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When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong: Bravo Stars Geneva Thomas and Melyssa Ford Brawl

Deep sigh. It was only a matter of time before this happened because something or someone always has to pop off on a reality show. Bravo’s Blood Sweat and Tears stars, Geneva Thomas and Melyssa Ford got into an epic brawl on Tuesday night during...

Carol’s Daughter, L’Oreal and the Burden of Owning a Black Business

When David Karp, a lanky 28 year-old White high-school drop out sold his website, Tumblr, to Yahoo! to the tune of $1.1 billion he was lauded. He reaffirmed the stereotype of the techy white boy persona of hoodies, coding geek drop out turned billionaire tech...

Drake’s ‘How About Now’ is Revenge Served Over a Hot Beat

Can we talk about Drake today? Can we talk about his new song, “How About Now?” It’s no secret how much I love Drake. He’s the “realest” out there to me. Real in the sense that I think he truly sticks to rapping about the...

Find Your Fall Scent Personality

Like shopping for your trusty tube of lipstick, finding your signature scent for the coming cooler months can be hard, especially when considering how preferences vary from person to person. If you find yourself stuck at that beauty crossroad, unsure of which fragrance path to...

Singer Annie Lennox on Beyoncé as a Feminist: ‘Twerking Is Not Feminism’

Unlike some people who cower under the wrath that comes after publicly criticizing Beyoncé, singer Annie Lennox refuses to bow down. The 59-year-old singer-songwriter has once again taken the “Flawless” singer to task for referring to herself as a feminist. During another interview with NPR, the...