Akon, Akon, Akon.  Shame on you.  WizKid? Well, I have no clue who you are, but apparently you’re some sort of  Akon “protege”.   According to Fashion Ghana, the two artists have an upcoming concert and video shoot taking place in Ghana.  Allegedly, some of the Ghanaian models were turned away because they were too dark and were told by the agent the two artists were looking for “half-caste” women. Half-caste meaning mixed.

From Fashion Ghana:

“THEY”, most likely referring to WizKid, Akon and/or his music video producer, turning away a fleet of arrivals originally requested to attend by the model scout. In fact, the agent requested if the girls could help him seek light skinned girls because ‘THEY’ were so adamant on this request even on late notice.

Nigeria, where WizKid is from, and Senegal where Akon is from, are countries both flooded with girls bleaching their skin simply because of such discrimination and being made to feel ugly if dark. Not just in media and modelling, but general favours in life. Whilst there are good people in both countries trying to reverse the self esteem damage of such activities such as Adama Paris who banned skinned bleach models from the Senegalese national fashion week, Akon and Wiz Kid’s team are trying to further such acts internationally.

If this is the intentions Akon and the arrogant side kick WizKid wish to introduce to Ghana, then we will be more than glad to uninvite them. Unfortunately for these bigots, Ghana has never been a land where girls are discriminated for skin tone in any field. In such matters, it is obvious they will pass the blame onto an employee to maintain their reputation. But for any such behavior, both these artists should be boycotted until their position is clarified

If this “half-caste” casting was truly in effect, you can all blame colonialism.

  • https://www.facebook.com/amor.d.laluz Amor Delsol Laluz


  • https://www.facebook.com/nykia.hooper Nykia Hooper

    but yet akon is darker than dark lol i dont understadn people these days

  • https://www.facebook.com/takaya.onfire Takaya OnFire

    Akon needs to sit his black ass down with that one. But I have to say I’m not surprised. Black people have been hating our own for a while now. This STUPIDITY is nothing new

  • https://www.facebook.com/audie.atta Audie Atta

    Akon, do better!!!! We know you know how since you have dark skin daughters!

  • https://www.facebook.com/bibopboobopbeep Folasadé Aderibigbe

    they are both famous african artists. see the addictive “chop my money”

  • https://www.facebook.com/baglady1982 Virgia LuvdemColts Wilson

    That’s fine less of us dark skin woman in those degrading videos!

  • https://www.facebook.com/okidreamz Lisa Morin

    Ugh…these are the things that make me wonder how we are going to move forward!!! We get so offended when other groups do things like this to people of African descent around the world but look what we are doing to ourselves!!! We need to have a public forum hosted by Oprah (lol) where we can speak these words directly to each others faces.

  • https://www.facebook.com/genia.friend Norma J-m

    Bleaching cream is very popular in Africa.

  • https://www.facebook.com/margie.morris.14 Margie Morris

    Self hate! Be proud of your melanin.

  • https://www.facebook.com/matilda.nzioki Matilda Jin

    The pot calling the kettle black. SMH

  • https://www.facebook.com/robin.taylor.1865 Robin Taylor

    There are two alarming issues here. The first is the obvious hatred of dark skin, an obvious sign of self hate.

    But there is also the issue of sexism and degradation that seems to be the focus this week with Akons statements the first about polygamy of which Akon has the opinion that should only benefit men.

    Having said that, I’m glad dark skinned girls aren’t even a part of his degrading behavior even if his intentions are idiotic. Although I’d rather no women degrade themselves in those trashy videos at all

  • https://www.facebook.com/carina.castro.391 Carina Castro

    The darkest man on earth, tho!? Self-hating ass . . .

  • https://www.facebook.com/iydakmyal Iydak Midyek

    Clutch and others, you/we should stop giving attention to the misogynistic racism some Black men are broadcasting. Cover stories of the Black men who aren’t tangled up in self hate and worship of whiteness. Starve the other ones out. It does more harm to share the stories of hateful black men.

  • https://www.facebook.com/chey.bell.7 Chey Bell

    This goes on everyday all over the world; there are NEVER or rarely ever any women with darker completion in hip hop / rap videos, mainstream movies, commercials and every facet of the entertainment industry. This is not surprising at all and as a matter of fact it’s the standard. Unless there’s a role or part for a slave, a lawyer, a doctor or a maid, women with darker complexion are not hired or even considered.

