The assault on Trayvon Martin’s humanity continues. People continue to disrespect the slain unarmed teen even in death, and the latest offenders are two white teenagers who dressed up as Trayvon and his killer, George Zimmerman for Halloween.

One teen, William Filene, wore blackface and a hoodie with a blood stain on the chest for his Trayvon Martin costume. The other, George Cimeno, wore a “Neighborhood Watch” t-shirt and made a gun sign with his fingers to emulate George Zimmerman. The two went to extremes to make light of death, racism and the fails of our justice system as George Zimmerman was found not guilty for shooting Trayvon Martin in the heart and killing him.

Before dressing up, George Cimeno said his costume would be “the best of the year.” He later defended negative comments about it, calling the costume “hilarious.” Caitlin Cinemo, who is pictured in the middle, posted the picture on her Facebook and Instagram pages, describing it as “just for fun” and a “joke.”

She has since changed the name on her profiles and made them private. A past post of Caitlin Cinemo’s was uncovered in which she criticized a little girl’s “Black Girls Rock” t-shirt:


Isn’t America grand?

  • geenababe

    They are racist so of course they won’t ever see the error in their ways. They probably was doing a happy dance when George Z was release. It crazy because for this witch and her friends to hate black people they sure seem obsessed. I mean the costume then taking pictures of little girls. I would hope this comes back and bite them in their job search.

  • Anthony

    Perspective check: who is honestly surprised by the antics of insensitive and racist teenagers?

  • march pisces

    white people are disgusting….and yes i just painted with a wide ass paint brush b/c there are far too many stories like this that make the news and just as many don’t for it to be isolated.

  • KG

    It’s too early, bullet points.

    - I hate when people say “this is the best costume ever” when they put zero thought, effort, and time into it. Don’t act like your going to comic-con and spent the last 18 months of your life hand sewing and welding a costume together. And for the record, the most creative non-effort costume (of which the costume wearer said there was no effort and that he came up with it last minute) was this guy in plain clothes wearing a sign that said “nudist on strike.”

    - People who make fun of kids are extremely weak. Also, posting that kids pic online without the parents’ permission could potentially put you in legal trouble.

    - This is why I don’t mess with black twitter because people know these people’s address, high school alma mater, license plate number, social security number…

    - Stuff like this reminds me of people who get face tattoos. It will pretty much bar you from a decent job. Your names are no easily searchable and people will know your racist. Enjoy a life of mediocrity.

  • Yes, I’m That Leah

    It’s so disgusting, but I’m not surprised by anything rotten that goes on in America anymore. These people want attention and will do anything to get it. I hope and pray their employers see this…. I really do.

  • Apple

    I hope they all get run down by cars

  • Shanti

    Silly and stupid but not surprised. I don’t expect much from white people so it isn’t possible for their actions to affect me.

  • Enough Already

    A heavy sigh and heart at this…..and then my blood starts to boil! Trayvon Martin was murdered…this should NEVER be an option for a costume EVER. The only good things is social media and internet exist to share this kind of crap……

  • Power

    No surprise and it will continue to happen. Racist whites and the white power structure continue to crap on blacks because they know we are powerless in the big picture. All we can do is complain and hope they change their ways. Or pray that God rights their wrongs. Either way we do nothing directly to force their hand.

    Besides entertainment what real black leadership do we have?

    What other race would stand for what is happening to us here?

    Until we pool out resources this will continue and as you see it’s getting more blatant, when middle and lower class whites feel the economic pinch the lash out at us, history repeats.

  • Avril

    I squinted and read the rant about the little girls “Black Girls Rock” t-shirt and ugh. So, white people, or should I say entitled white teenagers, we meet again. Here’s the thing: I don’t blame you personally for racism/slavery. You are correct, you weren’t there. My problem is the f*cked up attitude you have about everything post. Due to your enormous ignorance, stupidity, and entitlement; you lack the ability to understand that “if we just pretend everything is equal then it’s equal” doesn’t effing work. It is not equal. There’s also the bastardization of the word “racism”. You, my little white friend can be racist because you have a whole power structure behind you that helps you say and believe the crazy crap that you say. I, as a black woman have nooo power over you. You’re upset over a t-shirt? Wear your “white girls rock” t-shirt, you’ll do very well if you sell it as well.

