Recently, during an appearance on  MSNBC’s Up with Steve Kornacki  sportcaster Bob Costas had a few words about the problems plaguing black people. Usually Costas’ views are anti-conservative, but during this appearance he seemed to tread on Don Lemon’s version of respectability politics when it came to the plight of black people and racism not being the sole reason for disenfranchisement.

While discussing the Donald Sterling controversy,  Costas stated that blaming racism was the easy thing to do, and called it the “low hanging fruit”, that “when people say, ‘Well, this is an opportunity to open up a dialogue on race,’ here is where I think some people who work in this building ought to step up and say that’s a bunch of politically correct BS.”

Costas said that “What people really want is a chance to repeat the same narrative,” rather than talk about “less comfortable truths” about race relations.

“Historically the narrative of white racism and the oppression of black Americans is the overriding truth. It’s the single greatest stain on our national history. It is still part of narrative. But that narrative is much more complex now. And some of the issues that are afflicting black America are not the result of white racism,” said Costas.

I find it ironic that Costas has literally made his living praising and talking about black athletes, and now he’s an expert when it comes to race relations and black history.



  • Ditzymuffin

    I understand what your saying and kind of agree but if it’s Hillary in 2016 than hold your nose and vote for her. We need to be pragmatic. You might have your doubts about how blacks will get treated under Hilary, but you know damn well how bad things will be for black folks under a republican.

    Politics is often about choosing the lesser of two evils unfortunately. We were “rewarded” with eight years of George W. Bush back in 2000 because many lefties weren’t in love with our candidate. Can you imagine how much misery around the world would have been avoided with Al Gore as president?

    Republicans can point the finger at Obama all they want but I haven’t forgotten how Bush left us in a wretched state of disaster that we are still trying to crawl out of. I’ll vote for Hillary if it comes down to it. I’m not signing up for another 8 years of blatant corporate rule under a republican figurehead president.

  • shybookworm


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