The Beyhive wants to keep their resident Queen Beyoncé far from Kim Kardashian and crew. They were in an uproar on social media when the two were pictured together during Kanye and Jay Z’s “Watch The Throne” tour and now, they’ve created a petition to stop Beyoncé from attending Kim Kardashian’s wedding.

It reads:

As you all know by now Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have sadly been in the news for their “engagement”. [...] Now we must do all in our power to stop Beyoncé from attending that god forsaken wedding, since her husband Jay Z is BFF’s with Kanye he probably wants both of them to go. [...] Do us a favor Bey and rain check that train wreck of wedding.

Here are a few ways to get out of going:

1. Extend The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour for as long as possible- Be on tour for their wedding. Tell them your busy and business always comes first.

2. Blue Ivy has the flu- You cant attend a wedding when your baby is sick.

3. You have something better to do- You are Beyoncé you always have something better to do than to attend a Kim Kardashian wedding.

4. Say that you have a meeting with the President and the First Lady- Who would say no to the president, especially when your other choice is to attend a Kim Kardashian wedding.

5. Simply say no- Tell the b***h no. Simple as that.


Given the fact Beyoncé dedicated a post on her site to congratulating the birth of Kanye and Kim’s daughter, we’re pretty sure she’s going to attend the wedding.


Nice try though, Beyhive.


  • Margaret Bailey Cooley

    That is too funny!

  • Nykia Hooper

    smh these pplhave nothing else to do

  • Sarita Alexander

    wow, talk about ppl who need to get a life. Like ANYBODY, let alone Beyoncé is gonna listen to them.

  • Krysta Barton

    Omg, get lives ppl!

  • Krysta Barton

    Omg, get lives ppl!

  • Kimberly Johnson

    Wait…this is serious?!?!

  • geenababe

    People really got to much time on their hands. I kind of understand where they’re coming from but this is to much.

  • E

    These fans have a lot of time on their hands…

  • Me

    what kinda evilness is that? they don’t know what kinda relationship those 2 women have w/each other. who goes around dictating who should & shouldn’t go to somebody’s wedding? this got to be the dumbest….

    plus what does that even solve? so beyonce doesn’t go. now what? y’all win a prize? y’all think the wedding won’t go on w/o her? neither one of them mean anything to me but some people need to grow up.

  • Margaret

    Well – you have nutcases in every fandom but some people just dislike that girl so much they don’t want her rubbing off on Bey. Eh – who cares really. But the whole thing is a trainwreck. I mean – for her to go from the travesty of the last marriage to a relationship with the biggest egomaniac in the free world is kind of entertaining.

  • SE

    That is so stupid. What is wrong with people? They make a petition about everything damn thing.

  • CAsweetface

    I saw this yesterday and wanted the minute back i took to read this petition. People really have an obsession with celebrity culture. And a man started this petition! Get a life!

  • YB


  • Jess-s

    this is hilarious!!!! LOL

  • Aria Wilson

    My God this is so extra…..

    Get a life ya’ll, seriously.

  • Natty Nay

    I can’t stand Kim K. as much as the next person but Beyonce stans are just as worse.

    If only they used this passion to create a petition/protest to arrest Renisha McBride’s killer. I’m pretty sure was meant for much more.

  • geenababe

    The picture up to the top next to the picture with Beyonce in yellow. Is that really Kim without no makeup?

  • liacashmere89

    This is why I HATE Stans. All of them! Beyoncé Stans, Michael Jackson Stans, Rihanna Stans, Eminem Stans, etc. They are so pathetic. They don’t know Beyoncé (or Kim) on a personal level and a grown person doesn’t tell another grown person who they should hang with.

    These people need to get jobs, go have sex, walk a dog . . . I mean something. This reeks of ”I don’t have a life”.

  • Chelle

    *hi5* I can’t stand the fact that people can start a petition over anything. This has got to end. If Beyonce wants to be friends with Kim K or just hang out from time to time, let that grown woman do what she wants. This whole “stan” thing is dumb too. Lmao @ go have sex, walk a dog..hilarious

  • Gell0h0h

    Which one your bills has Beyonce paid this month? -_ – Your life? I need you to toss it in the air and grab it. SMH.

  • binks

    SMH….people really need to get themselves a life and stop living through a celebrity. I understand liking a celebrity but they aren’t dolls so you can’t dictate to them what you want or don’t want them to do. I hope the people who signed and made this petition have their live and houses in order an in control before trying to control someone’s else. And as mention, there are other things we can use our voice and power for then protesting someone not going to Kim Kardashian’s wedding which in the grand scheme of things doesn’t matter.

  • niknik26

    Still laughing….

  • The RealKay

    *sigh* People need to either find hobbies or something else to do with their time than trying to tell a person who they don’t even know who they should and shouldn’t see. This is the problem I have with certain kinds of fans. They develop this cultish, manic almost worshipful behavior towards a celeb who is just a human being with money and some power. But at the end of the day celebs are just as flawed as any of us and in some cases they may be even more. I am not “hating,” (I can not stand that darned word anymore!) on those who like Beyonce’s music but give it a rest! I mean you can enjoy her music without getting all caught in her life like you’re her friend or family member when she clearly doesn’t know you from a hole in the wall. Folks kill me with that.

  • liacashmere89

    ” I can’t stand the fact that people can start a petition over anything.”

    I’m saying. I get so many messages in my email box to sign something it’s ridiculous. I just started deleting them. Half of them aren’t even about anything important

    ”This whole ”stan” thing is dumb too”

    It really is. I’m a fan of someone’s work and that’s it. Who they hang with, date, and do in their private life really has nothing to do with me. People go harder for their favorite celeb than they do their own family members. The sad part is when grown people do it. Like, ”you too old to be a Stan”. Leave that to Teens and Kids

  • Bren

    WHY DO PEOPLE CARE?!?! There is absolutely NOTHING IN IT FOR THEM! Go buy a life! Congrats to Kimye anyway.

  • CeeCee

    Omg. Beyonce stans are some intense people.

  • Kanyade

    Some people are the absolute WORST. This is so ridiculous! With “fans” like these, who needs enemies? Sheesh.

  • Kellie

    Point blank……It’s just not that serious! lol I love Bey and I like Kim. Bey is A GROWN ASS WOMAN who will do as she pleases. What’s going to happen to Bey is she attends? She will have a good time. The beyhive needs to have severallllllll seats with this one!

  • Kiki

    I can’t tell if this petition is real or a Onion style joke!

  • Blue

    I don’t know if it’s a joke or not, either way who ever made this petition has too much time on their hands. I’m not a fan of Kim Kardashian either but if she invited Beyonce, & Beyonce wants to go, then let her. What is ti to the rest of us.

  • SMH

    Who would be that simple to think that they can dictate what private events Beyoncé or any celebrity chooses to attend. This is beyond silly.

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