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White people, just stop it already.

I mean, I sure some of you think it’s “provocative” and “edgy” to slap some black paint on your face and throw on an afro. But it’s not. It’s ridiculous and you look like a  fool.

Yes, Jeanne Deroo, I’m talking to you.  Since you’re the editor of Elle France, maybe I’ll just say it in a language you’ll understand:

Tu ressembles à un désordre chaud putain. Et c’est raciste! For the non-French speakers, I basically just told her she looks a hot racist ass mess.

Fashion Bomb Daily uncovered the blackface tragedy after Deroo the photo on her Instagram account, but of course, after word got around, Deroo quickly deleted it and made her account private. Yes, go hide in your shame and ignorance. Merde.


  • Jaslene

    My father stated one way to get them to stop wearing blackface is that when they do beat them up. Let them know this is not a game and that it isn’t funny. I think it would get the message across how we feel about it.

    • http://gravatar.com/stardancer2008 stardancer2008

      I know I’m hankering to get a sock of nickels and do some beatdowns…

  • http://gravatar.com/blaque217 blaque217

    By all means, let them keep exposing themselves. It’s the closet racists I worry about. The ones that make it known (and then TRY to backslide when the backlash begins) I know not to mess with, support, watch on TV, etc.

  • Leo

    Is this the same magazine who recently had France’s Minister of Justice, Christiane Taubira on the cover?

    I stopped being offended by racist and ignorant people a very, very long time ago and I’ve made it a habit to not financially support those who practice blatant racism.

    She’s just being antagonistic because women of African descent are redefining their own beauty and style on their own terms without the influence of the dominant culture. She only wants to be a part of the revolution that she can not appropriate due to her whiteness and say they influenced our style.

  • https://www.facebook.com/trixie.carter Melissa Carter

    It’s in poor taste but it ain’t Jim Crow black face. Move on.