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Last year, Sherlita Patton, wife of Outkast’s Big Boi, filed for divorce after  being married for 11 years and 2 children.

In her court documents, Sherlita stated that the 11-year marriage was “irretrievably broken,” and  requested sole custody of their 12-year-old child, their other child is over 18.  She is also seeking child support, spousal support, a split of the marital assets and attorney’s fees.

But it doesn’t look as though this is going to be an easy divorce.

Although Big Boi is fine with paying child support, in his response to her divorce petition, he said their child would be better off with joint physical and legal custody. But he’s also refusing to pay for alimony, saying that Sherlita is young, healthy and well-educated. Basically, he’s saying get a job and get out of his pockets.

But if you’re used to living a certain lifestyle, never made to work, no matter how young, healthy and well-educated you are, is it fair to leave an ex high and dry?  According to Attorney Shauntese Curry-Trye, a Baltimore based divorce attorney, alimony is dependent about several factors. “You have to look at the duration of the marriage, the break down of the marriage, and if you can point the fault of the breakdown of the marriage to the more financially fit spouse, the law will typically make that spouse pay,” Curry-Trye said.

Just like marriages not lasting forever, there’s a common misconception that alimony lasts forever. Depending on the divorce, alimony can last from a few months to a couple of years. Where as child support typically cuts off when the child reaches 18, alimony isn’t dependent upon the former spouses age.

Speaking of child support, another Atlanta rapper’s child support woes are being put on front street. Chris “Ludacris” Bridges is now feeling the heat of the woman he recently had a baby with.  Ludacris was in court this week with Tamika Fuller. Fuller is demanding the rapper to pay her $15k a month to take care of his 2-month-old daughter, Cai.

Ludacris is saying the can’t afford the amount asked because his money from the “Fast and Furious” is on hold, after the death of Paul Walker. According to him, he can only afford $1,800 a month, saying  he only made around $55K for 2013.

In Ludacris’ case, many people are asking why does she need $15k a month for a baby? And to think a box of condoms cost less than $10.00.

Clutchettes, what do you think about alimony? Should it be automatically granted?



  1. Starla

    Big Boi should pay his alimony, being out of the workforce for 11 years is a long time no matter your qualifications. There are people who have work experience coming out of all orifices and they can’t find work, so where will this woman who has been out of the workforce for 11 years immediately find a decent paying wage.

    No baby needs 15k for financial care. However, a child whose parent is wealthy should not be denied the advantages that money bring because the child was created unintentionally. That child should have every access to every advantage that wealth brings, not necessarily as a baby because babies don’t need as much at theta stage, but as the child grows they should have access to every advantage.

  2. LaDonna

    I think alimony should be looked at on a case-by-case basis. If a spouse has sacrificed her/his time and resources to help the other spouse become successful or to stay home and raise the family that they created together, then by all means, that spouse deserves some support after a break-up. But sometimes it seems like these spouses (usually wives) of celebrities are spoiled and want to be provided for forever.

    I don’t care if my so-called feminist card gets revoked for saying this, but I think the way alimony is decided in the courts can be very antiquated and unfair to men. For decades now, women have been going to school, acquiring skills, getting degrees, etc… Why should a grown, educated, able-bodied woman need to be supported by her ex? And why should she need to be supported to that degree? It does not cost thousands of dollars a month to raise a child.

    This kind of reminds me of when Kelis and Nas broke up and Kelis was asking for some insane amount of money per month in alimony plus child support. Nevermind that this woman is a successful, platinum-selling artist in her own right, she expected her rapper husband (who hasn’t had a hit since the 90s) to support her like he got Warren Buffet money. That’s just bitter and greedy.

  3. I think that if Ludacris wanted to pretend he was too poor to pay child support, he shouldn’t have been Instagramming the giant diamond bracelet he got his other girlfriend. Ppl who make $55k don’t buy jewelry like that. So either he has a nest egg that he can pay some child support with, or he needs to return that bracelet to the store.
    And if he is going to step out, take condoms.

  4. GeekMommaRants

    I find it just crazy that while the marriage was happening no one bothered to save for a rainy day. It should be easy to ask ones spouse for an investment for the spouses companies or for a retirement fund. This to me would be the wisest approach. For example, LL Cool J’s wife started a clothing company FUBU they are still together but Ms. LL is wealthy in her own right. Same goes for Tracy Edmonds. Smart people make smart decisions.

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