Erica Campbell Responds To Dress Controversy

by Yesha Callahan


Last week Erica Campbell’s infamous white dress caused a little bit of controversy throughout the Christian community.  Some felt as if her form-fitting dress was a little too provocative for a church lady.  But other people felt she looked beautiful, and Erica is one of those people.

“I’m taking it in stride and I’m keeping it moving,” Campbell tells “When we took the picture I felt beautiful, I felt confident, I felt sexy and I felt strong.”

“I thought I looked cute,” she says jokingly, “but it obviously offended some people, which was never my intention.”

Campbell’s family also thought she looked amazing in the photos.  “Our whole family loved it,” said her sister Tina Campbell. “You see grace, you see beauty, you see elegance and style. It’s wholesome.”

It’s the criticism that she’s received that leads Campbell to believe a much-needed conversation about Christianity and sexuality needs to happen. “This is about confidence and realizing that God made you and that you are beautiful just the way you are,” she says. “I think that young girls shouldn’t only get sexy images from people who are not proclaiming Jesus. But I am. And I’m cute too.”

Clutchettes, what do you think about Erica’s comments? Can there ever be a conversation about what’s deemed Christian “sexy”? 



  • Claire

    “‘It’s wholesome’?” Um, it’s SEXY…And there’s nothing wrong with that! ;)

  • geenababe

    That last post on this messed me up because I also try to be a conservative dresser. I personally thought her dress was alright I mean it up to her neck and pass her knees. Yes, it wasn’t loose which made her curves stick out more but I thought nothing of it. Then I saw comments against it made me kind of question what I see as conservative. Like I said I understand the backlash for Megan’s style of dress but not for Erica’s dress.

  • MimiLuvs

    Next week, I am going to a Holiday Party and I have no clue on what to wear. Minus the Zanotti shoes (I live in NYC… It’s freezing), that dress had given me an idea for an outfit.

  • Lola

    “You see grace, you see beauty, you see elegance and style. It’s wholesome.”
    I see extra virgin indian weave, a lot of makeup, spanx and photoshop. She looks like the love child of Nene Leakes and Kim Kardashian. Just another black female celebrity trying too hard to be sexy.

  • shay

    Its a turtleneck longsleeved dress. Good grief people.

  • raah

    She’s gorgeous. I’ll direct you to Mary Mary’s first album cover. Even if she weren’t cute in your opinion, you’re just a hater. Let her be she.

  • Felicia j

    I wonder should a Christian artist want to have sex appeal? Am I suppose to look past the weave and tight dress and see Jesus .

  • RJ

    It is not IMPORTANT that young girls see sexy images. People who are looking to a gospel audience do not need sexy images. They need authenticity and the word.This is plain and simple stupidity. They really need to stop with this nonsense.

    If you want to be an R&B artists, then be one. Stop trying to straddle the fence.

    And we wonder why so many people are lost.

  • Anthony

    As a man, I was not going to bring it up, but that three foot weave is as tacky as that too tight dress.

    I can appreciate a healthy hiney and full hips, but that dress was so tight that it looks like she cannot walk in it.

  • lw

    I tend to agree with you, Lola. She is spanxed and photoshopped to the max. And in “real life” the dress is so tight she would not be able to bend over in it, and certainly she would not wear it to church. Don’t get me wrong, Erica is a beautiful woman (although not a size 6 with a perfectly flat stomach after having like 3 kids). I even like the Mary’s reality show somewhat. But images like these are just as false as Kim Kardashian’s “I got my pre-baby body back” magazine covers. Lies on top of lies.

  • Anthony


  • Tina L

    She needs to stop playing. She knew what she was doing when she chose that dress & the overall imagery. A lot of Christian “artists” are being revealed for who they truly are when they open their lives for reality TV.

  • 3rdeye

    its a painted on dress..

  • bob

    Man she was looking good, she has a nice figure. I do not mind her showing it at all.


    If ‘Jesus’ were real it shouldn’t make a difference.

  • Buttons

    Like Meagan Good, she’s trying to downplay and trivialize the issue, which she really didn’t address. I think it’s disingenuous for them both to pretend to be naïve about their intentions behind their wardrobe choices; it’s an insult to people’s intelligence.

