12 Chic Head Wrap Looks

by Clutch

If you ask celebrity stylist June Ambrose, head wraps, turbans and scarves have never gone out of style, but they are particularly great this time of year. You may be wanting to do a deep condition, but still leave the house, or give your hair a break from the elements, or just give yourself a break from styling. Either way, head wraps are here to stay.

Check out this gallery of options for when you want to be a turbanista.

  • Joy

    These are beautiful! I would love video tutorials for each and every one!

  • Lisss

    YEEEEESSSSS! I have always looooved the headwrap look…just wished i had more courage to rock them more often. By the way, if anybody can give me links to a tutorial for any of these, i would greatly appreciate it. Also, if anyone knows where i can get great scarves for headwraps in the Montreal area, please let me know!!!

  • lil ray

    Loving this
    I love head wraps but I just can’t pull it off mines always come out looking a mess.

  • vintage3000

    They’re all lovely, I particularly love #8. Sadly I don’t have the cheekbones to pull this off :-(

    I just learned a few weeks ago (was it here on Clutch?) that during slavery/post slavery in New Orleans Black and Creole women were legally required to cover their hair/heads. They adhered to that by creating fabulous head wraps and turbans and set new styles.

  • http://www.winonainc.com Edwina@WINONA, INC.

    Nothing beats a great wrap! And these are very cool. Too bad there’s no video or tutorials, tho. How about it?

  • niq

    sooo, i WILL be rocking a head wrap sometime in the near future. Lessons learned:
    [1] serve face when wearing a head wrap
    [2] a little bronzer and some bomb earrings never hurt anybody

  • ThirdLight

    I pretty much always wear headwraps due to the weather right now, and the weather in general here in the UK!

    I love some of these styles, I just wish they had tutorials, especially for number 3, 8, 12 and 14

  • https://twitter.com/ChelsieDiadhiou Chelsie Diadhiou

    #5 is my headwrap style of choice, especially during the colder months. I occasionally rock #6, depending on my mood.

  • binks

    This is so cute, so trying this look out. Especially on those days I don’t want to be bother with my hair.

  • Shine

    Is it just me or are any of you afraid that with one gust of wind, or one wrong movement, it will blow off or unravel?…
    I’d still rock it though!

  • LaPetiteReine

    I haven’t in the past – but I think it is definetely time to reconsider …

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