According to a new study done by the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMH)  and  the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), growing up in a single-parent household can lead to high blood pressure later in life for black men.  Between 2001 and 2008, researchers used a sample size of 515 black students at Howard University and analyzed their blood pressure rates and incidents of hypertension.According to the study, published in the journal Hypertension, those participants who grew up in single-parent households were more likely to suffer from high blood pressure compared to participants who were raised in two-parent households, regardless of whether the parent was a mother or father.“Being raised by a single parent really puts kids at a disadvantage in terms of resources that would be available to them,” said Charles Rotimi, co-author of the study, in a press release. “Our study is not an indictment of single-parent homes. Single parents, however, may struggle more to keep things together, and this may be impacting children in ways that later manifest as adult onset diseases.”

The researchers stated that socioeconomics play a huge role in the explanations of their findings.  Compared to two-parent households, children in single parent households often live in poverty. “The findings reported in the current study may be explained by these unmeasured childhood socioeconomic factors,” said Debbie Barrington, Ph.D., the lead author and an NIMHD senior research fellow.


  • 9Boots

    How about MEN take some responsibility since they are 50% of the problem. No child comes into existence without sperm. Therefore, men should use self control, keep their zippers up, and stop trying to have sex with everything that walks. Also, men can use condoms. Furthermore, men need to start shaming other men for not taking responsibility for raising their children. So called “good men” need to step up and start holding men accountable.

  • SMCD

    You think every single parenthood results from some loser who honestly advertised himself to be worthless from the start? You think people don’t say one thing and do another or talk a good game? Or that people don’t divorce their spouse or die? You really think the solution is to simply blame the women who didn’t have the foresight to consult their crystal ball and know that the employed, educated nice guy looking into her eyes today is going to abandon his family tomorrow?

    I’m totally with you on waiting to start a family when one is ready but why is it always the woman the bears the brunt of the blame for men not doing their duty?

  • Deana


    I totally agree with your point. From what we see approximately 70% of black children are being raised by single mothers. This means that the overwhelming majority of black men aren’t worthy partners to create stable two parent households with. Therefore, for black women to prevent the problem we need to find men from other groups to have children with and don’t even give the vast majority of black men the time of day. Clearly there aren’t enough good potential mates in the black community for ALL black women. You are making the case for why black women need to pursue options outside the black community. Hopefully you aren’t one of those black men who get upset when black women date men of other groups. They are simply taking your advise and trying to prevent the problem.

    Ladies, when men come to this site blaming black women solely for the issue of single parent households in the black community please read between the lines. They are telling us that the vast majority of their peers aren’t worth a damn and we need to stay away from them. Yes ladies, these black men are telling us to STAY AWAY from black men.

  • Victoria

    Huey, your comment represents what ALL fathers should tell their daughters.

  • LorMarie

    Ladies, stop birthing men that hate you.

  • Victoria

    As a woman, the only person responsible for protecting me against pregnancy is me. Regarding sex, Im in charge of what enters, remains, and exits. Stating that men, who are least likely to be the head of household single parent, have to ensure they wear condomes sounds nice. But our society has made it easy for men to bounce. Also, it’s not only about protection, it’s about procreating with decent people. We cant expect losers to support our children in any capasity. ,Leave the deadbeats alone.

  • Ivory


    Your math is off. Just because 70% of black children are born to single mothers doesn’t mean 70% of black men are the fathers of these children. Diddy is one man with 3 baby mommas. Shorty low is one man with 12 baby mommas. Those three men in tenenesee have more than 100 children with dozens of women. It takes very few black men to have lots of illegitimate children.

    Another question is why women are attracted to a small group of men. That spreads dieases too.

  • My Name is My Name

    Women don’t give birth to men. They give birth to babies whose environment then shapes who they are.

  • Deana

    Please go back and reread my post. I did not say that 70% of black men were the fathers of these children.

  • LorMarie

    Which is why there is nothing wrong with avoiding birth of those babies that will grow into men that hate her. If black women are doing such a poor job, just stop birthing… problem solved.

  • rena215

    Huey – I don’t disagree with your argument. I think the problem is twofold – women should be more careful on who they sleep with and exercise greater precautions AND men need to be shamed for such irresponsible behavior. From what I’ve observed other races (especially those in higher socioeconomic classes) put more pressure on men and shun those who exhibit behaviors that have become expected and accepted in the Black community.

    As an example, I’ve spoken with men who were 30-33 years of age, who feel social pressure to get married (asap) and then have a family, not the other way around. Their families would have a fit if they were to father children with different women out of wedlock, so the social pressure does add a deterrent. EVERYONE in the black community, not just women, need to step up and address this issue

    Finally, can you please, please, PLEASE stop using the word “female” as anything other than an adjective (esp. when referring to a human)? I’m sure you realize the use of that word in that way is very insulting.

