Reading is fundamental and according to a study done by Pew Research, college-educated black women are the most likely to read a book.   The Pew study was an attempt to analyze the adoption of electronic books, but the demographic data showed that black people are more voracious readers.

Pew’s study showed that, women read more books than men, black and white people read more books than Hispanics and people who’ve been to college read more books than those who haven’t.  The study also showed that even though more Americans own tablets and ebooks,  69 percent of Americans are reading traditional books.

What would be more interesting to find out would be the type of genres people are reading.  Romance? Mystery? Self-help? If you take a look at the best-sellers on Amazon, who’s currently world’s largest online retailer, it’s definitely a mixed bowl of nuts.


Clutchettes, how many books on average do you read a year? What’s your favorite genre?


  • Guest

    Life changing book called ‘Soldieress Chronicles’. It’s a quick read- read it in 2 days. A real page turner! Passed it on to my friends/family and they agreed it was awesome!

  • Tara

    About 15-20

  • Tara

    Elaine Brown’s book about the Black Panthers was excellent.

  • Tara

    Find it in a library.