  • https://www.facebook.com/whittany.robinson.1 Whittany Robinson

    Honestly I’m ok with this! I would much rather see women who look like me in positions as First Ladies of the US, acting in feature films, walking across college stages, and being/doing other great things that actually matter and benefit the world! Not twerking in videos or clubs so PLEASE PLEASE DONT let anymore beautiful black women be allowed on these degrading video sets!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/julia.ljungberg.96 Julia Ama Ljungberg

    Leave Ghana alone.

  • https://www.facebook.com/whittany.robinson.1 Whittany Robinson

    ?? Did someone say anything offensive or false about Ghana?? @JuliaAmaLjungberg

  • https://www.facebook.com/sivon.lockhart Sivon Lockhart

    self hate is real

  • https://www.facebook.com/srsmiley333 Shanet Reed Suceska

    damn I didnt know about the level of self hated in those countries, pretty sad – I love my dark skin and that was hard at times growing up in majority white places.

  • shay

    Akon really got some nerve!!! With his black ass!!!!

  • SMCD

    I’ve been thinking about colorism in the black community and I have a few thoughts.

    Darker ladies need not allow themselves to be too hurt over rejections from people like him. Many of these men are trash and self hate is but one symptom of their issues. Please do not think that they treat lighter women any better. I know of 2 marriages where the black men specifically sought after white/Latina women because they were somehow better. One marriage ended in divorce amid allegations of abuse and the other woman is living with a husband that doesn’t come home most nights.

    You cannot fix stupid. Nor should you care too much what it says, does or prefers. And when stupid rejects you for nonsense reasons, thank God and move on. You have no idea of the magnitude of the bullet that you are dodging.

  • BeanBean

    Akon is one of the blackest people I’ve ever seen, and he’s got the nerve to request non-black women???? This is the purest definition of self-hate. I cute girl is a cute girl, color has nothing to do with it!

  • Tsaun

    We’re our own worse enemy with this light vs dark skin bs. When will our people wake up and realize beauty comes in every shade.

    This seed was planted throughout slavery because the white man saw how the African slaves were becoming envious of the house slaves which were a result of African women being raped (so they were lighter). The massa’s knew they had discovered a way to divide and concur African Americans and wow its still working brilliantly in the 21st century.

    We have got to stop making it so easy for the majority. Come on people wake the hell up. We are all black to them at the end of the day, point blank period!

  • Ask_Me

    “If this “half-cast” casting was truly in effect, you can all blame colonialism…”

    Right because some phatom white man is responsible for black men and their self-hatred, self-loathing, Colorism, Internalized racism, self-esteem issues etc, which they have been projecting on black women for centuries.
    It’s time to get real…call a spade a spade. There are black men who simply don’t like themselves. They don’t like the way they look, and in turn, they don’t like the way black women look….black women being a direct reflection of themselves,

    The only time these men think their own sperm looks decent is when it’s mixed with another race. Blame colonialism to save face when faced with the bitter truth, but don’t absolve black men of their self-loathing. Can’t nobody MAKE you hate yourself.

    I remember lurking on a African message board. On that board black men from various African nations were going on and on about African American black women and how we are the best looking black women. Why? Because our “blackness” has been diluted by generations of admixture. These people are sick.

    My only hope is that one day black women, as a collective, will simply tell black men and their whitewashed standards to go straight to hell.

  • https://www.facebook.com/roxanne.oraguzie Roxanne Oraguzie

    But pointing out such horrible people shows us which ones to avoid

  • https://www.facebook.com/roxanne.oraguzie Roxanne Oraguzie

    But pointing out such horrible people shows us which ones to avoid

  • https://www.facebook.com/roxanne.oraguzie Roxanne Oraguzie

    But pointing out such horrible people shows us which ones to avoid

  • Marketing Gimmicks

    i know this hurts to read but a dark black woman’s image and dark black love does not sell to the white folks who buy his diluted crossover auto tuned BS ass watered down music. It’s too threatening so no surprises here. Today’s commercially successful artists are too reliant on the white man’s dollar to support their careers so it’s the nature of the business to promote acceptable standards of beauty and sex appeal to support your bottom line.

