Maya Rudolph as Beyonce

SNL alumna, Maya Rudolph, is returning to prime-time television with a new variety show produced by SNL executive-producer, Lorne Michaels. Deadline is reporting that Rudolph’s variety pilot with begin as a special after the Winter Olympics.

During Rudolph’s 7 year stint on SNL, some of her most memorable impersonations included Beyoncé Knowles, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand as well as Oprah, Donnatella Versace and Michelle Obama.  After leaving SNL, Rudolph’s career included several movie roles, and even small musical concerts.

One of Rudolph’s most memorable screen appearances was on the  Unsung episode, dedicated to her mother, Minnie Riperton:

  • SayWhat

    NO, we realize that she is mixed race. The black men on SNL are not only black, but they are dark skin, but somehow society’s idea of a black woman is usually one who is light/mixed race. So again, NO, she is not SNL’s first black woman and I was actually disappointed that she was chosen to play the FLOTUS……and this is coming from a Maya fan.

  • omfg

    she is not black and i see no reason why black people should claim her as such.

    stop accepting mixed people as proxies for black people. they are merely acceptable replacements for whites. and, they don’t mind being in that position.

  • omfg

    i once told this white guy that i didn’t consider maya rudolph black.

    he looked at me like i committed some sorta sin and asked me if i knew who her mother was.

    at any rate, here’s my proof. and nobody who wants a black woman to be on snl should feel comforted and satisfied that lorne michaels is doing something for her.

  • simplyme

    I have no problem with the way she views herself… but talk about having your cake and eating it too.

  • RJ

    If she does not consider herself black then why did she always play the black characters?

    They are black but they are also white. They do not cease being black because they have white heritage. Black is just not all that they are.

    This is political thought she is espousing and not common sense. Of course she is black and she is white. This is not rocket science people.

    If her life was surrounded by a mixture of races than she would make more sense, but she has seemingly decided to place herself in a white world.

    Tracee Ellis Ross has the same story as she does. Both born to successful black female singers and both have white/Jewish fathers (as a matter of fact their fathers look alike).

    One embraced being black, the other only does for professional gain and as a pop culture reference.

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