He has craved out a niche for himself amongst disillusioned bitter black males (many of which probably frequent this site). It’s beyond sad and pathetic, that any rational minded adult would follow this idiot.

    And this…

    “When a Black man takes an issue as painful and pervasive as street harassment and twists it into an indictment on the loyalty and integrity of Black women, he has proven himself to be the enemy.”

    Is nothing but the truth!

  • Word

    I know that’s right.

  • Pseudonym

    After reading what he actually said, you should have just ignored him. He makes no sense and I have no idea who he is (so I’m assuming he has no great following- am I wrong and just old and out of the loop?).

  • Pseudonym

    Perfect response! hahaha

  • noirluv45

    This “brutha” reminds me of rabidly racist White men who deny racism and White supremacy by saying it’s a figment of our imagination, or better yet, “We play the race card, blah, blah, blah.”

    After reading his comments, my head was swirling. There is so much I can say, but won’t because this dude right here isn’t worth the time or energy.

  • pop goes the weasel

    UUMMMMM??!!!!!….I’m sorry I don’t understand…are you too denying that street harassment doesn’t exist? This is a divisive issue because black men won’t recognize that they use their maleness to intimidate and vilify black women. If we don’t agree with you all-we’re “negro bed wenches” and we work for “massa”. Yet you invalidate our experiences. Who’s really the enemy in the camp?

    Black men you all are so paranoid by your black maleness and fear of emasculation, you can’t sense when your sistas NEED to talk to you. We’ve been in the rallies. We’ve marched alongside you. Is it too much to ask for a GODDAMN listening ear??!!!!

    If there’s division, then YOU created it with your paranoia. Black women have been loyal from the jump!

  • vintage3000

    You could leave, it would not be a division at all.

  • pop goes the weasel

    Great idea, but it’s sad that we have to do shit like this to get OUR OWN DAMN men to believe us. When white women scream rape and bloody murder, WHITE MEN INSTANTLY come to her side and are ready to throw somebody UP UNDER THE DAMN JAIL!!!! Notice how white feminists (men and women) will rally to get shit done (Steubenville case, etc.).

    We have to PROVE to our men FIRST that this shit happens to us by the hands of other black men. But all a white woman has to do is cry, and everyone believes her. It’s a sad day man. A damn sad day.

  • vintage3000

    Niggas showing their behinds in the streets and online…

    Watch more of them show up here (on a woman’s website) to kvetch about how much they don’t care what Black women think about them. It’s like watching certain animals at the zoo fling their shit at passersby.

  • Deal-n-Truth

    Too bad the conquered have yet to even realize it.

  • pop goes the weasel

    Black women imma say this:

    We are in a sad state of affairs. When OUR OWN MEN won’t believe us, then we’re fucked. Why do I have to argue with other black men about the mass amounts of sexual violence and harassment that happens at the hands of black men??!!! WHY????!!!!

    But a white woman can cry at the drop of a fucking hat, and the police, the military, and everybody will jump in and save her. Look at Occupy Steubenville and all the men that were there. White men and women rallied for this white girl, no questions asked.

    We have marched alongside you. Spoken out against “Stop and Frisk”. Black men when will you EN MASSE start speaking out against the sexual violence and harassment against black women?! WHEN WILL YOU BELIEVE US??!!!! What does it fucking take?

    We tell you our experiences, but we’re lying and negro bed wenches. So the statistics are lying? The black women are lying and are negro bed wenches? Everybody’s lying huh? Black men your paranoia will be the undoing of the community. You want to crush white supremacy so bad, that you ignore first what goes on right here in your own backyard, with your own sisters, nieces, aunts, and mothers.

    One the saddest days for me was threatening to call the police (the fucking police) on a black man who was following me home and calling me all kinds of low down names. It took me threatening him with the white man to get him to stop.

    Black men you are fucked up.
    Black women this is what we are dealing with. This is why womanism is so essential and so crucial. We have to support each other and protect each other.

  • Sylvie

    You’re absolutely right. And some of the most divisive and disrespectful things a black man can do is harass a black woman in the street and pretend like she should be flattered, assault a black woman and tell her she deserved it, rape a black woman and tell her she wanted, demean her experiences because they aren’t his experiences and don’t reflect his reality on a woman’s site, dismiss her experiences and feelings, and/or act like his black penis makes him more knowledgeable than a black woman.

    You are, for once, right jamesfrmphilly, it is divide and conquer.

  • Joyous

    Too much hostility between too many Black American men and women. It mirrors the hostilty between White American men and women. Its not good to be following behind White folks. Not good at all.

  • http://twitter.com/Zabeth8 MEH (@Zabeth8)

    The writing has been on the wall for sometime now, but I’m happy more BW are starting to come to this realization.

  • 9Boots

    Y’all already know what I think!