    No business; no show.

    I doubt if Akon hates himself or his darkness; he is just doing what they all do to survive, support their families and stay on top of their game.

  • Ask_Me

    Akon is a millionaire many times over (thanks in large part to Lady GaGa). He also owns his own label. He doesn’t need “them” to survive or support his family.

  • vintage3000

    Where are all the African commenters who like to claim Black Americans are the only ones with color issues…crickets chirping

    Re: Akon-dude looks like he could be Idris Elba’s fugly cousin. I don’t blame him for hating himself. But he and all the other BM like him need to own up to that and stop projecting that shit onto Black women.

  • http://afromativeaction.tumblr.com afromativeaction

    I see your point but I cannot completely agree. Yes, personal responsibility can’t be overlooked but the issue is not that simple either. And to point fingers solely at Black men would be an incomplete truth as well because there are many Black women who have the same colorist attitude.
    So to say that one day Black women will collectively tell Black men off for their whitewashed standards is not gonna happen because there are many Black people, both men aaand women, who have those standards.

    And those standards have colonial roots as the author points out. When white europeans colonized Africa, the Americas and Asia, they imposed their racist beliefs as well as their economic policies. Colorism is not unique to the Black diaspora either; it can be seen in Asia and Latin America too. Just look at who their movie stars are for example; they are usually light-skinned, as can be seen in the Philippines, Mexico, Cuba, etc.

    “Picking cotton from a field that a white man owned, the Blacker you are the farther you are from the white man’s home,” as Kendrick himself has rapped…colorism birthed from colonialism still has a psychological affect on communities of color today, including ours.

    The problem is perpetuated by the white media with who they favor and plaster in their shows, magazines, beauty competitions, etc, as well as by ourselves. But to solely point the finger at Black men is not only simplifying the problem, it does not address the issue’s root causes that still exist today, but have taken a different political, social and economic shape..

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    sighs…they both get a Negro please! But look at this as a blessing in disguise ladies because we shouldn’t support him (or any other artists/entertainer that doesn’t means us well) and take the opportunity to blackball them and hurt their pockets.

  • http://gravatar.com/ceecollegegal CeeCee

    I feel the same way; we need to stop giving attention to Akon and his fellow self-hate brothers.

  • Bren

    What shocks me more is how ridiculous they could be to go to Ghana and think that the women would NOT be dark-skinned. You can blame colonialism. However, there is a saying that goes “If you know better, you should do better”. Colonialism may have started it but a certain segment of black folks are happy to keep it alive. Thinking that colorism will go away is a waste of brain cells. I’d much rather surround myself by those who believe that my skin is beautiful just as it is.

  • Bren

    I’m not offended at all by men who think like Akon. I’d rather be Viola Davis than some untalented Videheaux any day.

  • Bren

    In case you didn’t read the memo, blaming white people has expired.

  • http://gravatar.com/philadelicious philadelicious

    For sure! Who does HE see when he looks in the mirror? Wentworth Miller????? Really. This colorist mentality belongs in the city dump…with the rest of the garbage.

  • lil ray

    akon and wizkid just got added to my list.

  • Pseudonym

    Contrary to popular black belief, white people aren’t really in on the “light-skinned is better than dark-skinned” drama when it comes to dividing black people. When they FINALLY acknowledge that we also live in this country and on this planet [side eye] [rolled eyes], they tend to go for dark black women b/c that’s what they associate most with blackness (Just look at the proportion of black supermodels who have light-skin and wavy mixed Latina-esque hair. I think there was finally one light-skinned recently- the Chanel something girl from VS and I don’t think she has curly hair.). From conversations I’ve had with white people, they don’t separate us into light and dark skin (just as we don’t separate Indians or Asians into light and dark though they do and we don’t separate whites into blondes, redheads, and brunettes though they do), they just see us all as black.

    All that is to say, white people aren’t flocking to an artist with light-skinned dancers anymore than they would to dark-skinned dancers. A black woman is a black woman to most of them.

  • lil ray

    I wish people would start speaking for them self and stop talking in the Royal *we*.

