Idris Elba Tweets About Getting Aroused

by Demetria Irwin

Idris ElbaOur collective husband Idris Elba had Twitter on fire last night when he tweeted a picture of himself smiling while wearing a bowtie. Every new picture of our boo boo gets re-tweeted pretty heavily, but this one was especially viral because he added the following caption: “My Bow makes my dick hard every time I smile…is that normal?”

Well Drissy Pooh Pooh, I don’t know if that’s normal, but if you’re happy, I’m happy.  Oh and he had the nerve to follow-up that tweet with another bowtie picture with the caption “Had fun…releasing the beast..;) (jokes).”

So, the real question here is why is Idris Elba trying to make all of us have dirty thoughts? I’m not exactly complaining, but I am taking note. This is how they get us, ladies! Keep close watch on the news. Some major legislation is about to pass in Congress or something while we’re drooling over Stringer. Watch.

Elba is one of those universally fine men though. I don’t know anyone who thinks he’s just okay looking. Who are some other universally fine men?

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  • Rakel

    Bow ties arouse him? Him just being him arouses me lol.

  • GPauling

    Man he’s fine | I would love to see him in just a bowtie and nothing else lol

  • Kisha

    Another example of “celebrity overshare”…the only thing worse would’ve been of he shared a twit pic with the comment..and if he had I certainly hope Clutch would have done an even more thorough “pic inclusive” reporting job on this issue! :-) But I digress…

  • J.Nicole

    Yea, I was ready to continue my rant about Melissa Harris-Perry being forced to apologize on air while Ani DeFranco & that guy from Duck Dynasty wasn’t reduced to tears for their gaffes… then Idris happened and all I could think about was what was going on in that back seat…

  • Anthony

    This is the kind of thing that drives men crazy! When Hottie McHottie posts a dirty tweet, the ladies swoon. When Joe Blow Niggerow posts the same thing, women beat him up for harassment and obscenity.

    I ain’t hatin’. Male or female, you can always get away with stuff if you are good looking!

  • mEE

    LOL! you’re right Anthony.
    I think Idris Elba is a fine piece of man, but I don’t enjoy seeing anyone talk about their member. that’s just me. but yes in general, the attractive movie star will get a pass

  • S.

    Ok… he just became a lil less sexy to me :/

  • Tsaun

    Rakel I couldn’t agree more!;-) Got damn, he’s fine!!!! Sizzling freaking hot!

  • SugarSatan

    Ok,Idris gives me serious buttercunt,and I’d love for him to screw me six ways till Sunday, but damn that tweet was not sexy at all.Kind of a turn off actually.

  • JS

    It’s definitely his British humor showing though. My friend is engaged to a British man and him and his friends have quite the potty mouths. They would have said something like this too lol.

    Honestly its Idris Elba’s accent that makes him attractive to me, without it he would still be attractive but nothing I would swoon over.

  • Nakia

    This was also in his GQ interview (video) where he said he got his first hard on when he was a kid wearing his bowtie. you had to see it. but uhhh, ew @ “buttercunt”. TMI chile…T.M.I.

  • Nakia

    I love a witty sense of humor, even (ok especially) when its a little crude. Its not like he just tweeted about his hard on people (“hey guys, my d!ck is hard”), he made a joke about the tightness of his bowtie. Sheesh. But I am admittedy nobody’s prude.

  • MommieDearest

    “the only thing worse would’ve been of he shared a twit pic with the comment”

    Idris knows the difference between being a little freaky-sneaky-sexy (giving enough info to make you curious, then leaving the rest to your imagination) and just plain gross (letting it all hang out).


  • Gigi Young

    I think he’s looks just okay, sooo…blanket statements, much?

  • No Thank You

    1. This whole thing of referring to celebrities as one’s wife/husband is totally psycho to me.
    2. Idris Elba isn’t even remotely attractive to me and I greatly disagree that he is ‘universally fine’
    3. Yuck!

  • Lola

    Good looking privilege is a reality.

  • Nubiahbella

    Never understood the attraction of Idris Elba and neither do about grown people talking about their private parts in public. Maybe I am being too prude???

    On another note some Black women drool over this guy like la it was la creme de la creme yet he only dates Non-Black woman or light skinned/mixed ones. Not saying you can’t find him attractive because you can’t have him but I do find it ironic that his biggest fan base are Black woman!!

  • mostexhalted30

    Thank God I’m not the only one. I don’t get the hoopla around him, but I guess Hollywood needs their next Denzel ASAP. Shrugs.

  • Jerseyluv

    Nothing wrong with what he said…if you found it distasteful just move on to the next tweet. Women can say whatever they want and it’s perceived as sexy. When a man does it it’s inappropriate? please…It was arousing to me, but then again I enjoy hearing that, from my man at least and since Idris is a lot of women’s husband in their heads we can appreciate the comment and the visual that pops in our heads :)

  • Brad

    That’s probably cause a lot of times, people compartmentalize when it comes to celebrities and entertainers. They are attracted to someone based on there own attractions and not who they are dating or married to.

    They don’t expect to actually date that celebrity or marry them so there not overly concerned with there personal life.

    Other words it just ain’t that deep for some…

    That being said I always remember how my mother loved her some “Louis Gossett Jr” because he always had a black woman on his arm.

  • K


    He needed some female reactions to assure himself that he still “got it”.

  • Starla

    That picture of him tho…pass me some ice water in this -40c weather, cause as cold as it is, that look got me all hot and bothered..whew!

  • Treece

    I agree, I thought he was sharing a bit of crude humor and I found it funny and sexy! Didn’t disrupt me from loving Idris one bit. But, I find a guy with a good sense of humor very attractive….just depends on your kind of humor what you find sexy. I don’t think it was in any more poor taste than some of the things other celebs tweet, or say, or wear in public. I see you Idris ; )

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