Tuesday Mar 3rd 2015

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Lean on Me Actor’s Old Drug Bust Rehashed as ‘New’ News

What sucks is being arrested for trying to buy 200 pounds of marijuana from an undercover cop. What sucks even more is when that old story is rehashed accidentally as new news. On Saturday, the Daily Mail ran four year old news ‘by accident’ which quickly turned...

High School Students Dress Up as a Banana & Monkey To Taunt Black Basketball Players

Two high school students at Atlantic City’s Holy Spirit High School thought it would be funny to dress up as a monkey and banana to taunt the black players of Atlantic City High School. But people didn’t find it funny at all and quite racist....

Madonna Thinks Ageism is Worse Than Racism and Homophobia

Madonna, who is 56 years-old,  is upset that she’s aging and said her age is being used against her. But Madonna also thinks that ageism is worse than racism and homophobia. Let me remind you that Madonna is the mother to two black children and...

Video Captures LAPD Killing an Unarmed Homeless Man

A homeless man from Los Angeles’ Skid Row was shot and killed by members of the LAPD yesterday afternoon. The video of the shooting was recorded by a man named Anthony Blackburn and posted to Facebook. The video immediately went viral. Post by Anthony Blackburn....