Tuesday Aug 4th 2015

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Yes She Can: Teen Earns Perfect Scores on All Entrance Exams

Love Osunnuga proved that hard work pays off, especially when it comes to college entrance exams. The 15-year-old student scored perfect scores on the ACT, SAT, PSAT and AP exams. “I would say I studied a lot, I took a lot of practice tests,” says...

This Woman Claims She’s the Real ‘Cookie Lyon'; Files Lawsuit Against Empire

Everyone is trying to get their piece of Empire’s fame and cash, including a woman from Detroit who is now suing the show. Sophia Eggleston says she’s the real life Cookie Lyon, and has filed a $300 million lawsuit against  Lee Daniels and Fox, and says they...

Dear Fellas: Stop Hating On Russell Wilson and Ciara & Get Some Business of Your Own

Let the record show that from this moment on men will no longer be able to claim that “females” gossip too much or are too sensitive. Because while I don’t know much about Ciara and Russell Wilson’s relationship—like how long they’ve been together, or how...

Commanding Officer Kim Royster To Become Highest Ranking Black Woman In NYPD History

There’s a new boss in charge over at the NYPD and she’s making history with her seat at the top of the totem pole. Kim Royster is currently the Commanding Officer in the NYPD’s Public Information Office and is set to be promoted to Deputy...