Saturday May 30th 2015

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Chicago Police Took ‘Hunting’ Photograph With Black Man As Prey

  An Illinois judge has released a long-concealed picture that shows two Chicago police officers posing with an unidentified black man in antlers while holding rifles, making it seem as though he was the prey and they were the hunters. The photo was made public on...

Dear White People: Bantu Knots Are Not Twisted ‘Mini Buns’

In today’s “White People Appropriate The Darndest Things” news, Mane Addicts, a white style blog, attempted to rename Bantu Knots and credit them to Marc Jacobs. WTH is a “Mini Bun” ??? These are called BANTU KNOTS… … bye A photo posted by Johnny Boy...

Kevin Hart Responds to “Angry Women” For Saying His Fiancée is a Gold Digger

Kevin Hart is forever defending his fiancée on social media and this time is no different. Ennko Parrish posted a photo showing her and Kevin walking hand in hand and said he was her best friend. he’s my best friend, he’s my best friend! 👫❤️...

OITNB’s Danielle Brooks Joins Broadway’s Color Purple

As many gear up for the new season of Orange is the New Black fans of Danielle Brooks will be happy to know she’s captured a role in The Color Purple on Broadway. In the Oprah Winfrey produced musical, Brooks will play Sofia. She will...