Who Follows ‘Trends’ for Pubic Hair Maintenance?

by Demetria Irwin

Pubic HairThe New York Times recently ran a piece about Brazilian waxes being on the decline and how letting pubic hair grow is the new trend. What? You mean to tell me there are grown women who follow “trends” when it comes to pubic hair maintenance? Apparently so.

The piece mentioned Lady Gaga, Gwyneth Paltrow, Girls actress Gaby Hoffman and Cameron Diaz as examples of famous women who have been open about the more au natural state of their pubic hair. Lady Gaga and Hoffman have gone so far as to show their pubes in public via a photo shoot and a television show, respectively.

Other than the brow-furrowing idea that people would actually look to celebrities for guidance on what to do with pubic hair, I was struck by the fact that the article makes no mention of women of color at all. It’s not shocking in the least, but interesting that when speaking about female sexuality, it is only white women who are mentioned.

Us black women are not missing anything by being excluded from this pubic hair trend conversation, but it is a very telling exclusion. Whiteness is the default for so many topics in media—beauty, sexuality, love, etc. Black sexuality is still “other.” Like with everything else, we have to continue to create our own spaces (Hey Clutch!) to talk about what matters to us.

But back to the pubic hair topic, to each her own.  Some people shave initials and shapes into their pubic hair, some folks go completely bare, some do a little trim and some adventurous women adorn their lady parts with crystals. I’m good on that.  But whatever you and your partner like is just fine. Be safe, be clean and you’re all good.

When you are considering what to do down below, where do you typically go for advice?

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  • http://gravatar.com/geenababe geenababe

    I don’t go to anyone for advice on what to do down there. I have heard many health advisor say that you shouldn’t shave it all off and the hair serves a purpose. I have heard that men who like no hair could probably be going for a little girl aspect in adult woman which could be extreme or believable. Shaving has always made me feel uncomfortable so I don’t bother with it. I wouldn’t want to wax my legs so I wouldn’t do it for my private part.

  • Mimi

    “When you are considering what to do down below, where do you typically go for advice?”

    My OB-GYN. LOL


    I have friends who love to sing the praises of their Brazilian Bikini wax lady and even about their electrologist. They always tell me to “come out of the caveman days and get a wax”. But they don’t realize that their skin looks terrible. I know that it is wrong to say that, but I can’t hold it in.
    Despite that, I am going to stick with my trimming shears and just “make it neat”.

  • ….

    I hate being anything but bald.

  • Lynette

    I think the adult entertainment industry brought about the popularity of the Brazilian. I never got into it because I thought that it made women look pre-pubescent.

    Now that I have gotten older, things down below have thinned considerably and I am just now thinking that maybe I need to consider waxing b/c I would rather be bald than patchy. ( boo hoo).

    Since women are trending away from Brazilians, I hope this means men will quit man-scaping because I like chest and underarm hair on men (to me it’s what separates men from boys)

  • Naan

    About 3 years ago I came to the conclusion that I would only remove hair when it is convenient for me. This was after a bad ingrown hair experience, which was actually after a wax which is marketed as “ingrown hair free.”

    As a teen I was very into shaving my armpits everyday but now I realize that is unnecessary if I am not wearing clothes that reveal my armpits. Now I can go 2 weeks or more without a care.

    Legs? I don’t show them either so I can go months without shaving them. But I did learn with the medical condition that I have, leg hair growth is a sign of if I am managing my condition well or not. The hairier (correlated with time) the better. Basically when I was unaware of the effects of my medical condition, I thought that my leg hair grew too slow to even bother with the idea of shaving anyway.

    Vaginal? That’s a funny topic to me. Everytime I get a wax I go in saying I am only getting my butt crack done (sorry, I don’t know how else to say it). But then I am like 35 bucks plus a tip just for that??? No I need my monies worth— so essentially I submit myself to more pain because I have a consumer complex about it. Lol.

  • Leo the Yardie Chick

    ” I never got into it because I thought that it made women look pre-pubescent. ”

    Glad to see I am not alone. This trend of making grown women’s genitalia look like a 5 year old’s never sat well with me.

  • lynn

    Full on 70s bush right here. No fuss, and my man likes it.

  • MommieDearest

    I agree. Grown women (and men) being totally hairless down-below is kind of creepy IMO.

  • mEE

    my general rule is, “in the winter let it grow, in the summer let it show”. I don’t really shave anything in the winter because it’s cold and I need all the insulation I can get

    but I was actually reading an article recently that said cases of pubic lice were on the decline because both men and women are less likely to have as much hair down there as they did in the past. …so there’s that lol

  • JS

    Who do I go for advice? Lol myself. I dont see why someone would let celebrities or “fads” influence them when it comes to something so personal few will see anyway.

    Personally I do sugaring waxes. Completely bare. It makes the world of difference in cleanliness, especially during “that time” of the month. Guys appreciate it, although to b quite honest I really wouldn’t care if they did or not, I do it for myself.

  • http://www.lillian-mae.com Knotty Natural

    I don’t follow celebrity trends at all!
    I’m old skool! Since I developed pubic hair I’ve tried shaving it (worst thing ever), Neat (not too bad), electric razor (My go to for cleaning things up), and finally brazillian wax (once and only once, but never again)…Currently, I let it all grow in! The only time I clean up is when I’m going to the beach…nothing else is necessary for me.

  • kaydees360in365

    I recently experienced my first bikini wax…it was uncomfortable, but I would do it again…especially in the summer time. The ingrowns hairs are not the business, tho. I just prefer things neat, not completely bald. To be honest, men never notice.

  • Jenny

    Are they using these stars as the measure for all women? IDK about all this, I just know I like my area BARE! lol

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