  • Deana

    Again, I did not state that 70% of black men have fathered these children. For single black women looking to create two family households the fact remains that the majority of black men ARE NOT GOOD OPTIONS. Taking into account the many that have already fathered children they are not taking care of, those that have the same thinking and will happily make you a baby mama and not his partner, those that don’t have the resources necessary to contribute to a partnership, those that do not want children, and those that are already in stable two parent households I stand by my believe that the overwhelming majority aren’t good partners to create stable two family households with.

    If you want to stick to your belief that a few bad apples are fathering all these children that is fine with me but please stop arguing a point I did not make. I can see how you connected the two sentences to come to the conclusion that is what I meant but it isn’t.

  • Ivory


    “…avoiding birth of those babies…”

    Can you at least have the guts to say sex selective abortion or infanticide?

  • SMCD

    I cannot respond directly to Huey, so I will do so here.

    Unless you have your hands on some national single parent database, you simply cannot know the intimate details of how the “overwhelming majority’”of single parent AA families came to be. I do think it is a myth that there are these hoards of black women having babies for any old dude on the street. The few single mothers I know were in serious relationships (engaged or married) with men who impregnated and then abandoned them for whatever reasons. And yes, it happens to women of other races too.

    My gender has nothing to do with this. 2 people lie down to produce a child but we talk about the woman’s judgement and what people need to tell their daughters. What about the man’s judgement? What are sons being told about integrity and morals?

    I’m so sick of the blame game fed to women: you should have known better, why did you trust him, why didn’t you use a different birth control method, why didn’t your psychic tell you he was lying about loving you?

    Our children are suffering while we coddle their fathers and blame their mothers. Enough!

  • Victoria

    No need to apologize for using the word female. It’s not an offensive word.

  • Victoria

    With 70% of black children born out of wedlock, it’s clear that majority of AA single mothers arent engaged or married. Single mothers must accept their part in having babies with men that dont take part in raising their children.

    Can you answer this- is what Huey stated wrong? Isnt it important to relay this message to our daughters so that the next generation doesnt have to deal with the ills related to single parenthood. Huey offered a solution. Of course, making our men responsible is another solution. But I agree with Huey that expecting people to man up after the baby arrives is less realistic.

    Another solution is raising our sons to be productive citizens and reliable fathers. Why arent our son being taught this? And let’s npt forget many are being raised by single mothers.

    Also, your comments reflects being tricked; Huey is talking aboutt not being tricked. Dont be left in a position you dont want to be in.

    Like I said this is not about blame. It’s about improving the lives of our children.

  • 9Boots

    Huey, Huey, Huey

    Thank you for being the example of the mentality most black men have. You make it easy for me to prove my point.

    “When the scribes and Pharisees brought a woman who had been caught in adultery. They made her stand in the middle of the court and put the case before Him (Jesus).
    Teacher, they said, This woman has been caught in the very act of adultery. Now Moses in the Law commanded us that such [women—offenders] shall be stoned to death. But what do You say [to do with her—what is Your sentence]?” John 8: 3-5 Amplified Bible

    Note the men caught the woman in the act of adultery. Where is the man that the woman was committing adultery with? The woman was not committing adultery by herself and yet they only wanted to judge the woman. The man is free although he committed the act with her. There is a distinct pattern of BM refusing to hold each other accountable concerning OOW children and single parenthood. For the last 50 years BM have continuously blamed BW for OOW children and single parenthood never admitting their actions are half of the blame. The example above of the evil men’s misogyny of unjustly only judging women and not men also for the same actions committed by both parties illustrates the current evil unjust false righteousness state of mind of most BM. A righteous judge admits BOTH parties are guilty and renders the same judgement for both genders. BOTH genders have free will, BOTH genders are responsible for self control, BOTH genders are to be held LIABLE.

    “Appoint judges and officials for yourselves from each of your tribes in all the towns the Lord your God is giving you. They must judge the people fairly. You must never twist justice or show partiality.”
    Deuteronomy 16:18-19 New Living Translation

    You and most BM are impartial evil, guilty judges. An impartial judge follows the moral law of The Lord and judges both genders equally.

