As soon as it was announced that Mr. and Mrs. Carter were packing up the kid and hitting the road, stans of both camps started checking their accounts, excited to see Beyoncé and Jay at once.

….Until they got a look at the ticket prices.

While many dedicated fans camped out on their laptops hoping to snap up presale tickets last week, others took to social media to complain about the cost of entry—ranging anywhere from $50 for general admission to upwards of $12,000 for VIP.

The sticker shock had some fans singing, “Uh oh uh oh,” as they watched their dreams of seeing the Carters dissolve into thin air.

Many took to Twitter to vent about the high prices, but considering Bey and Jay have 36 Grammys and more than 200 million albums sold between them, should folks have really been shocked by the price?

According to Forbes, On the Run ticket prices are 44 percent higher than the couple’s individual tours, as well as Jay-Z’s previous co-headliner tours with Justin Timberlake and Kanye West. On the Run is also priced higher than Eminem and Rihanna’s upcoming Monster tour:

With an average ticket price of $342.67 on the secondary market, tickets for Jay-Z & Beyoncé: On the Run are 90.16% higher than prices for Jay-Z’s solo Magna Carta tour last fall, when Jay-Z ticketswere $180.20 on average. They are also 16.55% higher than tickets for Beyoncé’s Mrs. Carter Show world tour from last year, when Beyoncé tickets were priced at $294.01 on average.

Jay-Z has toured with industry giants including Eminem and Justin Timberlake, but neither has been as big of a draw as his wife. When Jay-Z toured with Eminem, tickets averaged $279.50, which is 16.55% below the current rate for Jay-Z and Beyoncé tickets. When Jay-Z toured with Justin Timberlake, tickets averaged $187.98, or 82.29% below the current rate to see music’s ultimate power couple in concert.

But it’s not just past co-headlining tours they are beating. Jay-Z and Beyoncé On the Run tickets are also priced at 51.39% higher than Eminem and Rihanna tickets for their upcoming Eminem and Rihanna: Monster Tour — which kicks off later this year and is currently priced at an average of $226.35 on the secondary market.

Though some are wondering if Beyoncé and Jay-Z are leaving out their young and/or lower income fans at the current ticket price point, as Jigga told us back in 2005, he’s “not a businessman, [he’s] a business, man.”



  1. Sistahsecret

    I’m not a Beyonce fan and she and Jay z are very rich….I call this being greedy. And like someone mentioned it took the fans who didn’t have much to get them where they are today. I feel bad for any Beyonce zombies and Jay z bot fans who love them and see them as icons feel bad because thanks to the economy they were laid off, fired, hours cut, or just can’t make enough to hear Jay Z tell his wife to eat the cake on stage.

    (white) Aussie guy who is a Beyonce fan with his out back accent said he can’t go this is too much lol.

    No if it was a Aaliyah or left eye hologram on stage I may get weak and spend my rent money and worry later.

    • Anthony

      Beyoncé never was poor, and JayZ has been rich about half of his life. They are rich, and their day to day dealings are with the rich, so it is not realistic to expect them to have a lot of sympathy for everyday struggle.

      In all fairness, I honestly do not know how much it costs them to put on a tour at the level they are trying to run one. When I was a kid, acts came about four on a bill, and everyone played about a half journey set except the headliner who would play an hour or an hour and a half. One big difference between when I was young and today was that artists made much more money from recording sales than they do today. That could be affecting ticket prices too. Whatever the case is, my personal limit for a show is maybe $60, which means I will be catching smaller artists at smaller venues. Frankly that is cool for my wife and I at this point in our lives.

    • Sistahsecret

      Beyonce to me was middle class, but still she should have remorse and not be so greedy. Jay z should really know better. And there day to day fans are not all rich and its safe to say the majority of their fans are not millionaires. Even other famous and rich performers wouldn’t do this and some were born into wealth.
      The cost is the same for all their boring tours.

      Jay z stands there like he is the man, Beyonce either swings in or slowly comes up from the ground for her concert or maybe this time a bunch of smoke screens will reveal her. She will be in nude stockings and her sew in of blonde will be wind ready. She will bend over with her back up dancers, scream, and dance as her husband Jay z stands near her and say he got 99 problems…again.

      On youtube their concerts alone or together is a repeat.
      They have enough money to retire. Shame on them. I’m not a fan,but feel bad for their fans who got bills or their parents can’t afford for them to see Beyonce sing songs you can listen on the radio or youtube free. And get the same experience at home aka not meeting her back stage, not shaking hands, and no signing of the masses.

      Notice its not even sold out yet. People are like dang.

    • Anthony

      I don’t think I have ever seen any evidence that JayZ cares about the people in the community he left behind. I understand what you mean when you say the two have enough money to retire, but they are young people, and entertainment is what they do. They are going to charge big bucks until people stop buying the tickets.

  2. Rukyoftheyear

    If you don’t want to purchase the tickets don’t go. If you want to purchase the tickets, then go. Don’t sh*t on someone else for wanting to have a good time.

    Don’t nobody got time for respectability politics right now.

    • Jessica Rose Williams

      I’m really surprised at the saltiness of these women! Go, don’t go, whatever. But don’t sh*t on my good time, good fortune, good life. Get over it and go see Rihanna. lolz

    • ShortynOllie

      obviously there is more to this than just “going”… the point is why are these billionaires charging so much for a regular ol’ joe to go see them! DUHHHHHHHHHHH! get your head out of beyonce’s ass and THINK, fool!

    • Rukyoftheyear

      I will reiterate the above reply again:

      “Oh, now I know what I am dealing with.

      Considering your comments, I assume that you don’t know what ‘treat yo’ self’ means. So excuse me as I go to my Beyonce concert, travel, get on my ‘eat, pray, love sh*t,’ and enjoy the HELL out of my life.

      Keyword, MY LIFE. Knowing what I deserve.

      In other words, bye Felicia.’

  3. Check out this interview with Crissy Collins (background vocalist for Beyonce) on When We Speak! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1S5PBn4AVog

  4. Yuvin

    If any of you guys interested in tickets for reasonable prices try http://www.tickethub.co/portfolio_page/jay-z-beyonce/

  5. I spent it. So what. It’s an experience I’m willing to pay for and it won’t put me in the poor house. So who cares. Can’t wait!

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