    Choosing the clothes you wear is not a casual decision; it is a conscious one. What a person wears is an extension and a representation of themselves and their character, which is the very reason why celebrities pay thousands of dollars for personal stylists—to assist them with projecting a specific image and a desired look.

    Her dress makes a very bold statement and it ain’t saying I’m “strong” and “elegant”. It says very clearly, “Look at me, I’m wearing this dress to emphasize my figure and so that, as a Gospel artist, I can be competitive with R&B artists and attract “secular” audiences, which will allow me to be more marketable and profitable with my music. Also, although I am a “Christian”, a part of me is still caught up in the Hollywood machine that is highly focused on vanity and glamour“.

    End of story.

  • MommieDearest

    Erica looks good.

    With that said, there’s a proper time and place for a second-skin dress. A photo shoot promoting a Gospel album is not it.

    *wonders where I can buy a dress like that, maybe in red, to wear for a date-night at home with hubby*

  • KDJW

    I loved Erica’s response, and in my opinion she looks great. It amazes me how chistians are so judgemental God does not look at the clothes you are wearing but your heart. ijs

  • Buttons

    Another thing I noticed, there is no symbol or reflection of anything Christian or biblical. She’s not wearing a cross, holding a bible – nothing. I’m trying to figure out where is this Jesus she loves so much. She said more about being stylish and looking cute.

    These artists must think we’re crazy.

  • Aria Wilson

    “Am I suppose to look past the weave and tight dress and see Jesus”

    Yes. The word can even come out of the mouth of a woman with a weave and tight dress..

    Is it impossible to receive the word unless the woman has on a loose fitting dress and wearing her natural hair??

  • Aria Wilson

    Yeah, and Lord knows that she can’t sing about God if we can notice the outline of her frame in a dress!!!


    I am with you Shay, good grief people!

  • pamplemousse722

    Whatever happened to listen to the message? She is the messenger.

  • Child_Puhleez

    Like that too-tight dress, there was absolutely no Christ in that greasy Instagram pic against God’s anointed [Missionary women]. I sincerely pray God rewards Erica according to her “deeds.”

    Sista girl is definitely “smelling herself.”

  • Lorri

    The time for conversation about Christian women and their sexuality is here. It’s easy for her to put a fab dress on for marketing but I think a couple of men would have a reaaaaallll hard time paying attention to her sing in church because of their focus on her dress. She’s beautiful, she’s got a great shape, and she’s always stretched the limit with current styles because Mary Mary is not about conforming, but being out of the box. Nothing wrong with a sexy Christian woman, as long as the message of Christ isn’t overshadowed by her fabulousness.

  • Mama Sunshine

    Right, Mommie! My husband would love that dress. We could have some serious role play with that one.

  • Mama Sunshine

    True. However, the intentions of someone’s heart can be to arouse others sexually, or create envy in others by the clothes they are wearing. So then what?

  • Buttons

    It is impossible to have a candid discussion when you have people that throw reason to the wind, dismiss legitimate critiques as “hatemongering”, and pretend that looking “bootylicious” is harmless and acceptable as a Christian woman. There’s no way you can penetrate through that kind of mis-education. It will require an expert or a professional.


    She looks great! #ChristianMan

  • SVB


    I’m a bit dismayed at these comments. TBH
    1. It’s a turtleneck
    2. WHO CARES IF SHE HAS WEAVE!? It’s not saying anything about her character.
    3. Photoshop? Sure. Why does that matter? Half of y’all put filters on your IG. I know y’all do. Don’t fake for the internet
    4. Why are you all pressing YOUR views of modesty on her. If God’s not convicting her, why should you? If He is and she’s still wearing it, that’s on her
    4a. What’s modest to you, may not be modest to the next. And check yourself too. Don’t be so high and mighty
    5. How do you know she can’t walk in the dress? Were you there?
    6. She clearly defines her intent behind her outfit
    7. Y’all sound like haters
    8. Maybe this negates my entire post, but at the end of the day her life will go on. She’s not checking for y’all. Your life will go on too. I promise.

  • dbsm

    LMAO. Real talk.

