• Yardyspice

    I’m never putting a chemical in my hair but I’m seriously thinking of wearing my hair mainly straight. I love my natural hair but there are days when I do want to get up and go without thinking too much of my hair. I only get one day out of twist and braids so my get up and go style has to be a bun which requires wetting and slicking and now that my hair is longer the knots get even more intricate. So yeah, I may have to start rollersetting.

    • Roller setting my hair is a good alternative to stretching w/ braids or twists! They don’t come out perfect each time, but they don’t have to :)I get great texture and a stretched, heat-free style that lasts! Not only that but after I wear it out for 2-3 days, it makes a cute updo!

  • Andrea

    Not me. My curls are to die for. Not hard to deal with. If I need a quick style I spritz and throw it up in a bun. :)

  • Guest

    No interest whatsoever in relaxers again. Not just because I love my hair natural (it’s growing like crazy) but also bc we still don’t know what those chemicals are doing to black women health-wise.