    The “hilarious” death of Trayvon Martin? Really!? I’m not even gonna type what I wanna say about this. May real horror like this never actually touch you in your sheltered, protected life, because it would simply destroy you. I can only hope that one day you’ll find your lost humanity.

  • Jonston

    1. The men at least are in their 20s
    2. The woman and her brother are hispanic whites (just like zimmerman). This is just another lesson (which will be lost i’m sure) that referring to latinos as “brown” and using a dumb term like “people of color” as if we’re all in the same boat and have similar goals is wrong. These people are not on your side and not just these three. Just look how black people are treated throughout latin america. In the DR, their court just decided to yank citizenship from ethnic Haitians who were born there and lived there all their lives.

  • Candice

    Still cracking up about one comment that said “I hope they all get run over by cars” you ain’t right! Hahaha.

    But seriously, I am not surprised. It’s disgusting but this is the world we live in. At least their names are everywhere now and they are pretty much gonna be working at McDonalds forever.

  • J

    The sad thing is is that people like this are everywhere. They teach our kids. They work in the media. They work in hospital/clinics. They drive buses/taxis. They work at fast food places/restaurants. They work in banks. They LIVE AND BREED within our government. They infest America with their hatred and their double standards and their EVILNESS. So the next time I hear a white or non-black say that I’m overreacting about something racist happening or say that racism is dead and gone I’m gonna tell them to “Kiss the left and right cheek of my black ass you blind, deaf, and IGNORANT ass fool!” This whole ‘I’m not racist. I don’t see color’ bullshit is stale as fuck. If you’re such a progressive, loving person then you will check those around you when they talk and behave inappropriately including your family and friends. You would fight for ALL PEOPLE to have equal opportunities. You would want their to be no question of whether you deserve what you have gotten in life. You would practice what you preach. If you’re not ready to do that then shut the fuck up and kick sharp rocks in your bare feet.

  • Miss A

    It’s getting harder and harder to see what is going on in America and how racially insensitive people can be! If I wasn’t so close to my family, I would move to another country. Sad…..

  • Lulu

    What an i supposed to do, get angry every time some idiot inevitably spews bull like this? Do you want me to die young? I’ve learned to pick my battles wisely and more importantly, live greatly. That little girl could grow up loving herself and accomplishing more than the useless sh** stain could in 2 lifetimes. These people are in a place of privilege and no matter what laws are in place, they will continue to act this way because others will be there to high five them.

  • Bridget

    I totally agree with you. Other nationalities hate us just as much as whites

  • Kam

    For those who can’t read the text with the little Black girl, the girl is wearing a shirt that says Black Girls Rock, which is a positive BET show that celebrates the accomplishments of Black Women. Kit Cimeno, the girl in the middle of the Trayvon picture wrote:

    “This little girl is wearing a shirt that says ‘black girls rock’. First of all, sorry Hun but mommy lied to you & secondly if I was wearing a shirt that said something like the truth “white girls rock” I would be stared at and called a racist racker.”

    I know people are upset about the Trayvon picture and rightly so, but the attack on our children is equally egregious and tells us so much of the mindset of these people. They are teenagers now but they grow up, get jobs, get into positions of power and perpetuate racism.

  • Anthony

    I would just like to say that I don’t think any black person would give a damn if a white person wore a t-shirt that said white girls rock. Heck, a lot black men would buy it!

    Seriously, a shirt that says either black or white girls rock would be cool with me because it is a positive statement, not a put down of another group.

  • NY’s Finest

    I try not to judge or dislike all white people but sometimes shit like this makes it really hard for me not hate them for their past and present bullshit.

  • Ask_Me

    Whatever. White guys are amazing.

  • Shanti

    Please stop being silly. White guys as a collective are not amazing and we both know that. If you don’t you need help. There is no 100% good or 100% bad group. I will fix it for you “some white guys are amazing”.

  • Treece

    As much as I don’t want to believe that (@ march pisces), I am starting to feel that way to. But I really can’t allow myself to do what they do to us. Everytime they see us splattered across the news for carjacking, or killing someone in a drive-by, white people paint us with that same broad brush.

