Arielle's Recent Articles

7 Tips to Enhance Your Sexuality in the New Year

With the rush of the New Year comes new promises, goals, and changes to fulfill. It’s easy to chart your career, financial, and relationship aspirations. But many people struggle to find ways to enhance their sexual and sensual selves. As sexuality is bigger than sex,...

Why the Numbers Game Doesn’t Guarantee Safe Sex

From adolescence, we’ve been socialized to inquire about our partners’ intimate numbers. In seventh grade, it’s “how many people have you kissed?” In high school, the question expands to “how many people have you hooked up with?” Approaching adulthood, the question stops at “how many...

Celebrity Sex Tapes and Double Standards: Farrah Abraham vs. Montana Fishburne

MTV’s Teen Mom Farrah Abraham recently dethroned Kim Kardashian in a record debut of her sex tape, “Backdoor Teen Mom” with Vivid Entertainment. In less than twelve hours, the 16 & Pregnant newly-minted porn star garnered 2 million views, crushing Kim K.’s 600,000 twelve-hour debut, proving that...

Promiscuity: Educated Women vs. Hood Girls

Sexual promiscuity is sexual promiscuity. It’s not bad or good, negative or positive, and certainly not rated by socioeconomic class. It simply is what it is: a sexual behavior. While promiscuous sex has perks, it can definitely roll out consequences. Staying protected is essential, and...

Know Better, Choose Better: 9 Things About Mammograms

The facts are clear. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among African-American women. And black women’s breast cancer mortality rates are higher than their white female counterparts. After lung cancer, breast cancer is the highest killing cancer among black women. And unfortunately, the solution...

Quit Your Job, Travel The World

“Being realistic is most commonly traveled road to mediocrity.” ~ Will Smith When I quit my full-time job to travel the world last May, I had no savings, no plan, and no real “security” to know that everything would work out, and I’d be living...
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