Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 11.48.51 AMHIV/AIDS is a major pandemic in many parts of Africa but one country on the continent is making huge strides to eradicate the disease. According to the Federal HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office (HAPCO), Ethiopia plans to prevent up to 80,000 new cases of HIV infection and more than half a million AIDS-related deaths by 2020, and as Dr. Alebachew Achamyeleh, acting director of HAPCO, told

“I believe Ethiopia is in a strong position to achieve the goal of ending HIV as a public health threat by 2030.”

There’s good reason to believe that. As Dr. Achamyeleh pointed out, Ethiopia has already exceeded its previous five-year target of reducing new HIV infections to 0.14 percent. HAPCO actually reduced the incidence of HIV from 0.28 percent in 2010 to 0.03 percent in 2015.  The secret to Ethiopia’s success, Dr. Achamyeleh said, is focusing mainly on people at the highest risk of infection. “Activities focused on identifying places and people with a high risk of HIV infection like hotspot areas for sex workers and long distance truck drivers, as well as addressing harmful practices like gender based violence,” Key Correspondents reported. Additionally, the country has focused on intensifying HIV prevention with programs in schools, universities and youth centers encouraging young adults to change their sexual health behavior; enhancing care, treatment, and support; and generating strategic information during the past five years.

“In Ethiopia, more than 3,000 health facilities give voluntary counselling and testing service, while 377,000 people are on treatment in 1,500 service centers. Around 35,000 of these people began the service in 2015,” Dr. Achamyeleh said. Taking note of the HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office report that the 2015 AIDS death rate had fallen by more than 70% from the more than 70,000 people who died of AIDS in 2010, he added, “This is the outcome of the increased access to antiretroviral treatment.”

As Ethiopia gears up to meet their goals for 2020 and 2030, Dr. Achamyeleh did note only approximately 20 percent of HIV positive children are taking antiretrovirals, a stat that can turn around with better knowledge and comprehension of HIV as a still very real threat in the country, despite the decreased incidence.

“We need to intensify our coordinated efforts. Undertaking high impact targeted prevention activities and targeted HIV counselling and testing are among the priorities over the next five years,” said Dr. Achamyeleh.

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  • Mr logical guy

    HIV is the only virus in human history that discriminate against gender, race, sexual origination and nationality. Here’s some facts about HIV

    1)Doctors and virologist don’t have a clue on how HIV actually destroys your T-cells after 30 years and billions spent.

    2)There is no test that can tell you 100% that you’re negative or positive and in some countries in Africa they only use visual…….yes they just look at you and if you appear to be ill and lost weight they’ll mark you for death as positive.

    3)You can test positive in Austria but negative in Russia. A positive test in the USA can give you a negative result in Canada……with the exact same test by the way. Most countries along with scientist still don’t agree on how to test for it. Strangely enough.

    4)HIV/AID and AIDS are two totally different ailments. Autoimmune diseases aka AIDS have been around for thousands of years and can be cured by restoring gut flora (which is 70% of your immune system) and treating any thyroid gland or adrenal gland problems.HIV on the other hand suppose to be a virus that wipes out your T-cells which to this day have yet to be proven.

    5)Co-discoverer of HIV Dr Luc Montagnier claim you can cure HIV by simply building up your immune system ….. interesting. youtube(.)com/watch?v=ET0cgvo7UnM

    6)The other Co-discoverer Dr Robert Gallo is a known fraud. He also became a
    multimillionaire 10x over after patenting his HIV test which actually doesn’t tell you if you have HIV or not lmao!………..fool’s gold

    7)Dr Peter Duesberg is one of the worlds most prominent scientist/virologist and former partner of Dr Luc Montagnier and Dr Robert Gallo. He claims HIV has never been proven and in his opinion doesn’t exist………he was immediately blackballed from the medical community after several attempted bribes to get him to change his opinion which he did not.

    8)HIV drug AZT is one of the most dangerous and deadliest drugs in the world………..are these people dying from HIV or the drugs (shrug shoulders)

    9)HIV is the only virus in human history to show signs of discrimination. It knows if you’re African, gay, or poor. In Africa HIV infect everyone without discrimination but in the USA it infects minorities and gays disproportionally. HIV is racist and homophobic I guess.

    11)Dr Robert Willner injected himself with HIV infected blood several times for several years to prove that HIV really didn’t exist………..he never tested positive. youtube(.)com/watch?v=tQCKb1JV-4A

    12)HIV is a myth……until proven otherwise, I mean they only had 30 years and billions at their disposal to prove it but couldn’t.

    13)But if HIV is a myth why are all these people dying?………these people been
    dying before HIV from a multitude of reasons meanly lifestyle or starvation. During the late 70′s and early 80′s it was common for gay men to have several different sexual partners weekly and would repeatedly catch STD’s which they treated with antibiotics……..but unbeknown to them antibiotics can wipe out your gut flora which is 70% of your immune system along with recreational drug use is what killed them…….or taking HIV medication AZT would kill you just as quick. In Africa malnutrition can weaken gut flora also which can cause several different
    problems including death.

    Two must watch documentaries are “House of Numbers” and “Positively False“

  • [email protected]

    Any illness should be fought against. There should not only be the growth of a stronger infrastructure in place to help people. There should also be accurate information about AIDS, etc. so the real truth can be spread in the world. I wish the best for the people of Ethiopia.