    I can’t allow myself to think that all white people are as disgusting and mean-spirited as some of the a*holes I see proudly displaying filth like this online. It depresses me to think that. Not because I care all that much about them. It’s because knowing that they are the people who compose the power structure in America, I worry about OUR future as Black people if it’s left up to young white idiots like these. They just don’t care about us. Privileged white kids don’t care about anybody but themselves. Some of these kids are our future teachers, doctors, judges, cops, employers, etc. It’s depressing as f*ck if I allow myself to think they are ALL like this, as much as I begin to feel it in my spirit.

    This sh*t burns the hell out of me, but I have got to believe there are some good ones out there that will teach their kids better than this.

  • Soulfulindustry

    Word on black tumblr is that the young lady in the pics was fired from her job. Her place of employment with their phone number was posted on tumblr. It seems folks called in and complained.

  • geenababe

    @ Soulfulindustry

    That’s great if that true. Since she wants to blah her mouth on social media. I wonder what will happen to the two idiots on each side of her.

  • binks

    Le sighs…Sorry but every time I see incidents like these, it just solidifies the reasons why I don’t befriend white people as a whole. Because of the sheer stupidity, ignorance and indifference towards black lives. What is so funny about death and murder? These people are sick and twisted and frankly racist. But they don’t want to admit to the racist part, I would kind of respect them if they just admit who they are instead of hiding, making their accounts private, etc. but they can’t take the heat and scrutiny. But honesty, I am not going to fly into a rage over these sad individuals because clearly all they have is white privilege without their skin color they would have faded away a long time ago so they cling onto it as a badge because pathetically that is all they have.

    As for trying to cap on the little girl…b*tch please. I bet she is the same person who complain about black history month, BET, etc. just to hear herself talk and complain about the “others” who are supposedly raining on her privilege parade. There are plenty of shirts that are sold propping white girls up but if black women and girls have the same merchandise gear to them then it is a problem….girl bye I second the car comment.

  • constance mercedes

    “May real horror like this never actually touch you in your sheltered, protected life, because it would simply destroy you. I can only hope that one day you’ll find your lost humanity.”

    Simply brilliant.

    I just think that some people have no class. Just last week there was a lot of press coverage of the 12 year old girl ( am not entirely sure her age) who killed herself because of all the online taunting at her. Well after one of her bullies found out that the girl had killed herself, she went on Facebook and wrote something like: ” Yeah so and so killed herself and I am GLAD she’s dead.”

    Another example I can think of is in the Stubenville rape case, there is a guy in the home where the rape happened and he videotapped himself on his phone saying “dude Malik and so and so are totally raping that girl.” “That girl is deader than Caylee Anthony and OJ Simpsons wife.” The entire time he was saying this uncontrable laughter.

    Some have no decency whatsoever.

  • constance mercedes

    The worst part of all this to me is that these are young people living in supposedly “post racial” America. I think that it is one thing for older people who grew up living under segregation to be bigots, but today’s youth, the media tells us, are supposed to be past race and colorblind. Young people racism bothers me the most.

  • constance mercedes

    I checked on and the guys in the photo are 22 and 25. The girl’s age is not given. These are young adults in their twenties who should have known better, not stupid teenagers.

  • Nakia

    Oh they most def admit the racist part, or did you miss the “white power people” message. My question is how is this ignorance consequential to us in the overall struggle. This behavior is ordinary, unfortunately, and not really on my radar in terms of importance. So what, they took it out of their living room and onto ignorant arse Facebook…and???

  • Not surprised

    Someone mentioned being close to their families keeping them in the U.S. I am very close to my family, and yet I am still making plans to get out. It is 2013, and the world is just too big to be dealing with these racist freaks here. I am fortunate to have the blessing of my family to leave and go wherever my education and skills are needed. This picture does not suprise me. Nothing shoud come as a suprise after that verdict. Trayvon Martin was lynched, and his killer got away with murder right in front of our faces, with the world watching along. That pretty much sealed shut any notion that racism in America would ever end. Black Americans need to focus on buying land outside of the U.S. to build on. Homes, grocery stores, schools, hospitals, banks, transportation, etc. Those of us who plan on having children need to also really think about the environmet we want our kids raised in. I have had to deal with racist freaks since I was five years old. That is how young this mess starts for many Black kids. It leaves so many of us with deep emotional scars that we have to live with for life. I will not subject my kids to that. My parents did not have the choices and options to raise me outside of this racist country, but I do.

