AdrianBroadway2On the heels of the mistrial in the case against Jordan Davis’ killer Michael Dunn, another teenager has tragically been shot and killed because of a completely avoidable event.

A harmless teenage prank turned deadly over the weekend after an Arkansas man allegedly opened fire on a car full of teens when they threw leaves, eggs, and mayonnaise on his car at approximately 1am Saturday morning.

According to the police report, Willie Noble, 48, ran out of his home and started firing at the teens’ vehicle, striking 15-year-old Adrian Broadway in the head. The group of teens—which included the 18-year-old driver, one 17-year-old, four 15 year-olds, and on 14-year-old—drove to a nearby convenience store to get help for Broadway, who later succumbed to her injuries at Children’s Hospital.

Lieutenant Sidney Allen of the Little Rock police department said the teens probably picked Noble’s car because of an earlier prank by his son.

“Apparently Mr. Noble’s teenage son had done a prank on some of the kids that were inside the vehicle on Halloween Night,” Lt. Allen explained to reporters. “As a result they were doing a retaliation prank and it ultimately had deadly results.”

Willie Noble

Willie Noble, 48, charged with first degree murder, terroristic threatening and five counts of assault.

Noble was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, one count of terroristic acts, and five counts of aggravated assault.

This horrific incident is yet another instance of people taking the law into their own hands instead of calling the police, and it will be interesting to hear Noble’s defense for shooting at the teens. Will he claim he was afraid? Will he maintain he had a right to stand his ground? Or will he say he was merely protecting his property?

While this incident echoes other high profile cases (Trayvon Martin, Rekia Boyd, Jordan Davis, Renisha Mcbride), it will be interesting to see how the media discusses Broadway’s death, and whether her case will cause many to reevaluate gun laws, considering both she and her alleged killer are Black.

  • nick

    WOW…eggs and mayonnaise, and he decided it was appropriate to start shooting? Really? There are no excuses to be conjured up here.

  • HayGirl

    Sad. I need to maybe know a bit more, but to play devil’s advocate. Do we think he could tell it was teens in the car at 1 a.m.? Also, if you hear someone messing with your car, if you own a gun, some folks first thought is to shoot first and ask questions later (not saying that’s right). Regardless, another life is lost. We have to do better.

  • Common Sense

    I am not judging but as an observer….this is not the same as Trayvon or Jordan. She was breaking the law and this was the consequence. This doesn’t fit the definition of innocent victim to anyone with common sense! Peace and blessings to you all.

  • Naan


    The legal consequence of throwing eggs at a car is NOT death.

    And the legal reaction to seeing eggs thrown at your car is NOT to run out your house and shoot a gun at people.

  • YP

    You’re that this case is very different from those other two cases. However, under the law you cannot use deadly force (gun) to protect property (car). The reasonable thing to do would have to call the cops and wait. Yes, those kids were committing a crime but this guy can’t claim self defense since he was in his house. This is beyond wrong.

  • solfresh

    I’m so sorry but this situation does not echo Trayvon’s or Jordan’s situation. It was not broad daylight and that girl, incl. the other kids, were not innocent. They were on private property, he has a right to defend his property. The key piece of info is whether this man’s gun was properly registered. If his gun is registered, he’s within his rights to defend his property so I don’t see how that’s terroristic. It was after 1am and this was their second prank against this man. It’s unfortunate she died but she wasn’t innocent and that shouldn’t be overshadowed. My family is from the south and rural NJ where shot guns are kept on the property so I’ve always been taught, you don’t mess around with people’s properties b/c you don’t know how they’ll react or what they have. More info is definitely needed, but from what we have it’s very unfortunate this happened but this shouldn’t be compared to Jordan Davis nor Trayvon’s case.

  • Darcy

    This is another example of people trying to solve their problems with guns.

    This isn’t like he heard someone breaking into his house where you may feel imminent danger. If someone vandalizes your property you have a right to recourse (filing charges, calling cops etc.), but I don’t see how shooting at the car was a logical response. Besides, what if by shooting at the car, he shot an innocent bystander who had nothing to do with the situation? The fact that he decided to grab a gun makes me wonder how many prior run ins with the law he has.

  • Cooper

    Oh, please….Stand his ground, from what? Being pelted by egg salad?!

    This is another case of a person who should NOT own a gun.

