Ann Coulter called Melissa Harris-Perry MSNBC’s “token” African-American, in response to the host’s apology to the Romney family.  As reported on Clutch, Harris-Perry came under fire recently for allowing her show’s guest to joke about Mitt Romney’s adopted grandson being the only black person in the Romney family photo.

After receiving backlash, and even requests for her termination, Harris-Perry gave a tearful apology on air and released a statement on her blog.

Coulter and Sean Hannity decided to chime in. “It’s particularly good having Melissa Harris-Perry of all people making fun of a black child in the Romney family as a token,” Coulter told Hannity. “What does she think she is at MSNBC?”

Hanity quickly came to Harris-Perry’s “defense” and acknowledged that she’s not the only black person on MSNBC. “Why would you say that?” he asked, adding that Al Sharpton is also on MSNBC.   Hannity did agree that Coulter when she said MSNBC  is obsessed with race and playing the race card. 

Coulter also pointed out the irony of MSNBC taking on race especially when they accuse Republicans of racism. She said, “Unfortunately for liberals, there is no more racism in America. There is more cholera in America than there is racism.”

  • castlep777

    Coulter is an elite racist who promotes herself at every opportunity. A new book explains why we should Never Trust Ann Coulter – at ANY Age, available at www DOT coulterwatch DOT com/never DOT pdf.

  • Aria Wilson

    Yeah…I don’t think “token” means what you think it means, Ann.

    In the words of Red Fox:

    “You big dummy!”

  • jay cee

    Ann Coulter thinks there is no more racism in America just because she rolled around in the hay with JJ. What a Dope!

  • Marisa

    Can JJ “Kid Dynamite” Evans come get his broad please also to sum up Ann Coulter just watch that episode based on her on Boondocks. It described her to a tea that she is a controversial bimbo who wears cocktails dresses on morning shows and says outlandish things, just to line her pockets. I’m sure many of her ilk are just like that, as we see with the so called conservatives they have a don’t practice what we preach ideal anyway. That’s why I think people shouldn’t waste anymore time taking what she, Limbaugh, Hannity, Faux News and the rest say their outrageous just to be so.

  • noirluv45

    Sean, Ann, Bill, Rush, and the rest of the right-wing talking heads were purposely to be the mouthpieces for the angry White race, so why do we continue to be surprised at anything that comes out their mouths or whatever ideas they have. A rattlesnake is a rattlesnake, so should we be surprised when they strike with their deadly poison?

  • Anthony

    That is her exactly! Cocktail dresses on talk shows and slinging around political or personal insults. Coulter exists to fulfill the fantasies of racist losers.

  • geenababe

    Ugh I want this lady to go away forever. I also want this topic to go away, time to let it die. All the juice have been suck out of this orange.

  • ScriptTease

    Umm but I bet an apology will not be given or even be requested. These people!

  • Annoyed

    I didn’t read the story or read the comments because I don’t do Ann Coulter outrage. C’mon, she’s an idiot. But is it me or does she look like a palomino? Trigger and Ann Coulter – separated at birth?

  • afrosaxon1

    But can we just ignore Ann Coulter instead of shining a spotlight on every silly thing she says?

  • TajMarie

    Where’s Don Lemon’s outrage? That’s right he only has the balls to call out Black People doing things that are offensive to Blacks — but not actual Racist White People. Besides, she has some nerve calling someone a “token” when she has the mindset of a High School Sophomore. None of what she writes or even says make sense as she depends on Right-Wing nuts for her career. I think of all the women who have been cast as Fox anchorwomen, Gretchen has been the only one who hasn’t come off as a complete airhead — and even that is a stretch.

  • Harmonious Foodie

    Thank you! Of all the things to care about.. there are so many other, more important fish to fry than anything this chick thinks…

  • Tara

    Elite? She reminds me of some from West Virginia who grew up eating mayonnaise and bologna sandwiches. Elite? please….

  • yardyspice

    Why is Clutch giving this woman the time of day? All she does is says nothing really fast and people pay attention because she has blond hair. Let’s continue ignoring her and her adam’s apple.

  • Christal

    Ann Coulter is a despicable right wing hack! He’s clueless on reality! The dude wants to stay relevant!

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