  • LaShic Mondrell

    All I can think is what would Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman, Viola Desmond, Marcus Garvey, and our other ancestors of African descent who fought so much for us say about this.

    For black people who feel like this is no big deal; this is a VERY big deal. We need to be on a united front about things and not just worry getting our little piece of pie in the sky.

    We can’t agree about Trayvon, about the N word, about black face under the guise of a Halloween costume, about gentrification, about creating businesses especially when Hollywood, magazines, fashion runways, etc. don’t hire us, and about so much more; the divisiveness between blacks is what killing us more than anything.

    All of us cried about Trayvon Martin, but did you cry and offer a hand to a little black girl or boy who looks up to the wrong people or did you brush her off as ratchet or him off as a thug, blamed the parents, and kept on pushing?

    Things like this has to & must stop point blank period.

  • Ms. Vee

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if I painted my face white, got blue contact lenses and an adorable pig tailed blond wig and dressed up as a Sandy Hook victim for Halloween? Wouldn’t that be hysterical? I’m not surprised by the racists antics of whites. I’m just remain disgusted with the blacks that want to integrate and/or procreate with these “people”.



  • Jenosaykwa

    No one is surprised we’re just disgusted.

  • Jenosaykwa

    Gotta love black tumbler :)

  • GoldenEnigma

    Where do you think they learned it from? They’re brother and sister. Racism isn’t something that you just pick up. You’re taught to hate.

  • MimiLuvs…

    VEGASMADE was referring to the little girl that is wearing the “Black Girls Rock” shirt.

  • BrittanyL

    This is a response to this incident on tumblr after someone said “man I hate white people”:

    “This is what I was ranting about in the first place. Anyone is allowed to trash white people for being racist towards blacks, yet GOD FORBID anyone says anything towards black people being racist towards whites. It was wrong to mock the Zimmerman case. However being dicks about it doesn’t solve anything. If anything there’s black privilege with racism.”

    I really losing faith in humanity, There are actually people who defending these adults (b/c the two men are actually in there twenties and theThese are the same people who think if you don’t point out racism it will go away or recognizing the humanity of another person is being politically correct instead of just displaying characteristics of a decent human being.

  • constance

    Would you mind sharing what sort of racist experiences you have endured?

    I am a 26 year old Haitian-American born and raised in NYC and I have sometimes thought to myself ‘ I don’t know how black people used to put up with racism.” I had an older black male professor who said that when he was young he would walk by a store and see a sign in the window that said No n#ggers, no dogs allowed. I couldn’t deal with that type of in your face racism.

    Like you too, I have thought about leaving America, but America has alot of problems that I would like to fix, namely the criminal injustice system.

  • BeanBean

    As old as some of you are, you can’t honestly tell me you’re surprised by this??? I know I’m not. Ashamed that we still have people like this in our country, yes, surprised by their behavior, no!

  • Tsaun

    The hatred towards black folks is truly mind boggling. These pathetic white folks really need to get some hobbies or something; they have way to much time on their hands. I pray Trayvon’s parents don’t see these heartless pigs and their evil, spiteful antics! Disgraceful!

  • Diane

    The obsession is real. LOL. Why are people sooooo preoccupied with the things they supposedly hate? That’s like me hating cats yet spending my free time obsessing over them, buying cat sweatshirts and taking pictures of them… Clearly they are all mentally ill we ought to pray for them.

  • Tsaun

    I didn’t want to say that but I’m glad somebody did!!! How f’ing heartless and cruel of these people! I am now convinced now more than ever most white folks are diabolical. you have to be to do some of the sh*t they’re capable of… Smhdh

  • vintage3000

    Whenever I see savages like this I have to think about the White people I’ve met or seen who are decent human beings. Keeps me sane, because it’s the microaggressions from these degenerates that make you want to go off. Especially when I think about these cretins finding humor in an unarmed teenager lying in a grave.