    If no matter the situation, your first inclination is to grab your gun and start firing, then you don’t need to own one.

  • HayGal

    I agree. I’m not saying that guns are the answer, but let’s put it into context: This was 1 a.m. This man could have been awaken out of his sleep. He looks like the type go OFF for messing with his car. He didn’t have the prior knowledge that his some pulled a prank. He’s reacting to someone touching his stuff. Again, a gun is never an answer, but this is why you don’t other people’s stuff. You don’t know how they will react.

  • myblackfriendsays

    Has this guy ever heard of yelling, “Hey kids get the hell off my property!”?

    WTF is wrong with people?

  • Lola

    I agree it was more than a harmless prank, it was anti-social behaviour. But even if they were on his property, that is not a reason to shoot. His reaction was totally disproportionate.

  • http://gmail K

    No one should lose their life behind property loss but seriously when will people learn to teach their children that “pranks” are not “just pranks” people get seriously hurt, property gets damaged that must be paid for etc. its not funny, THEY are not funny and people have different reactions to your so called pranks. Idk what the son did to them for them to retaliate but NONE of it should have happened. And why target the dads car instead of the something of the son who actually pranked them?

    P.S. While I agree that these people continue to foolishly take the law into their own hands, nobody calls or uses the police because the police wont do ANYTHING!! I remember when my car got vandalized twice, the most i got was a police report. Despite it being important to me and this man there is no way they are going to investigate these types of crimes so knowing nothing is going to be done you have people like this who do it themselves.

    I mean seriously the police do NOTHING. seriously just last week look up Samaya Dillard, she is 7 was bullied by a teacher, left school, walked to an On The Border restaurant. On the Border called the police who said they wouldnt and COULDNT respond because no missing child report had been filed. I mean are you serious? Again not excusing these vigilantes but the cops are worthless. The only thing they are good for is for paperwork if you have the foresight that you might want to take this to court later on

  • 2A Supporter

    First. Egging someone’s car is not a harmless prank. In most states that would be considered felony vandalism.

    Second. It was the second time that evening they dropped by his property to be destructive.

    Lastly. While it is unfortunate that she lost her life her actions resulted in her death. In many southern/western states there are laws on the books to defend one’s property with deadly force. These are tied to cattle rustling days when many farmers couldn’t easily rely on the local police or sheriff to enforce the law. Don’t be shocked if the charges are dropped.

  • Phillygurl

    Ummmm, a car can be replaced. This is not the OK Corral. If you hear someone vandalizing a car, you would think the best thing to do would be to call police.

  • Phillygurl

    I don’t believe you guys are doing the comparison. Egging a car and throwing punches in defense, either way in both cases it should be considered excessive force. But sad to say, looking at the color of this perpetrator, he will get time, they won’t over reach in this case, they will make sure they get him on at least manslaughter and reckless endangerment. Also, what are you guys reading twice, this article says this kids did it in retaliation to what his son did first.

  • Phillygurl

    One last thing, if those kids reacted to getting their car egged by the perp’s son the way he did, y’all would be calling them thugs that need to be thrown under the jail.

  • Ladylove

    This is sad yes kids should not do pranks but, in no shape form or way should this be considered okay. Its no surprise that a lot of black people are agreeing with him shooting her and so many words saying she deserved death. That is disgusting and horrible, are you going to tell that to grieving family and friends? Though shalt not kill PERIOD, words on a comment section will not prevent him from getting his punishments for this period. It sad that black people want to rally and march when something when a black man/boy has been harmed but, try their best to justify when a black woman/girl is harmed. He is not getting away with this….

  • Roslyn Holcomb

    It’s a freaking car! You hose the damned thing off and keep it moving. It’s a THING it is in no way worth a human’s life.

  • Roslyn Holcomb

    What state do you live in? I live in Georgia and egging a car IS NOT a felony. I don’t know of ANY state where it rises above the level of a misdemeanor.

  • noirluv45

    We’ve been broken into twice, and I’ve never thought to pull out a gun and shoot someone unless me or my loved one life was in danger. Thankfully, we weren’t home when these two break in’s occurred. It made me angry that someone had the audacity to come into my home and take what I worked hard for, so I totally understand the frustration, but is it worth someone’s life? We can replace our things, but lives cannot be replaced.

    I’m shocked at how many people are cosigning this.

  • Natalie B.

