050614 Teens

Five teens overpowered a caretaker in an Atlanta-area group home, duct-taping and beating him and stealing and driving away in his car on Saturday, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports.

The teens wrecked the car near the group home and fled the scene. Two teens – 17-year-old Vanessa Hammons and a 15-year-old – were caught; three of the teens – 17-year-olds Kiante Williams and Shanautica Hardy, and a 16-year-old – are still at large.

Williams (pictured on the left) and Hardy are wanted for robbery, battery, and obstruction.

Anyone with information are asked to call Sgt. Lee Gragg of the Palmetto Police Department at (770) 463-9068.


  1. Anthony

    It looks like their plans are set for the next ten years.

  2. lil ray

    you know not every negative story needs to posted on here ijs .

    • Ivory

      Certainly not concerning this demographic.

  3. Never messed with those group home girls at school. They was always alil rough around the edges (AKA,they probabley could’ve whooped my asz at a drop of a dime lol)

    • Ivory

      I used to work at one. Man, such rough childhoods. Ghetto parents too.

  4. Vag Owner

    was he abusing the girls?

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