  • Mimi

    Yup God looks at your heart…but our outside attire sometimes also reveals whats in our hearts and the way we really think. i honestly thing the overuse of “judgemental” is getting a bit too much. when you see wrong it is wrong, but society today is telling people who see red and call it red that they should stop “being judgemental and closed minded”. too many people giving excuses about God looking at the heart so it doesn’t matter what present sin they are committing. twisting the word of God for their own benefit.

  • raah

    this is NOT comparable to meagan good’s shenanigans and literal photo “spreads”

  • Buttons

    @ SVB:

    Are you serious??? What you said made absolutely no sense.

  • http://Facebook Olympia Sherron

    #1 None of her body parts are exposed or “hanging out”
    #2 She is covered
    #3 Real, grown WOMEN have curves & are not flat with a straight up & down ironing board body
    #4 When a woman who is not a size 2 wears clothes this is how she will look
    #5 Erica Campbell looks fit, healthy & beautiful in that very modest, lovely white dress.
    #6 There is NOTHING trashy about the dress, it is classy.

  • Buttons

    Yeah… You trippin’ too…

  • slick

    are you going to a club or church? dress appropriately, sheesh

  • sassy

    Her outfit is very beautiful. I find it classy. But shut the fuck up saying real women have curves. It’s so offensive. Even if she was “curve less” she’d still be a real women. She wouldn’t suddenly be imaginary.

  • cheeky

    Honestly, what exactly is “sexy” about her dress? She’s wrapped up from head to toe and not showing a single thing—-how is she being “provocative” simple because she has a nice figure? Some people need to get over themselves,seriously What is she supposed to do—-wrap herself up in duct tape to hide her curves? I find the whole clothes debacle ridiculous and nonsensical to begin with—it’s not as if she’s actually flaunting anything.

  • cheeky

    And the truth, sometimes men are going to look at a women regardless of what she wears–it dosen’t always have to be lowcut.or anything. Which her dress isn’t, so people need to quit tripping over it. Good grief.

  • cheeky


    Just chill out with the curse words—all that particular saying means is that “real women”—women who don’t fit unto the Hollywood version of what women are supposed to look like—skinny as a toothpick,blue eyes,blond hair, and jacked up with plastic surgery to the nth degree—that’s all that means—nothing offensive about it.

  • Tiffany

    I feel as a women of God we have to be careful about what we want to betray to the media and the world. Some things ought to be left to the imagination. We have become to comfortable with the things of the world that we have begun to loose ourselves.

  • Tiffany


  • yolanda

    3. Some grown women don’t have curves. You can be flat chested and have a flat bottom, it doesn’t mean you’re sick or non fully developed and this is offensive to say the contrary (this is coming from a very curvy lady)
    5 &6 the dress is ok, I’m not at all offended, but it neither modest nor classy (it is certainly classier and more modest than a video vixen outfit but let’s elevate our standards)

  • onyxdc

    This is such an American argument it’s ridiculous. I grew up in an African church, where most of the women under 35 would wear skin tight dresses or skirt suits, high heels, make-up, the whole nine. So speaking from another cultural standpoint, all I can say in regards to this is “what’s the big deal?”

  • Thinker

    What do you mean “real, grown women have curves”? What is wrong with being slim. Just because you are promoting a body shape you find attractive doesn’t mean you have to trash another.

  • Judy

    Erica looks like a beautiful angel in her white dress. The dress is covered up to her neck and is covering her knees which is all that should matter. All the females in her family are “hippy and “curvy.” Leave her alone.

  • sweetli30

    She looks gorgeous.

    I’ve seen women in church wearing things tighter and far more revealing than this dress.

    The dress is NOT overtly sexual. She looks confident and powerful and that’s what the sexy is about in this photo.

  • brunetta washington

    Erica I just would like to say thank you so very much for your response as to how God looks at us he looks at the heart I had a situation at my church, I was told that I

  • Mrs. Ajibade

    I do think its a nice dress but I think its too sexy for a gospel artist. According to the word we ought to be modest in our dress. Soon the world won’t be able to differentiate from Christians all together. God has a high standard. This should have been a private photo for her enjoyment not for the world. Yes she’s beautiful and we love her and more than a dress but come on, sexy is over rated for saints. Let’s press towards the mark of the high calling.

  • Rhonda

    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not PERISH but have EVERLASTING life. John 3:16

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