    I’m sorry this young woman lost her life. I live in North Carolina where the Castle Doctrine has been extended to one’s car and business, which means that if this incident had occurred here, this man would be at home. It is important for Black parents to talk to their children about race and to educate them about the law; reach out to resources available to the regarding the law, and then talk to them about making good decisions. The best case scenario for black children in situations such as these is the police being called and an introduction to the criminal justice system, the worst is just what happened here, a child loses their life.

  • Phillygurl

    This is what irritates me about this because in a way about some folk of generations past, the exact same ones who wrote these laws, were the youths doing the exact same things; egging cars, toilet papering houses, doo doo bombing people’s doors. But now they gotten so freakin stiff and totalitarian, they condemn the next generation. Some of these same leaders and adults in general, the first to throw a generation of young people in jail for drugs and question their sexual activities, yet somehow we are supposed to forget these were the same folk who were a big part of the free love and drug culture of the late 60′s and early 70′s. Looking at what is happening in our inner cities all over this nation, we should all be fortunate if the most mischief a kid can get into in the day and time is to egg a car. The kids aren’t the only problem.

  • Nic

    I’m sorry that you didn’t read it through, but this case has nothing to do with robbery. Vandalism? Yes? But they didn’t take anything.

  • Phillygurl

    This is what annoys me about some of these leaders who are of a time generations past. Some of these law makers were the exact same youth: egging cars, toilet papering homes, throwing bags of dog poo at people’s doors, etc, have become freakin hypocrites. These same lawmakers and citizens alike who have no problem incarcerating a generation for drugs, were in many cases a part of the free love and drug culture of the late 60′s early 70′s. Now their sensibilities make a big deal out of things that in their day were considered misdemeanors and childish pranks. Looking at things happening in Chicago and many other inner cities and communities, wouldn’t we be fortunate if the most mischief youth can get in is egging a car. The youth are not the only problem here.

  • Kay

    Eggs and mayo on a car’s paint is not a ‘harmless prank’. It will cause signifigant damage to the finish. That said, the guy had no right to shoot her, even though she was commiting a criminal act.

    Destruction of property is not harmless. If she wasn’t out commiting a crime, she would be alive. She should have been home in bed at that time. Where were her parents?

  • noirluv45

    Nic, I did read it through, and yes, I know what it’s about, but thanks anyway. The thing is my property was stolen, this man’s property was vandalized, and neither deserved the killing of a human being.

  • Amber

    “The finish” is not worth a life. And if you read that his son started the pranking game they were involved in. She was being a teenage kid. And he could have called the police if he was worried about her being a criminal, they weren’t threatening his life at all.

  • Roslyn Holcomb

    Eggs will not damage your car unless you let them dry. Rinse it off with a hose and it will be fine.

  • Roslyn Holcomb

    Don’t know where you live, but in Georgia egging a car is a misdemeanor, and a fairly minor one at that. Apparently it is the same in Arkansas, in fact, I can’t find ANY STATE where it’s a felony. Further, eggs will not damage a car unless you fail to rinse it off. A fairly simple concept that in no way requires a firearm: Turn hose on. Rinse car off. Go back to bed. Nobody dies. Nobody goes to jail.

  • Maggie

    Those kids were not a physical threat to Willie Noble. They were driving away. Yes, you may be pissed but you don’t open fire. Then to find out his son was the original prankster and this was a continuation of something HIS OWN son started. Senseless and stupid actions resulting in a child dying.

  • jose

    Popular or not, I stand true to my opinion that this kid does not have my sympathy. We live in world in which people try avoiding consequences to their awful choices, and that’s not how it works. Fair or not, this girl is dead because she made a bad choice and she knew what she was doing was wrong. This isn’t a child people, maybe not legally an adult, but old enough to know right from wrong. If you want to really avoid more events like this, raise your kids to make better choices because they will never know how another person may react. Not everyone will be rational, and it’s unrealistic to expect them to. If you do something dumb, expect it to end poorly. Don’t try any of that guilt crap on me either, fact is fact and this incident speaks for itself.

  • tomtom

    they cannot blame it on racism this time.

  • geenababe

    If Trayvon, Jordan, and McBride (sp) can’t get any sympathy for not doing anything then it’s going to be twice as hard for this young lady to get sympathy for being involved in a prank leading to her death even though the man’s son started it all. But since the perpetrator is black I predict a guilty verdict in his future. I swear his son must feel horrible because he started all these events.

