Juror #8 in the Michael Dunn trial is now speaking out, and she happens to be the lone black woman on the jury. Juror #8 told CNN that people who believed race played a role in their decision not to convict Dunn of first degree murder were misinformed.

“I never once thought about, ‘Oh, this was a black kid, this was a white guy.’ Because that was – that wasn’t the case,” juror number 8, aged 21, told CNN’s Alicia Machado.

“So, for people who say, you know, here’s another white guy who got away with shooting and killing a black kid, what would you tell them?” Machado asked.

“I would tell them that they really should knowledge themselves on the law,” Miles replied.

“If this case wasn’t about race for you, what was it about?” the CNN reporter followed up.

“It was about justice,” juror number 8 responded.

Dear Juror #8,

On what planet have you been living on for this long?

SOURCE: Mediaite

  • The Other Jess

    What does being attractive have to do with making a decision on a jury? Really??? It seems to me like juror 8 is not the only one whose intelligence might be in question, here.

  • Renee

    YES, This Case is about using Logic & Reason.. You are So Right!
    And Anyone who uses their Common
    sense, Logic & reasoning knows this:

    The Case was definitely about Race.
    Dunn is definitely Not a Nice man but a murderer.
    Juror #8 is definitely inarticulate, incompetent & the statements she made on National TV were Ridiculous & ignorant.
    Anyone Who tries to Pretend that those Facts are Not true is Definitely not using Their Common sense, reason & logic.
    Wake up Deidrah!!!

    Anyone who tries to “PretendNone of t

  • Yvette M.

    @The other Jess
    I could care less about this juror’s
    Appearance. Everyone is entitled to choose a hairstyle & have their own fashion.
    I believe what frustrates Most of us commenting on this site is this.
    When you are given an opportunity to be a Juror the Least you can do is Use your God given common sense.
    Every word out of this juror’s mouth showed how naive, stupid & ridiculous she was. With That kind of representation “as a black woman” on the jury, this case was bound to fail.
    Our frustration comes from Knowing that a young black teenager was killed & Justice was not served.

    Anyone who tries to “PretendNone of t

  • Ms Vee

    @The Other Jess

    You just don’t get it. No one is blaming her for the murder. We are disgusted with her nonchalance and ignorance towards the death of an innocent black life while being black herself. She was carefully handpicked to be the buffoon (and an ugly one at that) and played the part quite well. If you are more offended with people making fun of her inability to use the English language and a mirror more than the fact that justice was not served then something is deeply wrong with you….get help now.

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