  • https://www.facebook.com/kara.c.johnson Ka’ra Johnson

    Well, I don’t like his has been ass anyway smh. I love my dark skinned brothers and sisters

  • SE

    I just have a question for the magazine. Why do you guys seem to post a lot of race tension, gender tension articles? Is it because of the drama that it creates or what? I mean, the team light-skin, team dark-skin thing is getting pretty old on these blogs. It’s not just this blog but the other blogs that cater to blacks as well. We know that colorism exist but to keep beating a dead horse is not going to change or solve anything.

  • Chelsea

    You are so right, positive side to everything.

  • Felicia

    I always wondered why is it that black male artists almost always use light bright and damn near white ladies in their videos but black female artists almost always use mostly dark skinned black men in their videos?

  • Huh?

    “If this “half-cast” casting was truly in effect, you can all blame colonialism.”

    No, let’s blame these grown ass men who should be better than this.

  • Mari

    People will stop posting stories about it when it ceases to become a relevant issue. Anyway, this website posts many other stories that are not race related, although a majority of the readers are black women for whom race and gender related articles may be of interest.

  • Pseudonym

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Leo

    Exactly! You hit them where it will hurt the most, their pockets.

  • http://www.yeshacallahan.com Yesha Callahan

    There are close to 15-18 articles posted every day (besides weekends) on this site.

    Please let me know if we’ve posted 15-18 articles on this subject a day? We post articles that are relevant to US as black women. These topics may include news, pop culture, music, gender/sex/health, black culture, etc. If you choose to comment or read just “these” types of articles, that’s truly on you.

    At any given day there are “good news” stories that receive 5-10 comments at the most, and lets see, Akon has 44+ so far..So you tell me what’s important to people who may visit the site. Colorism is an issue not only an issue that affects women, but also men.


  • Dalili

    You cannot fix stupid. Nor should you care too much what it says, does or prefers. And when stupid rejects you for nonsense reasons, thank God and move on. You have no idea of the magnitude of the bullet that you are dodging.

    My sentiments exactly!!

  • Echi

    Ummm, the concert is taking place in Ghana, a majority black country. WizKid is a Nigerian artist and there white people won’t be able to understand half of what he says anyway.
    This is a trend that needs to stop. Tired of watching African music channels and seeing undeniably black men croon to white or mixed race female video girls, when your viewers are majority black.

  • SE

    I was just asking because these articles tend to create more friction and division in my opinion.

    But from a business perspective, it’s genius. The more clicks, comments, the more money. So…

  • http://www.clutchmagazine.com Clutch

    Thanks for your comment. It’s not done for more clicks, but to cover the topic. But, yeah traffic (clicks) also means that Clutch stays Black owned and we stay up and running.


  • https://www.facebook.com/halanna.lathon Halanna Lathon

    As black and ugly as Akon is??? Lmao burnt beetle looking ASS…BUT seriously..self hate is real

  • https://www.facebook.com/halanna.lathon Halanna Lathon

    As black and ugly as Akon is??? Lmao burnt beetle looking ASS…BUT seriously..self hate is real

  • https://www.facebook.com/halanna.lathon Halanna Lathon

    As black and ugly as Akon is??? Lmao burnt beetle looking ASS…BUT seriously..self hate is real

  • http://[email protected] bill

    is white THAT much better than black?

  • liacashmere89

    That’s because white women are the standard and the closer a woman looks like it the more attractive men find her. Light skin is considered ”feminine” and dark skin is considered ”masculine”

    Many black women won’t date a light skin man cause they think he looks ”soft”. It’s the opposite for black men. I’m not saying it’s right but it goes both ways

  • Mikela123

    Some people feel that Clutch shouldn’t post articles like this because it’s divisive. I disagree, and believe that Clutch performs a service posting this article.

    In the past we would see only light-skinned or biracial women appearing in music videos or on stage next to these brothers, but when Black women point this out, we’re told that “we’re being paranoid” or “misinterpreting” what’s before our eyes, rendering what we see right in front of us as “invalid.” It’s important to point out that this is dictated behind the scenes,

    It is a conspiracy – yes I used that word – a conspiracy against us as women as a race overall, and many of our own brothers (and some sisters) do not even recognize they are active participants. African men wanting only half caste women around them. There is no other word to fully describe what this phenomenon is doing to us a people.


