Saturday Oct 22nd

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Ciara Drops Libel Lawsuit Against Ex-Fiancee Future

According to TMZ, Ciara has dropped her $15 million defamation lawsuit against her former fiancee and son’s father, Future Zahir. She filed the lawsuit earlier this year after the rapper tweeted in February, “This bitch got control issues.” She claimed at the time time that Future’s...

Thousands of Seattle Teachers Wear ‘Black Lives Matter’ T-Shirts to Support Students

Thousands of teachers in Seattle showed solidarity with their black students by wearing “Black Lives Matter” t-shirts on Thursday. “We have the fifth-largest opportunity gap between our African-American and our white students in the country,” Phyllis Campano, the president of the Seattle Education Association told...

RZA Confirms That Russell Crowe Spat at Azealia Banks, Says She Was Being Erratic

It looks as though RZA is siding with actor Russell Crowe when it comes to the incident on Sunday night, where Azealia Banks claims Crowe called her n–ger, spat on her and choked her. In an interview with TMZ, RZA did say Crowe spat at...

Black Reporter Confronts Man Who Called Him N-Word

slurs against a veteran TV news reporter were caught on camera by the reporter’s videographer, and the man who is accused of hurling the insults was arrested. Steve Crump, 59, of WBTV in Charlotte was in downtown Charleston on Oct. 8 and when they finished...

Gabrielle Union Speaks About Her Biggest Fear With Raising ‘Privileged’ Black Boys

Gabrielle Union realizes that she and Dywane Wade are raising privileged black boys, but she still has the same fears many black parents have. Zaire, Xavier and Zion are now pre-teens and teenagers, and Union and Wade try to explain to them what’s happening to...

Donald Trump Once Referred to Tocarra Jones’ Breasts as ‘Jugglers’

In 2011, TvOne aired The Ultimate Merger, a dating series executive produced and created by Donald Trump. The show revolved around  14 men competing to win the affection of Toccara Jones. Now that allegations of sexual assault have emerged surrounding Donald Trump, Elijah Connor, a former...