  • http://None Rusty Shackleford

    It ends when parents stop allowing their teenaged children to roam the streets in lawless packs that victimize other people for their “fun.”

    Property destruction in excess of $500 is a Class C felony, so when will we see the driver and other occupants charged with that crime and with Adrian’s murder?

    Arkansas Code 5-10-102 (1st Degree Murder):
    5-10-102. Murder in the first degree.

    (a) A person commits murder in the first degree if:
    (1) Acting alone or with one or more other persons:
    (A) The person commits or attempts to commit a felony; and
    (B) In the course of and in the furtherance of the felony or in immediate flight from the felony, the person or an accomplice causes the death of any person under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life;

  • Keith

    Stuck on STUPID!!!!
    Eggs, leaves & mayonnaise caused $500 worth of damage? It was a silly prank probably similar to the one his son allegedly played on them, but Im sure it warrants firing into a crowded car full of dumb ass teenagers. There is supposed to be a difference between children n adults yet it doesnt appear so.

  • http://none brightlight

    “But sad to say, looking at the color of this perpetrator, he will get time…”

    Why the “sad to say”? He deserves whatever time he gets for what he did, regardless of his skin color. Are you insinuating that because if he were white he might get a lighter sentence, then the non-”sad” thing would be that this black man gets a lighter sentence despite the fact that he killed a black child?! The murderer who killed Adrian is scum! I wish black women would stop weeping for and identifying with criminals just because they’re black! Care more about the victims, especially the young ones who didn’t stand a chance!!

  • Will

    These incidents are being presented in a micro context rather than a macro context. When you think about the US population of more than 350,000,000, (of course every life is important) you will realize that the number of these incidents is infinitesimally small. That is the macro context. In the micro context, it seems like it happened down the street and the people are your next door neighbors which is obviously not true.

  • Shirl

    This man will be going to jail (as he should) and it won’t take the jury 30 hours to deliberate. The prosecution could hand him a mistrial wrapped in a bow and he will still be found guilty of anything and everything they charge him with. He won’t be getting the benefit of the doubt..This is a tragedy… all the way around..for everybody involved.

  • tara

    I wouldn’t shoot her, but people are so surprised at this. I would have beat her AND my son’s ass for this mess.

  • Mary Jo

    This was not a harmless prank. The man’s property was vandalized. I’m not surprised that things ended up as bad as they did even though the shooting was not justified.

  • Zoe

    Now who is being unrealistic. If the girl deserves no sympathy and death for making “a bad choice and she knew what she was doing was wrong,” then we are all guilty for we all have made some bad choices too, some knowingly. Even if she were legally an adult, this was an opportunity to reprimand and correct, instilling discipline to “raise…kids to make better choices.” In your own words, “Not everyone is rational, and it’s unrealistic to expect them to.” That being said, had the same thing been done to his own child for exhibiting the same behavior, would it then be fair because he too made the same choices? If we as adults are to lead by example, we should first acknowledge that we too have made and still make bad, unhealthy, or wrong choices, but that we ought to learn from the mistakes and make better choices as life goes along–that is maturity.

  • Nelly

    Your opinion seems to be the minority here, which is not surprising since this site is a hit-or-miss.

    I’m also gonna agree with you. With Trayvon, McBride, Jordan, et. al., race played a big factor, not to mention they weren’t messing with anyone or breaking the law. While it’s a shame that this girl lost her life over something stupid, she’s not innocent in all this.

  • Nelly

    Like others have mentioned, this case is not the same as Trayvon, McBride, et. al.’s cases. In those cases, race was a major factor, not to mention they weren’t messing around with anyone or breaking the law. Broadway was out at 1am with a bunch of other teens damaging someone’s property, which in same states, is a misdemeanor and felony. I don’t care if it’s “just a harmless “prank.” Egging someone’s car can do some serious damage. And what happened to not messing with other people’s properties ?

    Being killed over something stupid is a shame and could have been avoided, but to say she’s innocent in all of this is false. What parent lets their kid out late at night ? Also, are the other people who were in the car going to charged as well, especially the 18-year-old ? Legally, he (and of course the parents) is responsible since he was the driver and is considered an adult. There’s just too much going on in this story…

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