    The darker the berry the bitter the juice. I notice that the lighter the black man the less racist he is. The darker the guy the more hateful he is. Drake very light and only rapper to date black women actual black women. Sinbad back in the day wasn’t evil either. Yes light skin blk guys can be wrong,but most are dark and mean.lil Wayne, rick ross, Akon ect. Even Chris brown never put down dark women. Im not dark skin,but my sister i see how blk guys are towards her makes me sad

  • SE

    @ Mikele123

    It’s not just that. It’s the themes that black blogs seem to always report over and over and over again. I’m pretty sure if you go on any black female site the majority of themes are:

    1. Black on black crime
    2. The independent, single black woman
    3. Nobody likes me because I’m dark skin.
    4. Interracial dating
    5. Team natural vs team relaxer
    6. Team light skin vs team dark skin

    These topics have been talked about so much that it’s redundant.

    Maybe I’ve just out grown these blogs because I’ve gotten to the point where it’s just boring. And if you read the comments, my goodness, they can be mean spirited and catty from both genders. I think I’ll let the late teens to 20′s group continue with this. Maybe it’s new subject matter to them.

  • SE

    @ Clutch

    Thank you for your response.

    @ Yesha

    The shade or attitude that you display in your comment is not necessary. I’m not here to start anything, just asking a question about an observation of mine.

  • Sarah

    I always wondered how come you never or hardly see black men in non black women music videos.

  • V

    This is why we have a problem in the black community. Why is he ‘burnt and ugly’? I don’t agree with him looking specifically for light skin models but your statement doesn’t help

  • Lola

    Akon suffers from “colorexia” and terminal stupidity.

  • http://blam.com Mo’ Better

    Anybody know the concept of the music video, yet, or nah? Just judging it ’cause they don’t have dark-skinned women in the video, eh?

  • https://www.facebook.com/JohnCLindsay?ref=tn_tnmn John Lindsay

    Pretty erroneous comment…when considering …the “brown paper bag” test….and who enforced it.

  • https://www.facebook.com/JohnCLindsay?ref=tn_tnmn John Lindsay

    NOT very surprising…given how African immigrant men living in the U.S…..will jump over 100 African American women to date or marry a freaking White woman.
    Racist towards their own people.
    Boycott these sickos.
    Of course, I’ve never bought their music anyway….and with mess like this…I’m definitely not likely to change my mind.
    If it wasn’t for Black women…these two would NOT have careers.

  • Elle

    Solution: If black men will not respect the women and wombs from which they came, let ‘half-caste’ and white women birth them. Period.

  • BOOK

    I think you are generalizing and that is the worst thing you could do. African men living in the U.S who are citizens or have a visa would mostly marry or date and African women than an African American women or white women.

  • http://gravatar.com/theidesoflight theidesoflight

    I want to scream my praises for this comment from the top of a mountain. However, you lose me when you deny that white supremacy is at fault for the self hatred and misogyny that creates these situations.

    I do agree that it’s time to stop absolving people like Akon and Wizkid of this crap because of white supremacy, though. It needs to be addressed but you and I probably both know that these same Black men will start screaming about black male hatred, preference and “bitter hoes” if you try and say something to them.

  • Asha

    I’m sure it’s the same as all of Akon’s other videos… You know, where skin color shouldn’t matter, but it does because these fools are brainwashed to the MAX.

  • RJ

    White people really did a number on black people didn’t they? I saw a list of black men married to white women and many of them were the President of their African countries.

    Now what kind of mess is that?

  • RJ

    Yesha, I am not sure if you saw this or not but Iyanla Vanzant was set to do a lifeclass show this past Thursday on colorism on Oprah.com. it was postponed and is soupposed to be coming at a later date.

    My guess is that it came from the conversation she had with black actresses a few months ago.

  • RJ

    I am not saying this to attack you personally, but you sound like white people who cannot stand seeing an article about racism. As if not talking about something is going to make it go away.

    Perhaps, we should realize that it is a persistent problem that needs to be addressed in a real way.

