Monday Apr 27th 2015

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3 More Bill Cosby Accusers Come Forward

  At a press conference  conducted by Gloria Allred on Thursday, three more women added their names to the list of women who have accused Bill Cosby of drugging and sexual assaulting them. Now the list tops more than 40. The women all told similar stories...

Study: Black Women Are More Ambitious Than White Women

A new study by the  Center for Talent Innovation founds out something that we’ve known all along. Black women are ambitious and want powerful careers. Also, it states that Black women don’t lack the confidence or abilities to find to the job we’re tasked with. According to...

Photographer Nakeya Brown Explores Complexities and Politics of Black Hair

My immediate reaction for seeing white women appropriating black hairstyles is that again, black women are the center of everything. — Photographer Nakeya Brown 27-year-old photographer Nakeya Brown is using her talents to explore the politics of Black hair. In an interview with The Cut,...

Louboutin Expands ‘Nude’ Shoe Line

If you have a several hundred to couple of thousand to drop on a pair of shoes, Christian Louboutin has now expanded his line of ‘nude’ shoes. The designer understood the fact that what’s considered ‘nude’ for some, isn’t ‘nude’ for all. And I’m quite sure...
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