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#ThxBirthControl: The Choices We Make

At 16, most of us weren’t ready to have a baby. Nor were we ready at 18. Or 19. Or even 25. Or even right now. Some of us are not ready and that’s OK because we get to decide when we’re ready to start...

Black Women and the Savior Complex

“I can rebuild him. I can make him stronger.” — whispers the soft heart of some black woman somewhere. Black people have problems. That’s a bit of an understatement, but while some better off than we used to me, so many of us are worse...

5 Reasons Why Solange Tried to Beat Up Her Sister’s Husband, Jay Z

Or … “Don’t Fight Your Brother-in-law” There are, um, a few reasons why singer/songwriter Solange Knowles decided to go H.A.M. on her brother-in-law, Jay Z, while her infinitely more famous sister, Beyonce Knowles, just kind of stood there fixing her dress. 1. He looked at her funny.*...

Teen Girls Get Exploited Because They’re Teens, Not Because They Secretly Want It

When R. Kelly’s history as a sexual predator reemerged this month the outrage that followed had a strong whiff of “It’s about time” to it. It was especially “about time” for those who felt Kelly had escaped justice and was now, with yet another sexually-charged...

Do You Want to Date a White Guy or a Guy Who Just Happens to be White?

A while back a friend of mine suddenly announced that she was going to start dating white guys—which, you know? Sounds dandy. Sure. Go forth and be down with the swirl. But (and there was a but) I was skeptical of whether or not she...

Rashida Jones Clarifies on “Whores” Statement Yet Whore Debate Continues

In Glamor Magazine actress Rashida Jones elaborated on a recent Tweet that made her catch a lot of heat. A tweet about “whores.” Specifically about pop starlets who she believes dress, act and mimic whorish tendencies in their pursuit of fame and riches. The offending...
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