    I am not team light skin or dark-skin and I hate that the term half-cate is starting to creep into or vocabulary.

    I like all people in general but I care the most about people of color. No matter whether they are light bright and look white or midnight blue black.

    Talking about the fixation that these black dudes seem to have for light women (or mutts as that fool Kanye West calls them) does not make me hate light women or bi-racial women. We come in all shades and all shades should be celebrated.

    Check out R&B videos in the 80′s and 90′s all black women were represented. Check out Heavy D’s Black coffee. The rainbow was represented and all of the women in that video were getting down and representlng “blackness”.

  • Turn Away

    These two idiots don’t represent African men as a whole. Most African men that I have personally met do not reject dark skinned women. I really wish Black women would stop looking towards rappers for affirmation. Most rappers are court jesters now. They are the joke of society. Those who have anything profound to say are few and far between. I also wish Black women as a collective would completely turn away from Hip-hop culture. The entire genre is anti-Black women. The women in those videos, regardless of what complextion they are, are being disrespected on a global scale. Women are essentially ‘props’ to these rappers. We are human beings, and deserve so much more. I am asking all Black women to please turn away from the entire culture of Hip-Hop, and all of those involved in it.

  • apple

    he black as night and wanna discriminate against dark girls.. ughhh

  • http://quiet--soul.tumblr.com Missy

    This seems to be an epidemic in WEST African countries. Skin bleaching is serious in many countries there. However when I was in Kenya the people there were proud of their dark skin and the ladies that are represented in Kenyan videos are unmistakably Kenyan with dark hues. I noticed the white supremacism game isn’t played in East Africa like in West African countries where black people trip over themselves for white people. Neo colonialism still is a problem in Nigeria and Ghana as well. But blaming colonialism for your self hatred is really getting old. These are grown men who are aware of what they are doing. Europeans just have their weak minds.

  • http://quiet--soul.tumblr.com Missy

    Bleaching cream is not very popular in Africa; only a few countries in West Africa.

  • pvo

    i’m going to hope that akon is getting most of the blame because he’s more known here and not because he’s dark because it honestly seems like the wizkid (brown skin) is the one who’d likely make such a request. akon is married to dark women and have featured them in his videos before. i believe wizkid’s girlfriend is half caste and he lives in nigeria…a country flooding with bw (who feel forced to skin bleach for men, society etc). i have not seen many of his videos.

    i just see a lot of “it is always the darker men” comments when i feel like those aren’t true. i’m a dark woman, and i notice when a light man is colorstruck against darker women the responses are “well he’s light, so it is ok” but when a dark man says it the responses are “it’s always the dark men.” The responses don’t care that both men might have the very same motivations and prejudices; the lighter person will be excused for their self-hate. The same with women. I’ve heard light women say awful things about light men and they don’t get shamed for it. If darker women diss dark men she’s going to dragged. Hell i can’t even say “X is cute” if the guy is light without people of all shades jumping down my throat with the “you only think that because he’s light skin” even though i’ve only dated dark men! i think we have this preconceived notion in our heads that darker people hate themselves more maybe because we have the same prejudices displayed by whoever was responsible for demanding half-castes girls for this video

    in short, i think the half-caste demand was wrong but so is our response automatically laying the blame on akon because he’s very dark.

  • Kai

    More like the cast iron skillet calling the kettle black

  • http://gravatar.com/geenababe geenababe

    Not surprise, I think most rappers do this. Then they try to use the age old excuse that “they have no control over which women are picked for their video”.

  • http://www.lillian-mae.com Knotty Natural

    You may have missed where they dismissed the darker women in favor of wanting half-castes…

    Personally, it would be beneath me to even sign up to be exploited, especially by the likes of Akon and WizKid (IDK who the latter is).

  • UgoBabeeeee

    you are talking our of your ass….

    this is a very ignorant stupid comment….so you have polled all african men in the us to come to your conclusion? our men as a whole are not quick to dilute our culture and communites by marrying outside- check yourself please

  • http://www.lillian-mae.com Knotty Natural

    And you denigrate him in the same way that he denigrates his darker skin sisters…Yes, Halanna, the self hate and colorism are real and run deep! look in the mirror!

  • UgoBabeeeee

    Please publish that list or give us the link to that list….

    what kin ignorance are some of you spouting?

