032714-lifestyle-Shanesha-Taylor-arrestedShanesha Taylor, the Arizona mother accused of leaving her eight-month-old and two-year-old sons in her truck while she went on a job interview back in March, has received supervised visitation with her children.

“This is a big victory for the defense,” attorney Benjamin Taylor says. “My client is looking forward to seeing her kids once again.”

Reverend Jarrett Maupin says Thursday’s decision to grant visitation is fair, but the initial circumstances were not, noting that her $9,000 bail was too high.

“People who did worse and were not looking to better themselves have received better than Mrs. Taylor,” he says.

Police say 35-year-old Taylor left her kids in her Dodge Durango for 45 minutes while she was in a Scottsdale Farmers Insurance office. The former Air Force vet told police she was jobless, occasionally homeless, and without childcare that day.

“This case is bigger than her,” her attorney says. “Many people can relate to Mrs. Taylor’s circumstances. This sheds light on the poverty many people in this country face.”

Taylor’s arrest prompted the online community to raise more than $114,775 to help her with legal fees and other expenses. She has already used a portion of the funds to find a safe place to live. Her children are now with family members and under the supervision of the Division of Child and Family Services.

Taylor has pleaded not guilty to two felony counts of child abuse. If convicted, she faces a minimum of two years of probation for each count.

“This isn’t over,” attorney Benjamin Taylor says. “We still have the felony charges hanging over her head.”




  1. Mary Burrell

    People just need to learn to extend grace and mercy to others, because trust and believe there will come a time when everyone will need it.

    • shybookworm

      Elegantly and eloquently said.

    • Mary Burrell

      @shybookworm: Thank you. I enjoy your commentary as well.

  2. Chauntelle

    Shout out to everyone looking for a job/career!! It’s hard out here and she did what she could do. Let’s not condemn her for that. I wish her luck in her job search.

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