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12. Alicia Keys did a big chop a few years ago and it seems she’s loving the versatility of a cropped cut.

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  1. Anonin

    Some of these look really nice. My fav will always be the crop rihanna rocked for the MTV awards I believe with the white dress. She looked gorgeous.

    I wonder how they get these styles (I’ll die if its from a relaxer)

  2. seemed like this was all about perms but i really like lupita’s cut… even when she had the low top fade at the awards

    • You know what we were going to add her – but we didn’t know if it would be classified as a crop or a twa. But, next time we will go ahead and add :) Thanks for the comment.


  3. Zebrapants

    Jennifer Hudson doesn’t count…she obviously has on a lace wig. Check that hairline…All that money and she’s walking around looking like that

  4. These styles remind me that Spring and Summer is finally coming!

  5. Loved so many of those styles! I especially liked the picture that was actually four pictures of different ways to wear that particular cut and chrisette Michelle’s. I actually don’t like short hair on Rihanna. I think she needs longer hair to balance out her face. I also really like that really bright platinum color, just can’t remember the picture number ^_^

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