• Me

    i might not like her music but i gotta admit she’s a stunning model & she seems very strategic about her image. it would never be my calling to do what she does, but rihanna is killing it.

  • ALM247

    I’m not feeling the pictures in “fur”, but the shot with all three ladies is great.

    This looks to be a viable second career for Rihanna, and don’t you all think that both Naomi and Iman look AMAZING?!

  • binks

    Well damn…slay a bit Rihanna. Honestly I think magazines had Rihanna in mind when they wanted celebrities to take the covers because she does it effortlessly. And the catwalk queens that are Iman and Naomi needs no introduction since their names say it all. Can’t wait to snag this copy.

  • I love the image with Iman and Naomi.

    The tribal images are interesting.