    “If a man is discovered committing adultery, BOTH he and the woman must die. In this way, you will purge Israel of such evil.” Deuteronomy 22:22 New Living Translation

    BOTH genders are liable for the negative results of premarital sex. The black community is over run with black misogynists that have no intention on taking accountability for their behavior nor changing their behavior. They are bent on only blaming women. BM refuse to take responsibility for their actions, be competent leaders, and a stable foundation to build a family upon. Therefore BW need to flee BM (except the rare BM that are actually looking for a wife to love, provide, protect and create a family with) and expand their dating and marrying options to non BM. After giving BM free non married sex for the last 60 years we can see how unappreciative they are. There is no reciprocity. Please wake up and realize that you are worth more then this and you have the authority to not settle for this nonsense. Raise the bar of expectations for men. You should call the shots and stop giving them the best of you without them having to earn it, i.e. marriage. Stop having sex with them. THEY ARE NOT WORTHY.

  • Emma Knight

    As a black single mom, these stories piss me off. It should say children from low income households have a higher risk for medical problems. All people from all walks of life all over the world suffer in poverty. It is not a race or a sex issue.

  • simplyme

    I agree. These kinds of studies are useless. Unless you can tell me you controlled for income, parental age, etc. these studies create false implications and more confusion.

  • SayWhat

    In the story about a politician who wants kids to work for their free lunch, someone posted that they wish women who could not afford children, would not have them until they are financially stable, that if they have a GED, which in this day in age means squat, they should again wait….. they received nothing but thumbs down, and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why? No one is talking about the kids who are here (that would be cruel) but surely we can talk about future children can’t we?

    I get it, out of wedlock birth is a sore issue for black women, based on surveys, we respond that we do want to get married (more so then women of other races), but we are least likely to, my only conclusion is that we are settling, but don’t want to admit it. Some of us just want our fellow bw to stop settling, because whether we want to admit it or not, our kids are suffering because of this, and will continue to do so. As someone who cares greatly about issues affecting bw, this is NOT a judgment call, just a call to know your worth.

  • cbmts (@cbmts)

    @9Boots: what you’re saying is great and all but what incentive does a man have to do any of that? if these men can do just about anything and still get access to females, what incentive do they have to change what isn’t broken?
    now, if the woman involved isn’t complaining, there’ll be no problem but since they usually are, the simple answer is: demand better from the men you mate with. apart from child support, which the state can jail a man for, the rest is voluntary – it really is, but motherhood is not. and since it’s usually the woman who’s left holding the bag, it must be her decision alone (except in the case of rape) to determine what she let happen to her body. mating with the the likes of Desmond Hatchett and expecting them to wake up one day and be responsible is the very definition of irresponsible.
    as far as shaming men, that’s wishful thinking. heck, you can’t even tell a 12year old what to do anymore. shame used to be a great motivator but not anymore. you can’t slut shame men anymore than you can’t slum shame women.

  • GeekMommaRants

    I really hate stories like this. How many know that women are genetically prone to want children much the same way men what sex? We are in effect asking our women to not be human (not that this is new). Single parenthood happens because brothers ain’t shit? Is this the real reason?

    If you forget that this society hates black love, black families and black marriage, then please remember. I hate the fact that stories are written outside of historical context, yah know, black families were always strong and united, bullshit and that black men have the same opportunity as other groups, more bullshit.

    Black women are done all the heavy lifting and are blamed for everything! This must stop!

  • 9boots


    What incentive does a man have to change if the women are not complaining? How about self respect and integrity.
    “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?” Mark 8:36 English Standard Version

    Many non BM (especially Asian men) can not fathom abandoning their children (and women) en masse and being so anti marriage. These non BM hold each other accountable and do not rely on women to turn them into productive men. This is not the case in the black community, the males do not require each other to become productive men, hence the reason why BW are always told to twist themselves into pretzels hoping it will motivate BM to be productive. How pitiful. Believe it or not shaming men is not wishful thinking. Men of other races actually shame their male cohorts for being counter productive. This is why you will never see this level of male dysfunction from other races. Once again another poor excuse as to why BM can’t get their own mess together.

    There are movements and discussions taking place among BW to demand more and set higher standards for how they should be treated, but these movements are not for the purpose to incentivize BM to change because life isn’t about BM. It is for the purpose of BW to have a better quality of life and to not waste their time and energy falling on the stumbling block which is BM. It is quite clear BM do not have the courage nor the desire to be the solution to their own problems.

  • Victoria

    Black women have, “Done all of the heavy lifting,” yet, our children are not better off. We all know to issues that surround single parenthood; however, black women continue to get defensive regarding this subject. Our sons who are raised by black women are abandoning their children in large numbers- children by black and non black women. Yet, women get offfended when told to change their behavior; although, by making this change our children may be better off. If you are upset that men arent being “blamed” then starting “blaming” your sons to the point so they will be great fathers.

    Let’s start teaching our daughters that they no longer have to do all of the heavy lifting.