  • http://gravatar.com/anon4cec anon4cec

    i didn’t know that ‘street harassment’ was a black-only thing. i feel so educated now

  • vintage3000

    It’s not White folks following behind us hollering “well eff you then, suck my d@** stuck up bitch!” while grabbing their crotches.

    I already know every time you read about a BM being racially profiled by White folks you want to get mad.

    Go kick rocks barefoot.

  • SayWhat

    The difference between our actions and those of non-black women is that they would have actually called the police and gave them a description. We don’t get taken seriously because at the end of the day black men know that our threats are empty. We don’t want to see another ‘brother’ go to jail so we let him off the hook to harass the next poor unsuspecting woman.

    Once we stop caring about them more than we do about us, we will see a change. At this point, I will not hesitate to call the police, if you aren’t worried about going to jail, then why should I be?

  • Kaeli

    I sometimes feel like this. I don’t truly know how to reconcile it but to say I love men who are good to me and treat me right. I take them as individuals. It allows me not to dislike anyone and stay open to all.

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    the system of white supremacy harasses ALL black people……

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    when black people fight the white man always wins……

  • 9Boots

    She worships at the altar of BM

  • vintage3000

    The White man has already defeated you before opened your mouth, because he already knows you are not a man.

  • The Alchemist


    The writing on the wall goes back to Shahrazad Ali’s book “The Black Man’s Guide to Understanding the Black Woman”. The response of black men toward that book should have been a wake up call for black women. It was published in 1989. Unfortunately, black women put their collective heads in the sand and sang more choruses of, “I love my black king”. I seems like we have finally woken up in significant numbers.

  • pop goes the weasel


    How can you come to a site for black women, and make such a gross statement like that? I usually like your commentary, but this is gross. What does white supremacy have to do with the shit we endure from black men? James, why can’t you tell these young men to stop doing what they’re doing instead of making claims about white supremacy to dismiss our suffering?

    James why are you acting out your privilege as a man. You’re an older black man, you’ve lived this long and don’t see it? James, don’t come on here if all you’re going to do is invalidate our experiences.

    I challenge you to open your ears and mind.

  • 9Boots


    They ain’t WORTHY!

  • Bree

    @jamesfrmphilly and other male fonts

    Honestly, why do you even bother to comment on women’s issues on a website CATERING to women when you clearly have nothing to add and when you do not take our issues seriously? You are part of the problem.

  • http://gravatar.com/bigman2010 bigman2010icemand18

    Such an intelligent response Btw if the white man defect us he defected you also..

  • noodle

    And what are you in the eyes of a WM…

  • noodle

    Niggas showing their behinds in the streets and online

    apparently you have heard of bw twerking….

  • noodle

    Tell that to brian banks and the duke lacross players..

  • http://gravatar.com/pocketsizednegro Courtney**

    James, you consistently make this same point on these articles and I really wonder what you would prefer black women to do. Hug their harassers and rapists and sing Kumbayah? I’m genuinely asking exactly what you feel should be the response to street harassment and other forms of sexual violence that are almost always perpetrated by black men against black women and girls. Surely your point isn’t that just CALLING out the issue and demanding that it be addressed is aiding white superiority? Surely you actually feel that this issue IS something that needs to be addressed and that black women and girls don’t deserve to live their lives in fear and exist in public spaces without the constant threat of harassment and assault.

    I really would like for you to respond. Do you think that street harassment is an issue for the black community? And if so, what steps do you think we should take to combat it?

  • Marketing Gimmicks

    This decisiveness is so painful to read. I’m so glad that my husband (a black man) isn’t on this level of industrial strength dumbness.

  • Raya

    When black men deny, deflect and don’t defend black women, the white man always wins.

  • MommieDearest

    When black men collectively start respecting and protecting black women then there will be no fighting among us.

    I am NOT one to cape for white people, particularly white men. But at some point these trifling black men need to OWN THEIR SHIT and MAN UP.

    The white man is not making you shout lewd remarks to black women and GIRLS who are minding their own business and trying to make it through the day. Last time I checked it wasn’t a white man who forced you to grab a black woman’s or
    GIRL’S behind, breast or arm as she’s walking down the street. And it certainly wasn’t a white man who made you accost or assault a black women or GIRL.

    At the risk of sounding Republican, I’m going to say it- foul-mouthed and degenerate black men, take personal responsibility for your OWN actions. But then that’s not what you want to do, because taking personal responsibility requires that you actually put in WORK to change and do better. It’s much easier to blame someone else, including the black women and GIRLS that you victimize, and stay in your nice little comfy male-privileged zone.

    Miss me with that bullshit.

  • Careful thinker

    Come on now ladies y’all make it seem like the majority of black men do that on streets. I’ve witnessed some of my fellow brothas do it but most worth their salt won’t be seen as thirsty like that. It’s mostly the ones really that don’t have anything going for themselves. I doubt very much 9 to 5 brothas have THAT much spare time to constantly holla at sista everyday all day.

