A New York City charter school is setting an excellent standard for how to encourage young people to get excited about furthering their education.

As part of an 8-year-tradition, the Bronx Prep Charter School sets aside a day each fall where graduating seniors are allowed to leave school to hand-deliver their college applications to the post office near by.

But that’s not all.

Perhaps the most extraordinarily remarkable detail about the tradition is that other students, alumni, parents and staff stand outside of the high school with signs, balloons and plenty of encouragement to cheer on the seniors as they make their way to the post office. In recent years, school administration has also gone the extra mile for the tradition by providing a DJ and MC to make the occasion that much more special.

Check out the video of last year’s senior class taking part in the big day below.

This is just beyond amazing! We can’t wait to see video footage from this year’s celebration.

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