Working at Starbucks can prove to be quite beneficial if you want to further your education. The coffee chain plans to launch a new program on Monday that will pay for its employees to attend online college classes at Arizona State University.

“I believe it will lower attrition, it’ll increase performance, it’ll attract and retain better people,” Starbucks CEO Howard D. Schultz told the New York Times.

Eligibility is simple.  The program is open to any employee who works more than 20 hours a week and have the test scores needed to gain admission to the university. Those with at least two years of college credits will have their tuition fully paid by Starbucks. However, the program will only partially pay for workers with less than two years of college credits.

In addition to paying for tuition, the program will also reportedly provide academic guidance and assistance with general paperwork, two key elements for students engaged in remote study.


    Hmmmnn, If Starbucks can/will do it, then why won’t bigger corps like Walmart, Costco, ect do the same? Wish they had this kinda program when I was goin thru college. I found a way though via ROTC. Did not mind giving the Army 5 yrs back. I know some adults in their 30′s still paying back college loans. And so do You!!!!

  • EJErica

    If that is the case, very lucky for the workers. :)

    Now if only Walmart would crunch their numbers and possibly do the same or at the very least, pay for its employee’s healthcare instead of them being on Medicaid, which due to making such low wages, they are eligible for.

  • KnottyNatural

    I’d take a lower wage in exchange for my college tuition being paid.

  • Secret87

    Few years ago I wanted to work at starbucks. The pay was too low and it was part time. You can’t afford to live alone off their wage. Hopefully with this offer they increase wage.

  • Secret87

    Walmart can afford to pay for all their employees to become doctors if they wanted to.