  • Really

    How so? Please read the definition of “Half Caste.” I just did. Most are not dark skinned. That’s a pretty specific request, and you have no idea what kind of video they were trying to make.

    As for the article: There are millions of light skinned girls in Nigeria. Ghana and Senegal, not so much. They may have made that request in Ghana for the same reason. Is colonialism also to blame for the obsessive levels of color-struckness in the African American community?

    Please make an attempt to be nuanced in your thinking, and don’t go blaming Black people if you can’t do basic research or comprehend things in context.

  • lea

    um this happens in america all the time, when was the last time you saw hip hop videos with dark skin girls? hip hop culture in america influences hip hop everywhere, from the language to wanting to flash money and look rich and fashionable, its everything. it’s sad when other artist can’t filter this nonsense out, but blindly accept it and perpetuate it overseas.

  • Chrissy

    Yea, I don’t believe they have no control over it. I remember I was reading something about the women in Rihanna’s ‘Pour It Up’ video, and one of the women said Rihanna hand picked her. So, artist do have control

  • UgoBabeeeee

    I don’t fully get the significance of this article….

    wiz kid while relatively unknow out here outside nigerian/african hip hop circles is a “big” star in the african- nigerian hip hop genre….one thing about the hip hop videos- at least those originiating from nigeria/ghana is that they are heavily influenced by the broader hip hop scene…so there is lack of creativity in terms of what the videos show and silently the theme and acceptance of the videos is that of the hip hop sex vixen theme and scantiyl clad chicks…so if you can see it on rap videos out here- its only within time that you may see it duped in a video back there…. in hip hop videos HERE created by black musicians – you have problems getting representation of dark skinned women….black women should not be littered through the videos,i would think it would be non blacks who would be scarce in a HIP HOP video….not so…….so please please just because they were filming in ghana or wherever else in africa or are africans does not mean that they will not do like their AMERICAN/WESTERN counterparts and slight dark skinned women over non black women….is there any difference with the way castors cast only particular looking girls in hip hop[ videos here? in all scenerios there is no LACK of black/dark skinned women- so don’t make it an argument of colorism…because it equally applies here….don’t single this out of being an african issue…instead look at how influential hip hop is and the demons attached to which has an inflluence which works to the detriment of its creators- that being people of colour…..fyi wiz kid’s girlfrioend/fiancee is a half caste herself or if not very fair skinned to begin with….

  • MommieDearest

    “but yet akon is darker than dark ”

    Many times, people reject in others that which they hate most about themselves.

  • http://gravatar.com/nattynay nattynay

    Some of most darkest black guys seems to always try to ostracize dark-skinned black women *cough* Akon, Diddy and Wayne.

    Ironic or ignorant?

  • Tee Tee

    Nice try. Well Really. Sure there may indeed be some ‘half caste’ are not always dark skinned. But erm the majority of ghanains, even the lighter ones are brown – dark skinned. It’s not like the casting was in London or LA which is still problematic ala diddy and co, asking for mixed or light girls only. If you don’t see this as an issue, then more power to you innit mate. You need a stadium of seats with him and wizkid though. Ijs ;)

  • Tee Tee

    Floored – this is stupid funny!

  • Robbie

    Why would any women would want to be in these hip hop videos knowing how black women are portrayed. These girls should be happy they turned them away. That is why I don’t support hip hop nor these artists.

  • V

    I love how this Ghanian article tried to call out Senegal and Nigeria for their skin bleaching issues when Ghana has them too! Speaking from a Ghanaian-Canadian who has LOTS of Aunties who turned to bleach. If we’re going to address shadeism, lets look within ourselves first and not simply point the blame to individual artists and other counties. Le Sigh

  • lola289

    Huh? Please explain…

  • lola289

    Exactly…I was like “huh?” *shrugs*

  • lola289

    Seriously the truth is a lot (not all) of black men are color struck and it’s just pathetic. We need to learn how to love better as a culture.

  • ruggie

    These videos are meat markets that do not lead to careers in acting or respectable modeling. The term half-caste is very insulting. Just because something is withheld from you, doesn’t mean it’s any good to begin with.

