• Kwazi Style

    I’m glad my fellow Bisons are getting in on the fight against injustice.

  • Mary

    I believe that this is the tipping point. Not because it was another Black man unarmed killed by the police. Any one who has stopped thinking there should go further. Police brutality? We know about it. Bias reporting in the media regarding victim and alleged killer based on race? We know about that. When I write we I mean POC? But now everyone know s that the US has a militarized police force. What type of country has a militarized police force? People were made about Citizen United. Outraged about NSA. Felt manipulated by FB and their controlling of feeds and forcing messenger on cell phones to access your information. The line has been d rawn in the sand and if people think that this is just another Black body dead they are wrong. As a community we won’t forgot the fallen men and women. And now no one else can either.

  • Noirluv45

    jaz, you are so right. I said that to my sister just yesterday. She said that’s true for “women” period. I said, “Not unless that woman is White it isn’t.”

  • Delia

    Even with this powerful pic is and the unity of the black community is forming….It all doesn’t matter.
    We need to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!! They are spending $$$MILLIONS to shut us out of the booth because that’s where is really counts.
    Then go the your local legislation, rally up, be heard and hold your officials accountable.

  • Mary Burrell

    If Norman Rockwell was alive today he would make a portrait of this. Just like he did in the 50’s with the little black girl Ruby Bridges. A picture speaks a thousand words. These young people represent many of the young folks who lost their lives due to police brutality. Many young people do fear for their lives they don’t know if they will be an innocent victim in some unfortunate circumstance. And parents of black youths in America have concerns for their children as well.

    • truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com

      Preach Sister Mary Burrell.