Men Who Smoke Weed May Develop Man Boobs

by Yesha Callahan


If this isn’t a reason for some men to put an end to their puff, puff and pass habits, I don’t know what is. I’m quite sure no man wants to walk around with man boobs (well ones they didn’t intentionally pay for).

A Detroit plastic surgeon says smoking weed lowers testosterone levels and puts smokers at risk of developing excess breast tissue. Dr. Anthony Youn, who runs Youn Plastic Surgery, says “man boobs” are caused by an imbalance in the body’s testosterone and estrogen levels.

In a recent interview with CNN, Youn said when the balance tips in favor of the latter, extra tissue can form around the breasts. Smoking weed can sometimes tip that balance, which leads to man boobs, also known as gynecomastia, he added.

Youn’s theory isn’t anything new. According to a recent report on the topic, the medical community has suspected a link between pot and man boobs for decades. However, due to the drug’s status as an illicit substance, there hasn’t been sufficient research to confirm these speculations.

For now on, when I see a guy with man boobs, I’ll be left wondering not only how many Big Macs he’s had in his lifetime, but also how many doobies he’s smoked to get those boobies.



  • Ana Devine

    That’s a pretty cis-gendered warning.

  • Autumn Joi Ellis

    Let me know when Michael Phelps develops them, then I’ll believe that dumb statement. Smh

  • Lisa Thomas

    I’m calling bs. I know a few male potheads ok maybe a few more than a few and not one of them have male boobs.

  • Lisa Thomas

    I’m calling bs. I know a few male potheads ok maybe a few more than a few and not one of them have male boobs.

  • [email protected]

    Lol interesting, I know plenty of men who don’t have breast, and some who do but that’s because they let the munchies take over and got fat lol

  • Lovely Murrell

    me too. hell i live in colorado where you can go buy it at a store and we dont have a ton of extra man boobs here.

  • Lovely Murrell

    me too. hell i live in colorado where you can go buy it at a store and we dont have a ton of extra man boobs here.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    *** run look in mirror ***

  • Afia Cayee’

    That means Jamaica should be full of M.W.T ‘s … I don’t think so….

  • NYCDave

    Wow; sounds to me like a running-scared “Hail Mary”, last-gasp attempt by Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, and particularly Big Alcohol, ( in the face of increased acceptance of recreation weed use in the US ) to continue those filthy-rich industries’ further sponsoring of the quaint 1930′s – style demonization of marijuana.

    Weed, and man boobs ? GTFOH.

    Horrors ! “Reefer Madness” 2.0 !

  • Kayla

    RICK ROSS… makes so much sense now O-0

  • Roxanne Oraguzie

    Sounds like reefer madness to me

  • Roxanne Oraguzie

    Sounds like reefer madness to me

  • SugarSatan

    Does that mean women can use marijuana as a breast enhancement ?Let me go grab a quadruple jumbo blunt.

  • Susan

    Doubt it. If so, it would also increase estrogen levels in women and give them bigger boobs too. Nothing has been reported about that. More likely related to obesity and/or male menopause (low-T).

  • EnsomCityEmpress

    The Gov will use every excuse in the book to try and NOT legalize this plant. If this was the case, how come Wiz Khalifah & Snoop Dogg (Lion, Godzilla, or whatever animal he is now) and the others don’t have big ol’ double D’s? Stop the propaganda Feds we know what you are trying to do.
    There are people that really need this plant to feel better from pain and other ailments, even it means growing some boobs(which I highly doubt). So we see it, we read it, but we don’t pick u what you are putting down.

  • Simone L

    purple lips + man boobs = a sexiness words cannot describe. *fans self*


  • Shirl


  • NYCDave

    Oh, you mean you DIDN’T know that “coalitions” such as “Partnership For A Drug-Free America” and its ilk are sponsored in no small part by that biggest dope-peddler in the world, the Spirits and Wine Industry?

    Please; these decades-long-entrenched Masters of the Liquid-High Universe ain’t ABOUT to let folks get a calmer, safer, and less-aggressive buzz out there, AND let folk go down to their basement and PLUCK some new stash right offa their own plants, for free?

    Again,’t be surprised if Big Pharma, and Big Alcohol don’t fire further salvos by paying some quack “institute” to publish “findings” that weed smoking men will grow VAGINAS, or two heads.

    Them liquor / pharmaceuticals suckas ain’t about to give up their buzz-monopoly, and watch folk ignore their industry’s dangerous-assed, riot-inducing beer 6-packs, “prescription” painkillers, cigs, and clubby bottle $ervice !

    Y’all better know, Jack !

  • Joe Cook

    things ppl say to get attention…weed is good for u..

  • I mean

    Does this mean women will get bigger breasts from smoking? Lord knows I need them

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