South Forsyth High School  'prank'

While seniors all over the country are planning their end-of-the-year pranks, a group of teens at South Forsyth High School (SFHS) in Georgia found a way to be both stupid and racially offensive all at once.

Apparently inspired by Drake’s “We Made It” (or maybe they’ve been hanging with Gwyneth Paltrow), the kids hung a giant banner stating, “N-gga we made it 2k14” from the side of the school and scrawled the message across several windows around the school.

1361858171_tumblr_lt75lijmbt1r4hhrko1_400Exactly, Ye, exactly. 

Before someone crawls out of the woodwork to blame Drake, or rap music, or Black people for “giving White people a pass” to use the n-word (because somehow, it’s always our fault), the folks over at SFHS aren’t too pleased about the joke.

The school released a statement apologizing for the offensive language and vowing to catch those involved.

“South Forsyth High School Parents: This morning, without our knowledge, students placed a derogatory sign with a verse from a song by Drake on our school as a senior prank. We removed it as soon as it was brought to our attention and deeply apologize for their behavior. This is unacceptable and I promise you that the students will receive the appropriate consequences for their actions.”

Looks like the seniors who thought this little stunt was a good idea should have borrowed Drake’s dance moves instead.

Coming to a graduation ceremony near you.

Coming to a graduation ceremony near you.



    Well, this is what happens when you let rappers and other Black entertainers make it ok to say Nigger as a “term of endearment”. Yes, I said it. Hip-Hop/Rap has made it popular and pretty taught others to use it.

  2. D1Mind

    I don’t blame “rap” or “hip hop” because rap and hip hop were not using this word in the golden era of the 80s. Just like so called “gangsta” rap wasn’t popular then either. The use of the term in entertainment goes back indeed to the comedians of the 60s and 70s and in reality it was a slap in the face of the black power movement. Just like the idea that suddenly, after being omitted and downgraded as slaves, mammies and sambos since the beginning entertainment in America, all of a sudden, after the civil rights movement, what did we get? Superfly, comedians spouting this word and blackspoitation films (pimps, prostitutes and hustlers). Entertainment has always been a tool of propaganda and black folks simply began to eat it up when they saw black faces in high places. Hip Hop in the beginning was positive until the industry got involved (white folks and jews) and now a hip hop song CANNOT go public without at least the word one time. In fact most of these rap songs are nothing more than someone trying to figure out how many ways to say the word in a song. It is simply a joke at this point and black folks are happy to go along with it, buy it and allow their children to listen to it…..

    And of course you know that these days most of the audience for hip hop isn’t even black anymore. So what does that tell you?

  3. Gary Hall

    First, they didn’t do anything “wrong”. Anyone who claims they did, WANTS there to be something wrong with it.

    Second, I find it funny how the “reports” continue to misquote the banner. They keep replacing “Nigga” with “N-gga”. Learn how to quote or quit reporting! Does the sign say “N-gga”??? No, it doesn’t. How are you planning on making it as a reporter when you can’t even quote a five-word banner?

  4. Carla Sungbyrd Webb

    it is very offensive to me, no matter who it is, stop clumping all black people together, just like all whites dont feel the same way,neither do all black people, i dont like slang statements about any culture.

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