Marielle Bobo of Ebony, Alexis Garrett Stodghill of, Rachel Jeantel, Jamilah Lemieux of, and Ericka N. Goodman of Ebony participated in the creation of the makeover. (Photo by Marie Francois)

Marielle Bobo of Ebony, Alexis Garrett Stodghill of, Rachel Jeantel, Jamilah Lemieux of, and Ericka N. Goodman of Ebony participated in the creation of the makeover. (Photo by Marie Francois)

Rachel Jeantel loves Manhattan, she told me during her latest trip. After a round of press last summer following her appearance during the George Zimmerman trial, Jeantel returned to New York recently — this time to be photographed for a timely makeover.

These glamour shots appear in the December/January Power 100 issue of Ebony magazine, and embody her blossoming identity of a teen becoming a young lady.


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Now preparing to embark on a new future, garnered in part by her bittersweet exposure to the limelight, theGrio partnered with Ebony to help Jeantel mature in her personal style.

Rachel takes New York

Rachel came for the beauty and fashion, but underneath it all was all business. She came off the plane from Miami to get her new look clutching a text book. Currently in counselling paid for by radio host Tom Joyner to help her cope with losing her friend Trayvon Martin, Rachel is handling the vacillations of life with a bold heart. And ignoring her critics.

“I don’t really care about that,” Rachel told theGrio of the cruel backlash she faced upon becoming well-known. “I can’t let them put me down. I was there to help a friend out,” she said of testifying when others might have chosen to remain anonymous.

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  1. this is PERVERSE. the witness in a criminal case gets a make-over? welcome to america where the answer to all your problems is a make-over. no wonder i don’t read lame ebony!

  2. Let's be honest

    All of you who say she speaks wonderfully well, if you were the CEO of a top company and your company was hiring a first year Analyst, would you hire her? Thank you.

  3. Sandy248

    The problem wasn’t how she looked. It was that she came off like she had an attitude. She made it sound like she didn’t care what happened to her friend while he was getting killed just as long it didn’t bother her. No amount of makeup and hairstyling can cover a callous attitude.

  4. Stop judging

    She has a speech impediment. Its an underbite that requires surgery. That is largely the reason for her poor speaking. The surgery will fix that, and a speech coach will do the rest. She speaks French Creole, Spanish, and English. Her parents are from Haiti and The Dominican Republic. It is good that people are helping this young woman with her education and her presentation. I hope someone helps her pay for that surgery to help her speak better.

  5. Margaret Opine

    RACHEL J.: I LOVED YOU THEN, I LOVE YOU NOW; YOU DON’T NEED TO DO A THING AT EIGHTEEN BUT BE YOURSELF… BUT IF YOU WANT INTO THE MEDIA-GLAMOUR WORLD AS A LIFE-EXPERIENCE THEN GO FOR IT AND EVEN WRITE YOUR BOOK. But you don’t have to change anything about yourself for me because I don’t need you to “look a certain way” or “sound a certain way” for me to find a killer guilty of a murder he admits he did…if I was on the jury. I got sense enough to know that I don’t look any better or worse than you in most people’s eyes. We all look good over here and we all look bad over there. So then, why do you have to look a certain way for some nil-brain woman to find a killer guilty when he says he did the crime? (Enjoy the experience but remember YOU’RE GREAT just as you are.)–MO

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