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New Year, New You: Getting Beautiful From Within

We’ve all heard the saying that beauty is only skin deep. As cliché as it sounds, there’s certainly some truth to it. It’s a new year, so why not bring a new, more positive attitude? Our attitudes are projected to the world through our body...

The Guide to Gettin’ Chose.

It’s spring. The weather’s soon to break. This can only mean one thing: there’s about to be a lot of folks out here in these streets, choosin’ and “gettin’ chose.” If you’re the Sadie Hawkins type, you can stop reading here. This probably isn’t for...

Stop the No Edges Struggle in its Tracks

The no edges struggle is real, ladies. In high school, my beautician told me tight ponytails were going to be the death of my hair but it took one too many trims that actually looked like cuts for me to get it. Now that I’ve...

Natural Hair Equals Slave Hair?

In college I didn’t know what my real hair looked like. That’s because it spent 90% of the time in braid extensions. I kept them in for months at a time and had developed a strategic timetable for when to take them down. It had...

Hair Pick Me Up: 7 Secrets to Voluminous Hair

As sexy as your favorite skin-tight dress and heels can be, believe it or not, hair has the same ability to create that certain ooh-la-la feeling. Hair that is healthy, luxurious and voluminous is sexy, so it’s no wonder women are relying on extensions for...

How Spanx Ruins Your Sex Life

A good pair of Spanx can nip, tuck, cinch, and smooth you so well it brings all the boys to the yard, but when it comes to men actually getting to the bush per se, well you might as well consider this underwear staple a...
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