  • http://gravatar.com/twistedbabydoll85 twistedbabydoll85

    Who cares about this ugly, smushed face coon????Seriously, you couldn’t pay me to be in a video with this bottom of the barrell perverted freak. Both Akon and Whiz are ugly, messed up Black men who wouldn’t have got women PERIOD had they not have money or fame!!! They need to thank their lucky stars for their money and fame because they are both ugly, miserable, and disgusting!

    Those shallow, materialistic, vapid “half-caste” girls can have this video. Don’t let this get you down, beautiful dark sistas! Let those colorstruck fools have their video and those groupie vapid shallow females who have been told all their life that they need to not work hard “cuz you light-skinnededed wid gud hurr” are going to grow old and have nothing to show for it but an empty for aspiring to be in videos as a career!

  • glory

    It’s one thing to have a problem with the two artists. They ARE truly some colorstruck fools. But it’s another thing to say the “half-caste” girls are shallow, vapid, materialistic groupies because they are preferred by those artists. The preference is wrong. That doesn’t mean that the women who are the object of that preference are any more or less shallow than the girls that were turned away. They were all standing in the same line, looking for the same thing, aspiring to be in videos.

  • jay cee

    Two more demented minds who hate themselves. I’m sure these men have a great resemblance to their mothers, so they must hate their mothers too

  • Aria Wilson

    Excellent point. Reminds me of a few girls in high school who used to dislike and pull the “lite-skinned” and “mixed” girls hair because they “thought they were cute”.

    They were rightly upset that many of the Black boys in school seemed to prefer them…but why go and take it out on the girls? Tell the males why you think it is wrong and keep it moving…no need to disrespect the women for no reason.

  • simplyme

    To speak as someone who has bit of perspective into both worlds. WizKid is very popular in Nigeria and is touted as one of the hopeful crossover artists into the Western mainstream music industry. His earlier videos have had women of darker skin tones in them. African hip hop videos heavily emulate American ones but tend to be a few years behind. The vast majority of the girls in African music videos are of darker skin tone but as American music videos keep getting… err… “lighter” I think African music videos will too, as we’re starting to see now. Just like they started sporting snapbacks, fitteds, skinny jeans, etc. This trend, especially for an artist who is attempting to crossover into the American market is becoming more prominent.

    I remember P Square (another Nigerian artist) had a song “No one like you” that helped catapult the group toward its current level of fame. It had a bunch of young women dancing around in wedding dresses. They were all pretty, they were all chocolate colored, they were all Nigerian, and the video was extremely popular in Nigeria and among diaspora in the U.S. and U.K.. As their popularity has grown, however, they are working more internationally and collaborating with the likes of Rick Ross etc. and you can see that their more recent videos include more “exotic” looking women. In some videos the song is clearly about a Nigerian girl, but the girl in the video is clearly not Nigerian. Its a little odd tbh. Bought the reality is the girls cast in these videos are props just like the cars etc. So the girls need to be “trendy”. And what is trendy in Western music now is “light”. Just like shooting the video on a yacht or in a club showing off cars etc. I think the American media has an even larger influence than people realize.

  • JzzE1

    “COON”?!!! Seriously?!! You’re just as bad as THEY are!!!

  • http://gravatar.com/moudou moudou

    I’m guessing this isn’t an example of people “needing to hear the truth”, but an example of how other people’s internalized self loathing gets projected on others. Akon and co need to heal their minds. International market or not.

  • https://www.facebook.com/emelda.decoteau Emelda De Coteau

    Hatred turned inward. We will only be free when we learn to love ourselves.

  • https://www.facebook.com/jojoperel Bunmi Adekunle

    I respect AKON so much that I don’t believe he would portray this kind of act in Ghana. Yes, Most African countries like Nigeria and Ghana are known to be bleaching their skin, especially the Women. This has been going on since I was born so I will say before or in 1979. So, bleaching is not a new discovery but if modelling in Africa will require half- Caste or tone skinned person then take your business out of Africa to where they are already naturally skin toned.

  • African

    Are you African or you heard it on CNN? I never saw a woman with bleached skin

  • DJ

    You respect him so much for what reason? He has shown nothing, but selfishness and disrespect for women in general, since he arrived on the scene.

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