Toni Braxton says she had a White divorce

Toni Braxton appeared on Bethenny to promote her number one duet album, Love, Marriage, and Divorce, her dream of landing a role on “Orange is the New Black,” and being back in the music biz, but it’s her description of her split from her ex-hubby that has folks talking.

During the interview, Braxton told Bethenny that she and her ex-husband, musician Keri Lewis, both live in Los Angeles and enjoy an amicable split, because as Toni put it, their divorce was “very Caucasian.”

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Peep the transcript:

Bethenny: So on the break we were talking about you living in LA?

Toni: Yes, I am in LA and my ex-husband is there but we get along great. We are very caucasian, very white about it.

Bethenny: You are having a very white divorce?

Toni: We are really. We did.

Bethenny: Really. Then I have a very black divorce, no?

Toni: I got that means, I hate you Jodi, I hate you Jodi. That’s what it means to black people.

Bethenny: Got it, so a white divorce is your are bffs, you can live next door.

Toni: Black people we kind of look and say why is that? Why don’t they hate each other?

Because….Black people can never get along, right Toni?


I think her mentor Babyface would disagree. He and his ex-wife Traci enjoy a very amicable split and they’re both Black, as do Will Smith and his first wife Sheree, and several others. Moreover, feuding, divorced couples come in all different races and ethnicities–not just Black folks (as Bethenny’s own comments about her contentious divorce illustrate).

I want to call Toni ignorant, and ask, “Who taught you to hate yourself?”

I want to remind her that everything negative that happens in this world is not Black, perpetrated by Black people, or somehow a measure of Blackness. But Toni Braxton is a grown woman, raising two Black sons, and she should know better.

  • blogdiz

    Auntie Ruckus that is all….SMH

  • geenababe

    Three things I want to say about this
    All sisters make stupid statements like this. I was surprise when one of the sisters said “African Booty Scratcher to a trainer that the show planted. I’m not saying that to provide an excuse but to show that thei sisters are an example of that with age does not always come wisdom or sense

    Toni is one of my least favorite out of the sisters

    Last point is I hate that (some) black people feels nothing when they talk negatively about black people to white people. I can’t believe some of the things black people would say about black people to whites

    Watch her backtrack.

  • CommonSense

    Yes, she needs to be schooled. We are not ALL the stereotype!!!!!! Her and Wendy Williams need to be schooled. I am sick of these aunt Betties (female version of the uncle Tom)going on television perpetuating these ridiculous stereotypes. They are grown and should know better. It just shows a lack of good breeding.

    Hopefully their sons will be better than them!!!!!

  • Cameron Johnson

    Ughhhhhhhhhh… I think it’s called an “amicable” divorce, love.

  • Denver

    I like Toni Braxton and everything, but I wasn’t feeling those comments she made.

  • AnnT

    Her divorce make have been Caucasian, but her bankruptcy was not. You lost it all…

  • binks

    Sighs…I can’t with stupidity. I am so sick and tired of celebrities especially stupid celebrities in general. Even though Bethany rubs me the wrong way Toni and others volunteer in helping with the stereotyping so they are worst.

  • 1sewwhat

    I’ll be back! I’m going to Tweet her about her stupidity!!

  • Lynne

    Miss Braxton will backtrack now to save her career.

    Oops! Wait. She no longer has a career. How silly of me.

  • Aria Wilson

    “I got that means, I hate you Jodi, I hate you Jodi. That’s what it means to black people.”

    No Toni. That means you have been watching too much Baby Boy.

    Get over yourself. Your divorce is not “White” because it went well. Stop embarrassing yourself with equating “Caucasian” with “better”. Ugh.

    Can you imagine what WE as Black folk would think of a race if they constantly equated anything “good” with Black, and anything “bad” with their own race?

    It is a factor that contributes to so many Caucasians having these complexes…so many of our own reinforce their “betterness” to them in public all the time. SMH

  • Lynne

    Daaaaaang AnnT,

    Even MY head snapped back from that one. Ouch. Girl. Ouch.

  • Dorian

    Oh no you didn’t. Lol.

  • Sunny

    Self-hate is an ugly thing. I believe she thought she was being clever. It’s not the first bad decision she’s made.

  • lw

    This isn’t the first time Toni has said something questionable that implies that she is a bit color struck. If you take that in tandem with her sister Tamar’s skin bleaching (some believe Toni also does it), and plastic surgery, it makes me think there are some deep rooted issues there. It makes me kinda sad because Toni still has a legitimately great and unique voice.

  • Georgia

    Completely dumb, but she looks great!

  • ms. information

    Toni and her sisters are stupid black women..

  • Vag Owner (@ProudVagOwner)

    the same woman who felt the need to announce she was playing in the snow

    the same woman whose family members were happy to be sexually harrassed by wm

    the same woman whose family pretty much bleached away all their melanin

    …yes, i can believe in her eyes lighter=positive and darker=negative in terms of race and skin tone.

  • binks

    And THIS is how you read and shade folks!

  • K

    when i first saw this earlier today i was like huh? but didnt have time to comment. people have stereotypes that i have never even heard of and im black lol. I have never in my years heard that black people divorce = angry, white people =nice, matter of fact most of the “nasty” divorces ive read about/heard of in the news (not all celebrity either) are with white couples so im really curious as to where she got that one from.

    p.s. im divorced and while we werent good together and i do strongly dislike him at times and definitely dislike a great deal about him (just being honest lol) we are just fine. we talk at least once a month just to catch up and shoot the sh*t and our divorce wasnt “nasty” at all. the only people we fought were the courts who kept botching our paperwork delaying it being final.

  • Yes, I’m That Leah

    The older she gets, the more silly she becomes. I actually used to like Toni.

  • cherish

    A “white” divorce. See, this is why black people are looked at as minstrels when they allow themselves to say/do something stupid.

  • Felicia j

    black people, we will reinforce negative stereotypes about ourselves but at the same time get angry when other races do it. It’s maddening!

  • Reason

    I see what you guys are sying, but…
    …Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens.

    Just sayin’

  • Keke

    I know lots of people who are Black, divorced and may even have children with each other and are STILL friends with each other. Sometimes relationships don’t work out and you realize you are better off apart. People (ALL people) aren’t always at each other’s throats during and after a divorce. How she would think Black people behave any differently is beyond me.

  • Nirvana

    Please, there’s nothing rare about this. I can name at least one nitwit around here with a chronic strain of this disease lol.

  • romeocarlos

    Don’t blame Toni. Watch the tv show…her mother is a very hateful woman toward their father, her ex-husband, and is proud of it…and apparently, the father made no real effort to be a friend to his ex-wife either. She is not ignorant; she is a child of her parents who taught her that is how it is.

  • geenababe

    As old as she is and all the people of all colors she has met in her life. She should know her parents are not the rule when it comes to black people divorcing one another. She is not some kids who just moved out on her own for the first time.

  • nononsense57

    Has she ever hear of Charlie Sheen’s divorces with (insert wife here)? Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger? Real Housewife of BH Brandi and Eddie Cibrian? So many other white people to mention, and these are only the famous ones!

    I suspect that she’s using reality show breakups as her Black-divorce reference, and that’s not right.

    SMH, Toni

  • LaDonna

    I love me some Toni, but she can say some really ignorant things about race. It’s make me cringe whenever she and her family refer to dating white people as “playing in the snow”, lol….

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