On Sunday’s night “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion show, Phaedra Parks read Kenya Moore to filth, citing the fact that Kenya doesn’t know what type of sperm she’d end up with.  Take a look at the clip below:


Well when you live in glass houses, you better not throw stones, especially when your husband isn’t squeaky clean. Apparently Phaedra ended up with one those those “bad sperm” men, since her husband Apolla Nida has pleaded to charges.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Nida plead guilty to charges of mail, wire and bank fraud in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia. Nida’s crimes could send him to prison for up to 30 years and a fine of up to $1 million on top of restitution for an estimated $2.3 million he allegedly defrauded various individuals, financial institutions and government agencies. Judge Charles Pannell has set the sentencing hearing for July 8 at 2 p.m.

From AJC:

Alana Black, the assistant U.S. attorney, told Judge Pannell Nida’s scheme in detail. He opened a fake debt collection agency to gain access to databases full of individual’s personal information. He would then steal people’s ID and find unclaimed funds, refunds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, stolen U.S. treasury checks and refunds from fraudulent U.S. income tax returns.

Nida had St. Julien open UPS mailboxes and bank checking accounts using those fake identities, deposit those checks, then pocket the money.

Later, he created fake auto dealerships and then get auto loans for phantom cars.

The U.S. Secret Service, working with the state consumer protection agency, caught St. Julien first, then was able to procure Nida’s laptop with oodles of evidence that he could not refute.

Nida said in court that he takes “full responsibility for my actions” and expressed regret for hurting his family and any individuals and institutions affected by his fraud. “It was a dumb situation I put myself in,” he said.

He did provide some context for his actions. In 2009, Nida had just left prison after five years for federal racketeering charges related to auto title fraud. He and Parks married and she soon signed on to be part of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

He said she was making far more money than him and he felt pressure to keep up. (He cited a $600,000 contract for her but didn’t say how long that was supposed to last.) Without easy legitimate ways to make quick money, he opted for this illegal scheme instead. But he claimed to her he was running a legitimate debt recovery firm and kept her firmly in the dark.

Phaedra, honey. In the words of Rihanna, you look so dumb right now. Maybe you would have been better off buying some sperm.


  1. Mimimojito

    I’m still confused as to why people were so excited a grown woman insulted another woman’s fertility issues. Is that really what a read is? Is that what makes people excited? It was so low and dirty.

    “Yaaaass Phaedra just read Kenya!” Did y’all listen to what she really said or it was really the delivery?

    • cocochanel31

      THANK YOU! I THOUGHT IT WAS TACKY AND I CAN’T CONDONE IT …that is something many other things she could have “read” her on….

    • SouthernIntelligence

      Not being able to keep a man around (most likely because of your nasty attitude) that is willing to father your children is considered a fertility issue?….or does she actually have a fertility issue?

    • Mimimojito

      Kenya’s reason for visiting a fertility clinic is irrelevant to the fact that what Phaedra said was insulting to thousands of women with fertility issues who visit these clinics for artificial insemination and such.

  2. Emily

    You all really erased my earlier statement on how the tone and perspective of this article is beneath Clutch’s standards? That one-liner?

    This author of this article chose to be tacky and is “not representing” for a site for mature, confident Black women. “Phaedra looks dumb right now?” This is chickenhead writing at its best, the entire perspective reeks of KFC. I was more tactful the first time I wrote, but since a comment with a legitimate point such as my original comment (explaining that Phaedra’s circumstances now should have nothing to do with Moore as Parks was defending her family and Moore, in front of the world, stole their business idea, harassed Parks and ruined their friendship), was deleted because one is not allowed to point out how tacky the perspective of this article is… then I might as well be real for the little time this comment is up.

    I honestly don’t understand how any reasonable person could be “pro-Kenya”. Kenya needs serious therapy, understandably. I actually feel as if BRAVO is taking advantage of a woman suffering from mental illness. Moore CLEARLY needs to handle her own house and has NO BUSINESS involving herself in the lives/families of others. She needs help and I cannot fathom why so many Black women would enable her bad behaviors. Yes, she got told. She needed to and will continue to “get told” because she is not fixing her real issues. Painful issues which clearly affect her ability to connect with other women. The exponential rejection Kenya feels when a woman elects to remove herself from Kenya’s circle is too painful for Kenya to handle…Kenya can be better, but SHE has to put in the work… not the rest of the world.

    What happened, as Black women, to a time when this behavior was not acceptable? How is anyone defending Moore and reveling in Parks’ news? This article’s perspective sounds real bottom-feeder. If this is the moral standard of the “new Black woman”, we’re done-zo. Black women don’t have a chance.

    • LoveJoy02

      Phaedra insulted millions of women with fertility issues and children who are products of artificial insemination just so she could insult 1 woman.
      That’s very painful what she did as she revels in the fact that she has a husband (who has an evil spirit but SHE chose him)…

      So after that disgusting vile hateful shameful commentary she spewed to defend her TERRIBLE DESPERATE choice of who she wanted to father her children, SHE DOES LOOK SO DUMB RIGHT NOW.

    • Beautifulmind727

      Preach Sista! They deleted my comment too. This article is a great example of poor journalism and I have no problem saying it. Funny how I can come to this site and see comments from people insulting each other and black women as a whole and those comments stay up until they are voted down too many times. Critique an article and your comment vanishes. That’s fine with me. You can delete me again so I can push on to YBF, Madame Noire or Bossip. I’ve been supporting this blog since 2010. The childish censorship is uncalled for.

    • coilsandfreckles

      Both Phaedra and Kenya spend a lot of time twirling and doing whatever it is southern belles do. Maybe it’s real. Maybe it’s for tv…but the difference is when Phaedra throws shade, she’s throwing it at the millions of women that watch the show.
      I think the tone of this post is so anti-Phaedra because with her judgmental tone, she has insulted men and women from her first episode. She said men with children from previous relationships are unclean…but I guess men fresh out of prison were are ok. I lost interest in her character early on when she lied about her due date because her kid was conceived out of wedlock. At that point, it wasn’t just about her being this super judgmental holy roller, but she’s consistently shown to be a hypocrite, as well.

  3. It seems to me that Phaedra only got with Apollo because he’s handsome. That’s about it. She wanted pretty babies and didn’t care if the potential father had a good character or any brain cells. It is so crazy to be a lawyer and be married to a criminal. Weird……

  4. Delia

    I think Kenya knew to just keep her mouth shut and let time do all the talking when Phaedra threw those below the belt insults. Kenya said in the reunion Apollo was doing to jail. Kenya knew the deal as did Phaedra and Apollo…

  5. binks

    Apollo is an idiot and for the life of me I would never understood why Phaedra got with him and saw him as father/hubby potential. I know she tries to do the “southern belle” thing but the southern belle in me would never looked once in Apollo direction especially since the dude screams “bama” and he blamed her for his troubles with the law this time around because he couldn’t sustain and match her lifestyle…negro please. But then again, stranger attractions has happened that shouldn’t. I must say at this point the cards are in Phaedra hand and depending on how she plays it she can walk away the winner here or the ultimate loser. Furthermore, I think the “sperm read” went over a lot of people’s head.

    • constance

      I think she married him because she desperately wanted to be a wife and mother. Phaedra married Apollo 6 months after he was released from prison, that just screams desperation to me. And she is obviously very committed to to being Apollos wife which is why she allows her husband to publicly admit to spending thousands on strippers.

      Society tells women that they arent worth anything unless they are someones wife and mother, and so you end up like Phaedra, marrying a man so clearly who is not marriage material just so you can say to the world: “Look at me world, I have a man.”

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