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via Instagram

Kaleb and Kordale are two dads who love to share photos of their children on Instagram. While this is pretty commonplace for many parents, Kaleb and Kordale are black, gay, and raising their children together.

I know, what a concept!

Apparently, while many of us know  black, gay couples raising kids and doing every day things “normal” people do, some  aren’t quite used to the image of two attractive (uh, FINE) black men parenting together.

MUSED, a magazine that caters to black, gay men, wonders: “Are we that sheltered from black gay couples that the general public doesn’t think they exist?”

While the pair received some predictably negative comments via Twitter, they also received a ton of love. This gives me hope that one day all facets of Black fatherhood will continue to make their way into the mainstream and expand the idea of who Black fathers really are.

Kudos fellas. Keep up the great work!

  • ziggy

    @Ivory, I wholeheartedly agree with your comment. When I look at that picture I see love.

  • kerry

    What upsets me is that they’re not only recieving backlash because they are gay, but also because they are black. Seriously! Do people think that gay black people don’t exist? Wth! Dumb people are ignorant, &vice versa. They look so in love, according to their instagram at least lol. They are rare…they’re being good black fathers, which many people don’t have, and many people need that. Raising their daughters is beautiful & seeing thier pic made me happy :)

  • JDF

    He is getting that kitchen together…as evidenced by her facial expression….love it!!!

  • b

    I thought this was great until I realized that they hide their relationship from the kids. I’m sure they are great parents but the statement they’re trying to make would be a lot stronger if that weren’t the case.

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