Steven and Stanley Blanc (Photo Credit: NBC Miami)

A fight between two teen brothers turned deadly in Miami when Steven Odeus, 14, shot and killed his older brother, 16-year-old Stanley Blanc, before shooting and killing himself.

“It started off as a small petty argument over clothes that escalated into a fight,” says 18-year-old Marc Blanc, the victims’ brother.

“Stanley wanted to wear Steven’s clothes; Steven didn’t want him to,” family friend Kedner Louis says.

According to Marc Blanc, the fight started inside the family’s apartment. Family members separated the two, but the fight reignited outside. After Odeus shot his brother, Blanc says Odeus ran across the apartment complex and took his own life in the parking lot.

Blanc says he feels guilty and wishes he could’ve done more to save his brothers.

“In my mind, I think he didn’t really mean to,” says Blanc. “That’s blood; nobody wants to kill their own brother. At the same time I got mixed feelings about a lot of stuff right now.”

Blanc says he doesn’t know how his little brother got hold of a gun.

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  • ashleydark

    good job being an idiot, i gave you the psychology on why its easier to kill someone with a gun over with a knife or other object. Because like I said a gun is easy, fast and escalates a situation vs a fight or other object requires true anger, not a random moment of weakness . Although you can have the moment of weakness with the other object the gun is still easier to kill someone with.. but whatever, defend guns, hope you never have to find out whether or not its easier

  • Just for laughs

    Of course, I’m an idiot because my opinion is different from yours. Go ahead and look up some facts to go with your psychology. You can start with comparing how long guns have been around verse the percent and raw number increase in gun violence. People have always been violent and weak but they have not always killed it other over borrowing clothes. Guns didn’t make anyone do that.

    Btw would you kindly share your psychology sources? I’ll wait.

  • Tonididitonem

    Omggggg this is so heart breaking RIP to those young men.

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