68-year-old Sandy Rue has just put me to shame. Rue is currently training to run in the Ohio National Senior Olympics in June and not only wants to become a national champ, but also break a record.

According to The Grio, Rue already has more ten state competition medals, and has competed in four national competitions. This year she’s looking to win both the 5200 and 100 meter dash.

Rue is currently being coached by her husband and he couldn’t be more impressed with her progress, “it’s a great honor to see where she started. From someone who never ran track before to make the commitment to get into running, she has really done a great job.”

Rue started running after a friend died, and she has no plans to slow down anytime soon. She also wants to be able to encourage others. “You have to get up and move. We have to get up and move. And trust me, if we get up and keep moving, we go faster we go further and we do better.”


  1. LemonnLime

    Well alright Ms. Sandy Rue! What an inspiration!

  2. Stacy L.

    She’s awesome, y’all better get up and move! What an inspiration, it’s never too late.

  3. Jetty

    Love Love Love

  4. Ivory

    I don’t know why but one of my greatest fears is being old and sick. When I’m old I want to be active.

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