  • vintage3000

    I am not worried about what the WM thinks.

    But since you require further clarification since ya’ll are stuck on bringing “the white man” into yet another discussion about ignorant BM… ANYBODY with sense knows that you, jmsfrmphilly and the gang are less than men because you would rather sniff after women than do something productive.

  • vintage3000

    @ noodle–”da white man” isn’t thinking about me most of the time either. I am not the one being trailed by police just for walking down the street.

    Worry about your own predicament, son.

  • Joyous

    I was fortunate to have never experienced this type of harrassment, but I would never silence the opinions of women who have gone through it, or deal with it still. I feel that those of us women who do not feel such anger towards men are silenced here, or dismissed. Some of the women on this site are doing the same they are complaining about. The hostility and anger is unhealthy. I think every woman on this site has a right to be heard without having her opinion disrespected.

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    i am certainly opposed to anybody being harassed.
    all black men need to stand for the protection of our women.

    i would also like to keep my focus on the forces that create the harasser. what is the context that has black people
    fighting each other? what turns some brothers into losers?

    if you want to stop harassment you have to change the system that creates the behavior.

  • noirluv45

    @Pop, that is not always true. I worked for the domestic violence prosecution center in my city and there were countless numbers of White women completely disregarded. I have a friend whose husband is bipolar and goes on wild tangents. She is horribly frightened for herself and her child. She went to the police was told by that her husband has to actually physically assault her or their child before anything can be done.

    Many go to the police and the police think they are lying. That’s why many women, regardless of race, do not report rapes.

    I am not denying that White women don’t have privilege, because they do. I am not denying that many White men honor and treasure her, but I also know that women, period, are not taken seriously.

    Just saying.

  • steebie

    This article is proof of the underlying hatred that Black women have for Black men today

  • Apple

    You think that will save you? In fact it may even make it worst. There is a black lesbian blog where she talks about how men harrass her and girlfriend when they are together and apart . We stuck here girl :-(

  • http://twitter.com/Zabeth8 MEH (@Zabeth8)

    “i would also like to keep my focus on the forces that create the harasser. what is the context that has black people fighting each other? what turns some brothers into losers?”

    Then James why don’t you go and talk to young AA men about why it is that they do what they do instead of staying up on Clutch telling AA women how they should respond to being degraded and violated?

  • http://twitter.com/Zabeth8 MEH (@Zabeth8)

    Why does it matter what social or economic caste the men perpetrating this activity are? The fact of the matter is that they’re doing it, period.

  • MommieDearest

    “I’ve witnessed some of my fellow brothas do it”

    When you’ve seen this happen, what was your response? Seriously, I’m not trying to put you on blast, I just really want to know if you took those opportunities to stand up for the victims and correct the offenders. If so, I’m curious to know how your words were received, and if you think they made a difference.

  • Apple

    Y’all do! If they didnt we wouldn’t have to talk about it over and over . They wouldn’t have to make a whole damn app dedicated to y’all doing it (google Hollaback app)

  • Apple

    It’s so terrible we have to endure this. There is no safe place. You can’t wear what you like, or go where you want, or do what you need to do because street harassment is so tiring, scary and depressing.i have developed a sort of PTSD in which i become panicky, shaking,sick and shutting down (I’ve been grabbed and almost carried away by a group of black men) You have to change your life and reroute your day just to do simple activities. Like for 5 months I’ve been trying to plan a place to go jogging and there is a park 1 min from me but filled with street harassers and I can never finish my routine .

  • https://www.facebook.com/kelley.johnson.75436 Kelley Johnson

    There’s nothing “republican” about what you said. It’s just basic common sense and decency. But since it calls out black men and demands that they be responsible for their own actions, it’s a no no in the black community. Black folks coddle and protect black men like the white community coddles and protects white women. We treat our own grown ass men like house cats. And it needs to stop being scared to call them out.

  • http://www.geekmommarants GeekMommaRants

    Oh that’s right violence is not our issue. Hatred is standing up for yourself and not being a victim. There is too much violence!!! You see this as hatred. OK!

  • vintage3000

    Apparently you haven’t heard the crime stats. You can start with Chicago.

    Niggaz shooting up neighborhoods (including babies in strollers) is considerably more destructive than ass shaking.

  • vintage3000

    …or camp out on a website for women like a bunch of girly men.

  • steebie

    Where is all of this violence happening to black women to the point that they can’t walk down the street? I live in New York and I would like to know where in the city is this taking place?

  • ScriptTease

    …. and this is why the Black Race is heading towards doomsville.

  • Youngblackmale

    My heart is saddened to see my people fight like this. Such hatred towards each other. I have seen a lot of good points from both sides in these comments but they are ignored and missed because we have to put each other in check. We need to grow as a people and stop chopping each other down. Black men and women need to wake up and grow together otherwise we’ll just become more irrelevant and end up in the history books as a race with so much potential but never realized it.

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