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Pulling Up Your Pants Won’t Keep You From Being Harassed By Police

While the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral, a former Marine thought it was a good idea to challenge Black men to pull up their pants. Malik King says that sagging pants on Black men is not only a bad reflection upon themselves, but...

Black Love on Film: Nefertite Nguvu’s “In the Morning” to Premiere at NYC’s 18th Annual Urbanworld Film Festival

Without question, cult classics like “Love Jones” and “Love & Basketball” have firmly established their place atop the list of go-to movies that portray black love in all its glory. For everyone who still swoons each time Darius delivers “A Blues For Nina (Brotha to...

Run & Tell That: Mya Powers Through Plant-Based Diet Pledge

R&B singing, Dancing with the Stars dancing, marathon running diva Mya has been working up a sweat with her plant-based diet in a six month-long vegan challenge. A vegetarian for three years, she’s now a third of the way through her challenge to stick to...

Atlanta Cop Murdered Woman He Met on a Dating Site

An Atlanta police officer is now behind bars after he killed a woman he met online, and then set her body on fire to cover his tracks. Tahreem Zeus Rana was arrested Thursday at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, when he was apparently trying to leave...

Cee-Lo Green: It Isn’t Rape If The Victim Is Unconscious

Apparently CeeLo Green needs to be schooled on what rape consists of. Fresh off the heels of copping a plea deal in his drugging case in which he pleaded no contest in supplying a woman ecstasy, Green  tweeted (and subsequently deleted): “People who have really been...