  • Marisa

    If they all end up getting their asses kicked royally I hope somebody tapes and sends is to World Star Hip Hop and Youtube. Also she needs her ass kicked for coming at the little girl in her Black Girls Rock shirt. What a self absorbed self entitled BITCH, and she’s not the only white chick with that attitude no chick of color is suppose to have any self worth at all and be beneath them. Black Girls Rock show brings out their real attitudes they have no clue what Ms Beverly Bond organization and award show is but, white chicks show their natural asses on twitter when the hashtag shows up. Oh don’t worry I sure this slug as managed to already or soon in the future to procure herself a black penis, oh that blackness they can’t get enough of. You wonder why real racial unity in this society will NEVER happen, its these people just want to believe the world revolves around them, and the rest of society is just here to service whites or be their entertainment.

  • Marie

    I had a look at Kt Cimeno’s Facebook page and she has tons of black friends. Whats wrong with these black people, don’t they have any shame?
    A true example of white people who say, I am not racist I have black friends. I bet tomorrow when confronted this Kt Cimeno person would say the same thing.

  • eve-audrey

    i read a thread on this topic on another site and my god the stupidity displayed by some people is…. i do not even have words. they firmly belive trayvon was killed because he was a thug, then they proceed to tell you all the wrong trayvon has done in his short life (i don’t even know where they get the information from). it doesn’t matter that zimmerman actually has a record too that get unnoticed by them.

    one white guy said “of course it was wrong that trayvon martin died but black people need to start raising their damn children right” and i was like O-O. who’s telling whites to raise their damn kids rights when they behave badly?

    i am one person that was raised to see people not skin colour and i want to believe that the others think that way too but reading and seeing that kind of things is making me lose my faith in people. honestly i don’t even know if i should start being suspicious with some people or not.

  • Mama Sunshine

    This saddens me but I’m not surprised. My question is WHY do white people hate black people so much? If we are the deplorable, powerless, disgusting people that they feel we are why do they put so much energy into hating us? What is the real psychological reason behind their obsessive hate for us? It’s gotten to the point where I really don’t trust any white person.

  • geenababe


    I am not surprise she has a lot of black facebook friends. I could use the excuse they don’t see what she post but I am sure it pops up in their line up. Some black people are just stupid, there is no way else to say it.I mean you feel no type of way of a friend you know making fun of Trayvon death and then going in on a little girl for a “Black Girls Rock” shirt. But if the tables would turn I bet she’ll be trying to light your butt on fire to defend her own. That why I don’t like befriend non-black on social media. It seem like people get loose even though their real names and information is showing.

  • Dalili

    Plenty bothers me about these photos, but nothing more than the fact that we a raising a generation seemingly devoid of compassion; a group whose lives are fueled by pure, unabashed, and unfounded hatred. It’s a frightening prospect.

  • Kelley Johnson

    Because they did not defeat us. They love the Native American because they defeated him. They practically killed all of them and now the vast majority of them are on reservations living in poverty. The white man won. He enslaved us for 400 years, Jim Crowed us, and we’re still here. And then we have the nerve to actually thrive. And the nerve to win the Presidency. We have our problems as a people, but they didn’t defeat us. And that’s a huge part of why they hate us. That and the fact that they know in their hearts that we are better than them in pretty much every way.

  • Chloe

    I completely agree with you, but Cimeno is actually an Italian name, they aren’t white Latino.

  • Kim L. Short

    These two guys win the award for the most tasteless costume, but they hardly signal the return of white supremacy. In my opinion this case has brought out the worst in everyone and damaged the credibility of civil rights leaders who’ve foolishly jumped onto the band wagon. My perception of the Zimmerman/Martin case is different from the one most often read on the internet. You can find it by searching for Chicken Soup with Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, and the American lynch mob. Let me know what you think.

  • Marie

    Let me tell you what I think. What did you intend to say? Are you proud of yourself after reading it?

  • Avril

    Exactly! This is the future….

  • Emma Matthews (@Wossnim)

    @Kim L. Short: I’ve read your article and, as I’ve commented on your blog, it’s victim blaming bullshit. I’d guess you blame victims of rape for not “fighting off” their assailants, too.

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