  • cbmts (@cbmts)

    @LorMarie: except the vast majority of men don’t hate their mothers. if popular culture is any indication, even the most screw up man on any award show would always acknowledge their mothers (hardly their fathers). now, if these men happens to hate other women except their mothers, then the issue can be reduced to who raised that man, how he was raised and the environment that shaped him. in any case, you have the mother/father of such men to thank for doing such an awesome job. as for birthing men, how do you suppose to accomplish that unless you’re advocating for gender selective abortion?

  • Black Woman Evolution

    Please bear with me as I am not the intellectual type who uses large, complicated words and phrases. I’m just a Black woman who was raised by a Black mom and grew up with Black sisters and cousins and would just like to share my view on this sad issue that has long plagued the Black community. As much as I hate to admit it, yes, women DO need to demand more from men and be sure they are not producing children with men who aren’t going to stick around and help them raise the kids. Let’s say that the majority of women having children out of wedlock are not the women who were abandoned by husbands and fiancés, but are actually women who are having children from casual, undefined relationships with “Nuk-nuk and nem” type men. Let’s say that is the case. I cannot agree or disagree with that because I do not have cited information to support or dispute this claim. There is stuff all over the internet from people determined to make Black women look bad but there is no scholarly evidence to prove either way that I am aware of. (If someone is aware of a piece of work such as that, please let me know). So, for the sake of argument (or not arguing) let’s say this is the case. In defense of women, though, it’s not so much that some Black women are dumb and lack discernment when it comes to avoiding the “Nuk-nuk” types. There is a pathology of low self-esteem amongst Black women (not all, but a vast amount) that plays a large role in why they choose the partners they choose. A lot of BW honestly do not feel they deserve or can get a man of quality. I am speaking from experience; my own experience of learning to love myself; my sisters’ (both of them) experiences of struggling to love themselves and realize their worth, my aunts, my mom and many, many of my friends. I am sure you have seen the documentary put on by film makers Bill Duke and D. Channsin Berry called Dark Girls (I am not turning this into a colorism topic!). These are women who struggle with their sense of self-worth. Regardless of whether it is because of their skin tone, or weight or hairtype (Chris Rock’s Good Hair) or whatever, Black women, not all, but many, have struggled or struggle with feelings of poor self-worth. When you don’t feel worthy of love, you tend to take whatever kind of semblance of love you can get. That usually opens you up to all sorts of predatory situations. Please understand I am not making excuses for women; this is just my humble, real-life observation (and again, experience). I spent all of my twenties in relationships with men who did not have my best interest at heart. Because of my lack of self-worth, I put up with some real crappy situations disguised as relationships. No children were produced in these bogus relationships, but that’s not because I was so conscientious about my use of birth control; I just got lucky and didn’t get pregnant is all. I am far from twenty-anything now, but I can honestly say if I knew then what I know now, I would not have given ANY of those men the time of day back then. It has been a long, laborious task of learning to love myself and realize my self-worth. It’s a movement that is spreading. Look at programs like Black Girls Rock, aired annually on BET. Simply type “natural or kinky hair” in your Google search field and watch how many reputable and positive hair blogs by Black women pop up. We know we need to work on our self-worth so that we can confidently demand more from men AND life in general. And we are working on it. It isn’t going to be an overnight thing. We are working to undo years, decades and centuries of damage from slavery, colonialism, segregation, integration, crack and gang epidemics, fatherlessness, pop culture and much more. The one question I have to ask is how are Black men dealing with their own pathologies? They have them, too. And they aren’t all the fault of Black women, either. This epidemic of OOWL mothers and fatherless homes is so much deeper than “women need to stop letting any old man bust inside of them”. Yes on the surface that is a true statement, but we have to ask what is going on inside of the mind of a woman who allows this type of treatment and then tackle the issues that come out of that type of questioning. Thank you for allowing me to share…

  • rena215

    That particular use of the word female dehumanizes women (the term that should be used) and many find it condescending.

    That, and it’s an improper use of the word.

  • My Name is My Name

    “In the story about a politician who wants kids to work for their free lunch, someone posted that they wish women who could not afford children, would not have them until they are financially stable, that if they have a GED, which in this day in age means squat, they should again wait….. they received nothing but thumbs down, and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why?”

    It’s probably because the same isn’t expected of men. How can the problem truly be fixed if the focus is on the outcome and not the problem itself?

    Do you know the saying, “Pain is a symptom, not the cause“?

  • SayWhat

    Beautifully stated.

  • SayWhat

    1. Who says the same isn’t expected if men? I think a lot of people wish serial dads would get fixed.

    2. A woman has the final say in whether she chooses to be a mom, so more focus will always be on her.

  • Victoria

    What impropet use of the word? How was it improperly used? A word is not offensive b/c some movement says so. If you dont wish to use it, by all means. But I dont find it offensive and will continue to do so.

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