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One Black Woman Declares Black Men Don’t Like Black Women

Here’s a roundup of news that you may have missed, but need to know. You boo boo daddies be so stupid. Clowning black women — then be surprised that they come in so many colors, shapes and varieties that you might actually like one. If...

7 Ways to Ditch Those Dark Under-Eye Circles

Aside from stocking up on the latest and greatest concealers to beat dreaded dark under-eye circles into submission, there are other ways to reduce the presence of the discolored areas, also known as periorbital dark circles.  Common causes range from stress and genetics to skin...

How to Get Healthy and Fit by Cutting Out Certain Ingredients

Trying to lose weight? Striving to lead a healthier lifestyle, but not sure where to begin? If you answered yes to one or both of those questions, you may want to consider cutting specific ingredients out of your diet to get what you’re looking for....

Things to Pay Attention to When Getting Fake Nails

Artificial nails give you the freedom to try new styles, colors and even lengths with ease. But whether you’re an old pro or a tentative newbie, it’s always a good (ahem: essential) idea keep your health in mind when testing out new tips. Slacking on good...

FKA twigs Uses Google Glass to Direct and Star in Short Film #throughglass

FKA twigs creates a concept film for Google Glass, working both as performer and director the piece is set to a re-scored version of her songs 'Video Girl' and 'Glass & Patron'.