• $23 for a yard or two of fabric? Well I’ve never (and I never will)! JoAnn fabric usually runs 50% off coupons for a yard of fabric…much more economical.

  • truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com

    The wraps are very creative and beautiful. Also, the Sisters wearing them just glow with beauty too.

  • I love head wraps, always have. For some reason, I feel like they they give balance to the face, meaning they seem to draw attention to the face & and the head evenly. It’s funny because 10 years ago if I stepped out of my house with a wrap, a lot of people would’ve thought I was just trying to preserve my hair style.

  • Lavish Lee

    These head wraps are gorgeous! I’ve never seen fabric at JoAnn that I’d wear on my body OR my head. Give this sista props for creating something I’m sure a lot of women appreciate.