Netflix / MSLGROUP

Netflix / MSLGROUP

A Netflix study published Thursday shows that what you’re watching has an impact on your love life. That’s right. You binge watching all 83 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy isn’t just affecting you and your respective tear ducts. The study, in which Netflix directly asked users how their viewing habits improved or worsened their relationships, revealed that comedy is in fact the “top genre that potential romantic interest’s find attractive on an online dating profile,” meaning those simply not into solitude should probably be watching comedies.

According to the study, shows like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (which is admittedly awesome) and The Office are a quick way to make your profile pop. On the non-comedy side of love-promoting streams, shows like House of Cards and Breaking Bad are perfect for a good bonding binge.

Netflix / MSLGROUP

Netflix / MSLGROUP

The study continues to mention that 50% of users felt like sharing a Netflix password meant the relationship was serious while 17% said they wouldn’t share a password with anybody but their legit SPOUSE. Oop!

Netflix / MSLGROUP

Netflix / MSLGROUP

As for established relationships, the study notes that Netflix compromising is a major key to maintaining harmony and happiness. You might start resenting your man for continuously dragging super hero themed movies onto your recently watched dashboard.

It’s winter so snuggling indoors is happening more often than not but does Netflix really know best? Or are all of these findings common knowledge?

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  • Mahogany

    Lol at 58% bond over Netflix. #Netflix&Chill

  • I love it! It’s cute and much better than those other surveys :)

  • [email protected]

    We are in a new age when folks are talking Netflix in that way. By and large, relationships deserve communication, love, and sometimes people will compromise. At the end of the day, a strong relationship doesn’t need an over saturation with technology (technology is a tool. It isn’t a god), but compatibility, friendship, and hardwork. A serious relationship requires sacrifice and mutual appreciation for what each partner brings into the love affair. Long lasting love is a long journey not a sprint. Some folks want instant love, but love readily happens in stages. So, using Netflix is great and also it is great for love to happen in a voluntary, natural fashion.

  • Mars Bar

    I agree with the fact that people seem more attractive when they are into shows/movies that I love. It probably is less about the movie or show but common interest.