White women may swear they’re down for the cause, but we all know when it comes to feminism, their blues ain’t like ours and Franchesca Ramsey demonstrated that perfectly in a late night post reporting on what happens when you try to call white feminists out on their B.S.

Setting up the exchange, Chescaleigh relayed how she attended a show preview and during the Q&A, asked why a show about championing feminism completely ignores women of color and not only makes fun of Asian women but makes black men the punchline off their jojes. It was at that point, she says, that the moderator came up to her to whitesplain what it was the jokes were about:

“We’re not fetishizing black men because as a Jewish plus-size woman, black men love me. I’m just speaking my truth.”

According to Franchesca, the only truth is that if you say things like “I’m too fat for cute white boys but black guys will f-ck me because they’ll f-ck anything. You’re a f-cking racist.”


Interestingly, that remark wasn’t even the worst part of the night for Franchesca. What was far more infuriating was how the moderator and other women refused to let her leave until they “absolved themselves of their white guilt” or in other words, were satisfied with their attempts to make her see things their way, all the while spewing off about the necessity of intersectional feminism and being the biggest offenders of it. In short, as Franchesca said:

“I am so f-cking sick of these women patting themselves on the back for calling out the patriarchy while being racist.”

So are we, girl. So are we. Watch her full rant above. What do you think?

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  • Miss.

    I honestly see Chesca either leaving the industry (or working within predominantly black/female circles) or changing to bend and fit the mold of the pro-white, anti-black enviroment she’s working in. She seems so emotionally exhausted in this video.

    It sort of gives a glimpse into why there’s so many new blacks in the entertainment industry. It seems like their minds are broken over time…

  • Myra Esoteric

    what the hell how could someone openly say that (they are too fat for white men so they date black men)

    • Mochasister

      Basically. Many white women seem to believe this. I am not a Black man but I would be offended by that attitude. I’ve never understood why more Black men aren’t offended by this. It’s as if these white women are admitting that they are rejects from white society and Black men will take them. Black men get portrayed like human garbage men ready and willing to pick up the white women refuse. At least that’s how it comes off to me. I always wonder if these white women were more accepted by the men of their community would they even deal with Black men.

  • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

    Geez, do you want her to get a divorce to prove she’s ‘down enough’?

  • Adebisi’s Hat

    This is why I have no time for most white allies (kindly note that I said “most” and not “all”, lest anyone feel inclined to jump in with some derailing nonsense). Unfortunately, many white people who identify as allies in the anti-racist cause are mostly interested in validating themselves through those actions – rather than listening carefully, taking their lumps when they make a mistake, and not speaking over the very people whose voices have been marginalized and silenced for so long.

    Fortunately, these people are very easy to distinguish from those real allies who are willing to go to the uncomfortable lengths that dismantling racism requires, and who don’t put their ego or comfort before all.

  • Mary Burrell

    Chescaleigh is great i see she’s upset about these white femtards but she just needs to keep doing what she does best enlightening these racist jackholes about their privilege and ignorance. Talking about intersectionaliy in regards to race and gender on a daily basis can be exhausting. Maybe she just needs a sabbatical.

    • [email protected]

      Great Idea.

    • Mochasister

      A sabbatical from white people nonsense. I wish we all could take one.